SEMrush review 2021: is it worth buying?

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This article is based on SEMrush review, we have analyzed, its features & performances to let you know it’s worth buying for your website or blog.

SEMrush is an all-in-one online market research tool for little to large-scale businesses. SEMrush was started on 3 august 2008

Moreover, it’s a web marketing tool that many online businesses use to grow on the web. The SEMrush tool may be a leading marketing software that helps websites

This online marketing software becomes the world’s no.1 marketing software among all that are present in today’s market. SEMrush has acquired the entire digital internet of selling by its beautiful performance over the years.

In the same way, we’ll discuss some most highlighted and required features that are liable for a blog to rank and a successful online business.

SEMrush Marketing tool review, is it really worth buying?

We will review all the most highlighted features and some pros & cons of SEMrush to let you know the worth of buying it.

Let’s get started…

1. Keyword Research

SEMrush is that the No.1 keyword research tool within the market. Although, Its unbeatable performance makes it more reliable and loved by people that use it.

In fact, this marketing software is that the just one that provides you a great many features and also gives some free stuff to use for your business.

Furthermore, The keyword research by SEMrush may be a bit hot. Because it allows you to try keyword research as per your needs.

At the beginning of every blogging career, You have to target only low competition & low difficulty keywords. So, SEMrush has utilized these searching filters to try to perfect keyword research for your blog or website.

Let me show you live keyword research of SEMrush & how it works…

Let’s take the subject “chocolate popcorn recipe” and do keyword research thereon using the SEMrush keyword research tool.

You can see within the below image these are the results that show the detailed information of this keyword. Also, there are related keywords that you simply can use for your blog posts to rank higher on search engines.

SEMrush review: is it worth buying?

You can see the small print within the above image, like…

  • Global Search volume
  • Specific country search volume
  • Keyword difficulty(81%)
  • Keyword competition(Red box “com. = 0.02”)
  • CPC(cost per click)
  • SERP results(total blog posts on search engines)
  • Lot more in the keyword magic tool…

For more information let’s explore SEMrush Keyword Magic Tool.

SEMrush review: is it worth buying?

Furthermore, you’ll again see within the Above image, Results for our keyword “Chocolate popcorn recipe“

SEMrush review: is it worth buying?

Now, the above image is of the SEMrush keyword magic tool. You can see within the image, The filters you’ll use for a selected keyword.

Likewise, Custom setting of Keyword difficulty, CPC, Include or exclude a specific word from a keyword, and related matches.

You can see for the demo, I even have set the keyword difficulty for 0-39% within the red box. And these are the results of the 0-39% keyword difficulty set as you’ll clearly see within the green box section(KD%) to the proper and also competition.

Further, you’ll also set custom Keyword difficulty percentages with an equivalent box to urge results as per your needs.

Here is that the excellent news for you guys. You can use these features free of charge, In SEMrush free trial. Yes, SEMrush allows users to use their marketing software free of charge for a selected period of time.

So, that new people can review or analyze SEMrush by themselves to clear their queries like, Is it worth buying or not? Should I buy this tool or not? kinds of stuff.

You can learn more at the SEMrush blog to use the SEMrush keyword magic tool.

What Features will you get within the SEMrush Keyword Research section?

1. Keyword overview

In this section, you’ll get all the keywords ideas like…

  • keyword difficulty
  • keyword competition
  • SERP results
  • Global search volume
  • Country-wise search results
  • CPC analysis
  • Keyword trends
  • Keyword variation
  • Related keywords, etc.

2. Keyword Magic Tool

The SEMrush keyword magic tool allows you to seek out keywords consistent with your needs. You can look for keywords by applying the filters consistent with your needs.

Likewise, you’ll apply filters for keyword difficulty, CPC, include/exclude words from keywords, search volume, related phrases, etc. You can roll in the hay with its keyword magic tool.

3. Keyword Manager

The SEMrush keyword manager tool allows you to try keyword research and extract or send keywords to your projects.

Likewise, position tracking section and add those keywords to the precise section. Like keyword magic tool, PPC keywords, organic research section, and keywords gap section, etc.

For more advanced & efficient research, you can use this section of keyword manager for your topic. Furthermore, you’ll download your stats for selected research also in CSV or XLSX form in your system.

4. Position Tracking

The position tracking section will show you the website SERP position for a selected targeted keyword for your blog.

In the same way, you’ll check your site position on search engines for different-different keywords also to research efficiently.

5. Organic Traffic Insight

This section of organic traffic insight will show you website monthly traffic stats. You can check for other websites also for more pieces of data.

Moreover, you’ll check traffic volume for a specific keyword for your blog website.

2. Competitive Research

Under this competitive research section of SEMrush, you’ll do tons of things aside from keyword research.

For example, you’ll analyze your website within the domain overview section. You will get all the small print like your site authority, backlinks, organic traffic, top keywords of your website, and far more.

Let’s discuss in detail, what features you will get under this section of competitive research.

1. Domain Overview

SEMrush review: is it worth buying? check domain authority

The domain overview section will show you the location details like site authority score, backlink analytics, SEMrush rank score, organic keywords, top indexed pages of your site, and much more.

Moreover, From the domain overview section, you’ll be able to check worldwide site performance or during a country-specific report, you’ll see.

Furthermore, This tool also will allow you to work out your site growth report for a particular fundamental measure. Like in a very month/year or on a specific date.

Similarly, you’ll be able to see within the below image. this is often the domain overview of my website as this site is new so there don’t seem to be too many good results.

domain overview SEMrush review: is it worth buying?

In the above image, Under the green box section, you’ll be able to see the location stats like its Authority score & SEMrush Domain rank, Organic search traffic, total keywords and backlinks of the positioning, and far more.

In the same way, to work out detailed information you’ll be able to click on individual results to investigate more detailed results.

Furthermore, you’ll see the positioning details during a specific country by selecting the country. See under the red box to the highest of the image there’s a red box containing options worldwide.

Kindly, shift a little bit to the right-hand side so you’ll see some random countries and “3 dots”. Click on “3 dots” and choose the county you would like to work out results.

detailed report by SEMrush review: is it worth buying?

The above image shows the organic traffic from search to your site in a very particular period of time.

SEMrush review: is it worth buying?

The above image shows the top organic keyword of your site. you’ll be able to see the organic position, traffic & CPC of your posts to a selected keyword

SEMrush review: is it worth buying?

Finally, the image shows you the backlink analytics to your site. This site includes a total of 94 backlinks, within which there are 6 do-follow backlinks and 88 no-follow backlinks. Further, you’ll also see the detailed stats from where the link is coming to your site by clicking on links.

2. Traffic Analytics

Now, within the traffic analytics section in SEMrush, you’ll analyze the traffic of your site or someone else’s site you would like.

traffic analytics by SEMrush review: is it worth buying?

You can check the traffic analytics of just about any site on the search engines. Let’s take a site, as an example,

The below picture shows the traffic of gained in the month of April.

Moreover, you’ll compare your site analytics with the other site on the web within the traffic analytics section.

you’ll be able to compare your traffic together with your competitors to investigate how you’re engaged on search engines.

Similarly, you’ll see the stats like total monthly visitors to a site, unique visitors, total page views, average time on page and bounce rate, etc.

This section doesn’t play an enormous role because you’ll also see the identical end in your google analytics account. the sole difference is you’ll compare the opposite websites along with your website’s traffic.

3. Organic Research

do organic research by semrush

The organic research section of the SEMrush marketing tool will show you…

  • The top-ranking keywords of a website
  • Top pages of a site
  • New competitors to your domain
  • Observe your domain position changes, etc.

Let’s take an example of a site and can see the results. The below image is showing the main points for the quora domain.

SEMrush review: is it worth buying?

As you’ll be able to see within the above image derives 61.1million traffic in an exceedingly month. And it ranks for about one 24.2million keywords.

SEMrush review: is it worth buying?

Now, within the above image, you’ll be able to see the highest-ranking organic keywords of this site. Also, to the right-hand side, there’s a grip changes section you’ll be able to see the website’s post position goes upward or downward.

Tip: you’ll be able to choose the related keywords from it and add those keywords to your site content for higher ranking on search engines.

Furthermore, to work out the highest pages of a site you’ll scroll down the results like within the below image showing the highest pages for quora.

SEMrush review: is it worth buying?

Similarly, to determine the highest competitors you’ve got to scroll down and it’ll be shown to you at the tip of the page like within the below image.

SEMrush comapre domains

As you’ll clearly see within the above image, The image is showing the highest organic competitors to the current website has competitors Reddit, medium, Wikipedia &

Like quora, you’ll also see these results for your website. within the same way, you’ll be able to analyze your site competitors, their ranking keywords, top pages, and monthly traffic, etc.

4. Keyword Gap

The keyword gap section will offer you the ideas & opportunity to figure smarter for your blog website. So how it will be archived.

Let’s compare two sites and see the results. I’m comparing with within the same way, you’ll be able to compare your website together with your competitor’s website.

keyword gap tool by SEMrush

The below picture results are showing the highest opportunities for your site to feature these keywords.

detailed overview of keyword gap tool

Now, within the below image, you’ll see there are many top-ranking keywords of both domains. Again you’ll be able to make a come-back performance to your site if you’ll also add these keywords to your posts.

But, before adding ensure to try and do keyword research on these keywords also because these keywords are also high within the competition.

SEMrush review: is it worth buying? results

In the same way, you’ll compare your website with another website that’s your competitors and see the most ranking keywords from it. Then add the related keywords to your website posts to induce better ranking results.

5. Backlink Gap

Now the backlink gap tool will provide you with the small print of your site and your competitor’s site backlinks.

you’ll be able to add up to 4 competitors to your site to induce details of backlinks.

Consequently, you’ll be able to see the common backlinks, and backlinks that links to your competitors.

Similarly, on comparing two websites in the backlink gap section you will get the backlink details for both sites. Likewise in the below image, you can clearly see the details for more information click on individual sites

domains backlinks comparision by SEMrush

3. Link building

The link-building tool by SEMrush is the most beneficial tool by this software. This tool can increase your online business reach.

By making backlinks, This tool will show you how easily you can create links to your site that derive traffic and generate leads.

Moreover, The link building tool by SEMrush can extremely boost your site authority and site reach to new places. This can be done by creating links with high-authority sites.

Let’s discuss the features inside this link building section.

There are a complete 4 features or sections inside this tool

1. Backlink Analytics

The backlink analytics section will show you the backlinks of a site. you’ll be able to see any backlinks of virtually any site on search engines with this software.

Furthermore, This tool will extremely facilitate the investigation of your website’s backlinks thoroughly.

Likewise, the number of backlinks that contain your site, the standard of backlinks, number of do-follow & no-follow backlinks, lost & new backlinks, style of backlinks, and far more you’ll be able to see with this tool.

2. Backlink Audit

The backlink audit section of SEMrush software allows you to form separate projects for your website or blog to investigate and track your backlinks.

3. Link building tool

The link-building tool of this marketing software is far better than you think that. Because It shows the best way or creates your site backlinks to a high authority site by itself on an automatic mode.

It doesn’t require any manual action between the method. This tool also requires the project creation of a site that you just want to form links to.

you’ll create your website or blog project in minutes. and begin creating backlinks to your site magisterially sites.

Furthermore, It allows you to own prospect backlinks that are collected on the premise of your competitors google search or SEMrush database.

4. Bulk Analysis

This section is formed for analyzing your backlinks along with your competitors’ backlinks and finding opportunities for rank better on search engines.

The majority analysis may facilitate your plenty in understanding the backlinks and quality of backlinks. Because you may analyze your website backlinks together with your competitor’s backlinks.

So, there’ll be many big opportunities you’ll be able to archive. Likewise, you’ll be able to extract the linking site of your competitors and send them requests to own backlinks to your site.

This can be only 1 way but there are many alternative ways of making quality backlinks from high authority sites.

you’ll be able to find those with the assistance of this amazing tool by SEMrush.

4. On page & Technical SEO

The on-page & technical SEO of your site are covered here.

This section of this amazing SEMrush software tool could be a bit good because this tool will show your website’s technical issues and also show a way to validate or fix them.

With this tool, you’ll see your website’s audit results and analyze the on-page & technical SEO of your website.

within the same way, you’ll be able to further check your website or blog performance by tracking your site performance status.

Moreover, The tools will allow you to determine the website’s loading speed, crawl errors, content issues, meta tag description, HTTP security protocols, JS & CSS errors, AMP implementation.

Similarly, This tool will show you the broken internal/external links to your website. and therefore the 404 error pages also show the ways to repair this error: how you’ll be able to create the 301redirects to your broken pages that are showing the 404 errors.

The features you’ll get during this On-page & technical SEO section…

  1. Site Audit
  2. SEO content template
  3. On-page SEO checker
  4. Log File Analyzer
  5. Listing Management

1. Site Audit

The positioning audit section will offer you the ideas that we’ve discussed above. for instance, crawling errors, loading speed, technical issues, etc.

Furthermore, the positioning audit is extremely helpful for your website to research how your blog posts are acting on search engines.

2. SEO content template

Second, The SEO content template section will show you the precise ideas to jot down your content on the premise of analyzing the already ranking top 10 results on google.

it’ll show you the content suggestion & improvements to put in writing your content better than your competitors so you’ll be able to beat your competitors.

So how are you able to do it? Just see the below image and you’ll be able to see the box write your targeted keyword within the box and see the results that are coming.

SEMrush SEO friendly content writing tool

Now, within the below image you’ll be able to see the keyword suggestions add these keywords to your blog posts to rank on these keywords also.

within the second green box, you’ll be able to see the highest 10 pages readability score i.e 70. So, you’ve got to form your site reliability score above 70 to beat them.

The third green box is showing you the text length suggestion you ought to need to put a text length of your blog post greater than the suggestion.

SEMrush review: is it worth buying?

Similarly, The below image is showing you the highest 10 already ranking websites on the identical topic on google. you’ll visit these sites and analyze their content to jot down better content from them.

top 10 resuts on SERP by semrush

Finally, The below image is about page title, meta description, headings, and text. you’ll be able to work on the premise of the suggestions and trust me if you follow these instructions you’ll definitely retrieve results for your post.

SEMrush review: is it worth buying?

3. On-page SEO checker

The on-page SEO checker tool will provide you with details of your On-page optimization report for your website. You don’t have to create your project to determine results.

Further, you’ll simply visit the on-page section in SEMrush and analyze the optimization score for your blog posts..

4. Log File Analyzer

The log file analyzer will offer you ideas of how your website is crawled by search engines by uploading your log files to the SEMrush log analyzer section.

The log file analyzer section will offer you 100% accurate data of your site crawling data.

For instance, the foremost crawled pages of your website, the pages which aren’t crawled, Does your website crawl efficiently by google bots? you may get all the desired reports by SEMrush data by this tool.

5. Listing Management

Listing management is like doing local SEO of your website. you’ll be able to track your business by looking for your name during this tool.

Further, This tool will help you to avail your business for google voice search. you’ll also check your local ranking, Manage user feedback, etc.

SEMrush SEO writing Assistance

Let’s explore a stunning feature of SEMrush that helps plenty to test our content for SEO, readability & plagiarism score of our post before publishing it.

The SEMrush writing assistance will offer you the info reports for SEO and the originality of your content.

This amazing tool will extremely assist you while publishing your posts. this may be a pre-publishing check for your post.

So, the way to use this tool. Let’s see the below image. you only need to copy your post content and paste it here. Then you’ll be ready to see the report back to the proper side.

SEMrush SEO friendly content writing tool

As you’ll see within the below image it’s showing the score of SEO to the proper side of content. For more details, you’ll scroll right down to the page. you ought to plan to keep all scores to the green zone as this is often orange so it needs improvements.

report of SEO conetent writing

Pros & cons, SEMrush review: is it worth buying?


  • Helps to find the best keywords for your blog posts
  • Find content ideas to write posts
  • Content writing suggestions
  • websites SEO checker
  • SEMrush provides a free trial for new users So that they can review or analyze its worth of buying
  • Better site audit.


  • SEMrush only gives one user account for every purchase.
  • The link building tool can be improved
  • SEMrush only provides data for google only
  • The tool is a bit more expensive than other tools.

Should you buy this marketing tool for your website: SEMrush review, is it worth buying?

If you’re an owner of an internet site and earning money from your website or blog then it’ll be an honest option to buy an SEO tool like SEMrush. Yes, you ought to buy SEMrush for your website.

If you’ve got an honest budget because it shows accurate data for your keywords and is extremely helpful for doing research.

This tool may be a bit expensive because it buys data from third-party platforms to point out the simplest results. it’s many expenses that’s why it costs more.

Consequently, By seeing its features & performances this marketing tool is going to be an excellent choice for online business. you’ll try its free 7 days trial to determine its performances and know it’s worth buying. Then, you’ll review SEMrush for yourself by using it personally.

Get free trial of SEMrush

SEMrush gives free 7 days trial for all users. within the same way, you’ll catch on. and begin using SEMrush for free of charge.

This 7-day free trial will offer you much more information about its features & you’ll personally see its performance. you’ll also compare its data with other tools as others are also gives free trial to research them.

Pricing of SEMrush

The SEMrush comes with various pricing plans for various usage, it’s complete of three plans.

Pricing of SEMrush

Its pricing starts from $99.95 per month for the annual subscription and goes up to $374.95 per month. For detailed features per plan, you’ll check it by visiting SEMrush’s official website.

Here are some general FAQs by this review, you should know the worth of buying SEMrush.

Q1. Is SEMrush well worth the money?

Ans. First of all, please tell me within the comments what you think that after reading this review of SEMrush, do I really think it’s well well worth the money to buying this tool?

If you inquire from me, so, my answer is getting to be yes. it’ll really be worth buying SEMrush as we’ve review it, by analyzing its great performance and a pure competitor of the Ahref tool also.

Q2. Why is SEMrush so expensive?

Ans. The SEMrush tool is dear because it buys the info from third-party platforms to enhance its performance of fast reporting data. This tool buys the knowledge and data so its expenses increase that way it’s a touch expensive tool.

Q3. Is SEMrush free?

Ans. No, SEMrush may be a paid software marketing tool for online businesses. you’ll use its free trial to research how it works. Further, you’ll use SEMrush for free of charge, it allows you to possess 10 daily free requests for users.

Further, You can use SEMrush for free, it allows you to have 10 daily free  requests for users.

Q4. How long is the free trial of SEMrush?

Ans. The official SEMrush free trial is valid for fewer than 7 days. But, Some companies do partnerships with SEMrush to offer their users extended free trials. Likewise, you’ve seen some website claims to supply you with the 14 or 30 days free trial of SEMrush.

Q5. Can I cancel the SEMrush free trial?

Ans. Yes, you’ll cancel SEMrush free trial anytime you’d like. If you exceed the free trial then you will be charged for next time.

Conclusion: SEMrush review, is it worth buying?

As you’ve got seen that this review of SEMrush we’ve made it by real analysis of knowledge to understand it’s worth buying.

I will be able to recommend you to shop for this tool if you’ve got an honest budget. it’s some pros and cons but, it’s common because everything has its own pros and cons.

So, this tool is often a superb option for your site. this is often the top-rated tool within the market, I’m not forcing you to but it’s your needs & interest, only I’m telling you about it.

I hope you liked this text, please share it alongside your friends, if you discover it slightly bit useful for you.

you’ll give us suggestions or feedback associated with this text or the entire site. So, that we’ll serve better content to you. a reality because of you for being with me at the end🥰.

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