15 best free Google Chrome extensions for SEO

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Every digital marketing individual or business should use these 15 free Google Chrome extensions for their website’s SEO.

Therefore, These chrome extensions are the most popular extensions that you can use to analyze traffic, keyword difficulty, CPC, related keywords, long-tail keywords, website ranking position, and much more.

As well as, These Google Chrome extensions are useful in keyword research, technical SEO optimization, analyzing the page speed of your website, etc. Moreover, You can analyze your whole website on-page SEO, off-page SEO, Daily/monthly traffic of your or other websites, and also technical SEO of your website.

Further, These are some highlighted features of these 15 free Google Chrome extensions for the SEO of your site.

The 15 best free Google Chrome extensions for SEO

Let’s discuss these extension features in detail…

#1. Keywords Everywhere

15 best free Google Chrome extensions for SEO keywords everywhere

Keywords Everywhere come under the most popular google chrome extensions for doing keyword research. Because these tools will show you the most searched keywords on the google search engine.

This keyword research extension will show you the related keywords, people’s questions section, and long-tail keywords of a searched topic or keyword. Basically, it’s a keyword suggestion tool.

So, this will give you strong keywords ideas to do keyword research on your SEO tool.

Furthermore, This extension will show you the traffic of a particular website & particular URL that comes in search results. To see the traffic per month of a particular website or URL, Just hover to the URL side. As you can see in the below image.

15 best free Google Chrome extensions for SEO keywords everywhre

Moreover, You can also see the total number of ranking keywords per URL & the whole website. As clearly seen in the below image.

see ranking keywords in keywords everywhere

As shown in the above image, it shows the total number of keywords of that URL ranks for and the whole website.

Features in Keyword everywhere extension…

  • You can see the traffic per month to the whole website or URL
  • Number of Keywords of a URL or whole website
  • Related keywords
  • Long-tail keyword ideas
  • top-ranking pages of a particular website(click on “view top pages” to see, in the above image).

#2. WSC Traffic Checker

15 best free Google Chrome extensions for SEO by WSC traffic checker

The WSC traffic checker googles chrome extension is provided by the official site of websiteseochecker.com.

This extension will show the average traffic of your website or you can check traffic of any other website also. You can see the daily & monthly traffic of a website just in seconds without opening any other tabs.

So, this extension may be very useful for you to analyze specific site traffic. This tool will also show you the most visited country to the tested site.

Likewise, you can see in the below image…

WSC traffic checker dashboard

As you can see in the above image, This shows you the monthly & daily traffic of the SEMrush website. To get more information about a particular website you can see all the details by just clicking on the “more information” option.

Features in WSC traffic checker extension…

  • Check Monthly/Daily visitors of a website
  • Most visited country to a site

#3. SEOInfo

15 best free Google Chrome extensions for SEO by SEOinfo

The SEOInfo chrome extension is provided by weeblerpress.com. This extension is very popular among all the SEO extensions because this extension gives more data than other tools.

Further, the SEOInfo chrome extension will be extremely useful for analyzing the technical SEO problems of your website or any websites.

This amazing extension is provided for free to make your work better on the internet. Moreover, the extension is very smooth in performance and also compatible with the chrome browser.

Here are some snapshots of this extension. The below image shows the details of this website.

15 best free Google Chrome extensions for SEO by SEO

As you can see in the above image shows the details of my website’s web vitals. The website has 3 main factors to load a site i.e LCP(Largest Contentful paint), FID(First Input Delay), CLS(Cumulative Layout Shift).

Every website on the internet loads on these 3 main factors. The loading speed of a website varies on these main factors.

Let’s discuss some features of this extension…

  • Shows the crawling status of a website(like indexable by search engines or not, search engines can follow or not, and mobile compatibility).
  • AMP validation
  • Performance on the web(It shows the page size, website loading time, etc.)
  • You can see the hosting server, server IP, the HTTP & PHP version.
  • The external/internal & invalid links of websites can be seen, and much more.

#4. SEO Stack Keyword Tool

15 best free Google Chrome extensions for SEO by SEOstack keyword tool

The SEO Stack keyword tool is provided by seostack.net. The SEOstack website is all about SEO and digital marketing. This website allows you to use their tools like keyword research tools.

Likewise, this website makes its own Google Chrome extension that is free to use, anyone can use this amazing tool for SEO.

Furthermore, This extension will give you strong ideas of long-tail keywords that are low in competition. You can further do keyword research on these long-tail keywords to know their attributes in detail.

The seostack keyword tool extension will show you the low competition long-tail keywords for the search queries.

Likewise, you can see the below image. I have searched the keyword “SEO backlinks” and now this tool is showing me 100’s of low competitive long-tail keywords for this short tail keyword.

find low competition keywords with seostack

Features in SEO Stack keyword extension…

  • Find Long-tail low-competition keywords
  • Keywords ideas
  • Country & Search engine specific search

#5. Google lighthouse

15 best free Google Chrome extensions for SEO by google lighthouse

The Google lighthouse chrome extension is given by google’s developers that are free to use for all businesses or individuals.

The lighthouse tool extension will give you a pure idea of your site performance whether in terms of speed or in terms SEO of your site.

Furthermore, The lighthouse tools via google’s developers are all in one SEO tool that is more than sufficient for your website. You don’t need any premium tool in the beginning if you have this amazing tool for your website.

Let’s take an example to understand more. The below image shows the details of this site. You can clearly see the site performance scores.

15 best free Google Chrome extensions for SEO

Furthermore, to get more information about these scores you can click on them individually to know more about these sections in detail.

And you will also get guides to fixing the site errors, converting site low performances to high-performance websites, and making all scores green by google.

Let’s discuss some features of lighthouse extension…

  • The lighthouse tool will show your websites SEO score
  • The performance score of your website
  • Site loading time
  • Websites accessibility
  • Best practices
  • Guides for occurring errors to your site and much more.

#6. Ubersuggest

15 best free Google Chrome extensions for SEO by ubersuggest

The Ubersuggest is a free chrome extension that is provided by the No.1 digital marketer of Asia i.e Niel Patel.

Ubersuggest tool is paid but the extension is free to use for all. You can use it as much as you want.

Consequently, You can see the ranking keywords, CPC, SEO difficulty, backlinks, organic traffic, monthly search volume, SEO analyzer to your website or keyword, and much more.

This amazing extension by Niel Patel is a bit different and a popular SEO and keyword research tool.

Lets understand more about ubersuggest. For example, let’s take a domain to see the details, we have taken google.com as I searched for a keyword.

As you can see clearly in the below image showing the organic keywords, organic monthly traffic(i.e 600.8 Million), Domain Authority & total backlinks of google.com

ubersuggest  dashboard

In the same way, The below image is showing the SEO keywords ranking of this domain i.e 27.4m.

ubersuggest domain overview

Consequently, the below image is showing top pages & top keywords to a specific country for google.

get website overview with ubersuggest

The below image is showing the traffic to a specific keyword for this domain, you can clearly see the search volume, position, average visits & SD(SEO Difficulty) to a particular keyword.

keyword traffic by ubersuggest

In the below image you can see the total number of backlinks to this domain either Do-follow or Nofollow backlinks lost or new backlinks. All the analyses you can see in detail.

backlinks analysis by ubersuggest

As you can see the below image is showing the website loading speed time and some tests to the health of the site.

ubersuggest SEO analyzer

Features in Ubersuggest extension…

  • Domain Authority
  • Page Authority
  • Health issues
  • Website load time(Mobile/Desktop)
  • Monthly organic traffic
  • Total ranking keywords
  • Backlink analysis
  • Traffic to a specific keyword
  • SEO difficulty
  • Keyword CPC(Cost Per Click)
  • Top pages & keywords of a domain, and much more.

#7. Grammarly

15 best free Google Chrome extensions for SEO by grammarly

Grammarly is a free google chrome extension to improve your grammar for your website’s SEO.

You can use it to re-write the misspelled sentences and to improve your wrong words with this extension.

Furthermore, Grammarly is very useful for bloggers because bloggers have more work to write their blog posts and for their posts, they need to write better grammar.

And this extension is one of the best ways to check and solve the grammar mistakes in their posts.

Features in Grammarly extension…

  • Show & Fix the grammar mistakes
  • Rephrase misspelled sentences

#8. SEO Minion

SEO minion chrome extension

The SEO Minion chrome extension is given by the official site of seominion.com.

This extension allows you to analyze On-page SEO, external/internal links, 404 links, redirect links, broken link checking & SERP preview of your site.

Likewise, In the below image you can see the website’s on-page SEO. Is it showing the website’s title, description, headings these are the important factors of SEO?

on-page SEO by SEOminion

The below image is about the links to your website, you can see in the image the link types.


The below image is showing the features of the SEO minion google chrome extension for you.

features of SEO minion

So, this google chrome extension is all about the SEO and links analysis to your website.

#9. Email extractor

15 best free Google Chrome extensions for SEO by email extractor

The email extractor is a free google chrome extension that you can use for extracting all the emails from the current web page.

Therefore, This email extractor chrome extension allows you to extract emails from any websites or any pages even from search results.

As a result, This extension is going to be very helpful for email marketers. If you are an email marketer you can use this wonderful tool for your business.

Features in email extractor extension…

  • Helps in extracting emails from web pages

#10. SEOquake

15 best free Google Chrome extensions for SEO by SEO quake

The SEOquake is a free SEO chrome extension by which you can fully analyze your website or any other website on the internet.

Therefore, this extension is an all-in-one SEO extension for your website analysis.

Let’s take a site example to understand its features. In the below image you can see the results of this website to get more detailed information about it you can simply click on individual results.

Because if i will show you all the features the article will become very complex and lengthy.

SEO quake dashboard

The above image is showing the details of this site as you can see clearly. for more information about particular stuff, you can click on it and it will show you the detailed information about it.

Now, you can also explore all the features that are visible on the screen like in the below image. I have shown you the backlink analytic of this site. You can also see the traffic analytics by clicking on the traffic analytics section.

domain analysis by SEO quake

Let’s have some features of this extension…

  • This extension will allow you to see the traffic of a website
  • Backlinks Analytics by TDL distribution
  • Referring domains
  • Page info of a website
  • Alexa Rank
  • SEMrush Rank
  • Keyword Density to a specific page
  • Internal/External links
  • Compare Domains, etc.

#11. SimilarWeb-Traffic Rank Website Analysis

15 best free Google Chrome extensions for SEO by similar web

The Similar Web chrome extension is made by similar web developers. This extension will allow you to see a website’s ranks & monthly visits, bounce rate, average visit duration, top visiting countries, etc.

In the same way this extension will be extremely helpful in analyzing site traffic and other attributes.

The below image is showing the details for the google.com domain. As you can see all the details are visible like global rank, category rank & country rank, etc.

similar web dashboard

Consequently, You can also see the source of the traffic to a specific website and top countries that are driving traffic to the site.

websites traffic analysis by similar web

Features of Similar Web…

  • Websites Rank
  • Overall monthly visit to the site
  • Traffic sources
  • Top Countries in which site is running.
  • Organic & paid traffic
  • The interest of the Audience, etc.

#12. MozBar

15 best free Google Chrome extensions for SEO by Moz Bar

MozBar is a free google chrome extension for all peoples. The extension is very useful for bloggers & internet marketers.

The MozBar extension will show you the Domain Authority, PA(Page Authority), internal/external links, SS(spam score) of a website or your website.

These are only some features of the MozBar extension but if you visit the official site through the extension then you will have lots of features to use in the website for your website.

Features of MozBar extension…

  • Shows page Authority
  • Site Authority
  • Backlinks
  • Spam Scores

#13. WooRank

15 best free Google Chrome extensions for SEO by WooRank

The WooRank is a free google chrome extension for analyzing website’s SEO scores & performance.

This extension will allow you to examine the website’s SEO score and shows the way to improve the issues. It shows the on-page & off-page optimization of your site. If it needs any improvement or has some errors, Then it will highlight it.

Furthermore, This amazing website analyzing tool will allow you to see all the stuff like mobile usability, AMP compatibility, Domain age, domain expiration, backlink score, Internal/External backlink percentage, website traffic, and social media, etc.

In the same way, This chrome extension creates a full report of your website after analyzing it for SEO. And put that in front of you, with images and all the highlighted features of SEO.

Get site analysis with woorank

As you can clearly see in the above image, The image is showing the SEO score of my website. Further, if you will scroll the results then more data will be visible to you.

In addition, To get fresh data every time you have to refresh it regularly every time you use it to see the SEO of your website.

Because sometimes it may show you the previous data that’s why it is mandatory to refresh it every time you analyze the site.

Features of WooRank extension…

  • Website’s SEO score
  • On-Page optimization
  • Off-Page optimization
  • Device compatibility
  • Website traffic
  • Structured data testing

#14. Awesome screenshots & screen recorder

15 best free Google Chrome extensions for SEO by awesome screenshoots

The awesome screenshot is a free google chrome extension that allows you to take screenshots and record the screen of your desktop.

Further, This tool will be very helpful in capturing the desktop screen, if you are a blogger then it is going to be very useful for you to take screenshots to add in posts.

In the same way, The tool is awesome for recording your computer screen and if you are a YouTuber it will help you a lot.

Features of awesome screenshot extension…

  • Screen recordings
  • Take Screenshots on the system

#15. Google Dictionary

google dictionary chrome extension

The Google Dictionary chrome extension is provided by Google itself. You can do a search on a topic without opening a new tab.

The Google Dictionary allows you to know the meaning of unknown words in an article, It will have a search box to the right of your window so you don’t have to open a new tab.

So, this tool is good for article-based works. Likewise, bloggers can use this tool for posts reading of competitors’ sites because some words are not common for us to read. Then in this case this extension will help you by making your work easier.

Features of Google Dictionary extension…

  • Find definition of a word
  • Unknown words meanings

Which SEO extension should I use for my website?

Well, all the 15 listed google chrome extensions are excellent for your website’s SEO & well researched in this post.

But, there are some common SEO extensions inserted in the article, you can use their alternatives.

Here are must-have google chrome extension for a website to be SEO optimized

  1. Ubersuggest
  2. Keywords Everywhere
  3. Grammarly
  4. Text Optimizer

You should use these extensions for better work on site.

Final thoughts on 15 free Google Chrome SEO extensions

I hope you liked these 15 free extensions of google chrome for SEO. If you feel it’s useful then please share it with your loved ones & with your buddies.

Please share your opinions about this post in the comment section so that I can understand if this post is really valuable or not.

Please tell me which extension would you like to use for your website’s SEO optimization and performance check.

Thanks for being with me till the end of this post. Have a good day🙂.

Here are some common questions on these 15 free SEO Google Chrome extensions that people ask.


Q1. Which Chrome extension is best for SEO?

Ans. I will suggest you use Ubersuggest & WooRank for Full analysis of your website’s SEO & also doing Keyword research. The Woorank will help you to optimize your site for SEO & Ubersuggest will help you in keyword research & SEO analyzing data of a site. These 2 tools are the best among these 15 Google Chrome free SEO extensions.

Q2. How can I check traffic to my website for free?

Ans. You can see traffic to your website for free by using the WSC traffic checker. You can use this extension for knowing a website’s daily/monthly traffic and most visited country to a website with just one click.

Q3. Where can I get SEO keywords for free?

Ans. If you want to do keyword research for your WordPress website you can simply use the Keyword Everywhere & SEOstack keyword tool extension for finding keyword ideas & doing keyword research for your blog posts. Among these 15 Google Chrome free SEO extensions, These extensions are best for doing keyword research & finding low competition long-tail keywords.

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