How to earn money by digital marketing

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As we belong to middle-class families, We all are having an excessive amount of pressure to earn money to survive. For this we do jobs, but you’ll do digital marketing to earn more cash. So, you’ll be able to feed your family requirements & live a contented life.

Further, You can earn money from digital marketing the maximum amount you wish. Because you’re not doing work for anyone you’re doing work for yourself.

You work for somebody & you merely get money for it slow on work, and a tiny low salary received at the top of the month.

For example, you’re working in a very company. you’re getting money for the way much you’re employed for them only, it means it slow on work.

once you leave the corporate you’ll be having no money to measure. So this is often called active income. you’re receiving money till you’re employed only. it’s not sufficient for living life tension-free & happy.

So, Digital marketing causes you to generate long-term income. In fact, after you will leave your work you’ll still be making money for your work.

Hench, the most difference that digital marketing brings i.e it converts active income into passive or recurring income.

What is passive & active income?

Passive income: The income you receive for an extended time, meaning you’ve got worked & once you will leave your work you’ll still receive money for your work. you may get purchased your values, not for it slow.

For example, on a very day, you’re earning 1,000 bucks for working 8 hours. And after a while, once you will leave your work, you may still be able to receive money for your values.

Active income: The income you receive only if you’re employed. you’ll get procured it slow, not for your values.

For example, during a day you’re earning 1,000 bucks for working 8 hours. you have got to try to do this work daily to earn money from your work by working 8 hours. But, if someday otherwise you have left your work, then you may not be ready to receive money.

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing contains two words, “digital” & “marketing” So, marketing of a product in digital mode is called digital marketing.

In simple words, Marketing a product on online platforms like, you’ll promote products by google ads, youtube, Amazon, Flipkart, etc. which means promoting a product on digital online platforms is named digital marketing.

Scope of digital marketing: Are you able to really earn money from digital marketing

First of all, I need to clear your doubt, are you able to earn money from digital marketing? So, the solution is yes, in fact, you’ll be able to become a billionaire doing business by digital marketing. this can be not a rumor or myth, it’s a reality.

But, it totally depends on you. The demand for digital marketing is touching the high ends of each business.

Because every business wants low investment & high revenue. So, digital marketing allows businesses to market their products or services in low investments on digital platforms.

So, how they’re doing, this is often not rocket science. They simply work on digital platforms to push products and find their targeted audience only, then target them by showing their product ads to the targeted audience.

Consequently, Without investing in useless things, doing physical or offline marketing, They simply target the specified audience by doing digital marketing that creates the investment cost low & generates high revenue as compared to offline marketing.

How to earn money by digital marketingImage source:

As you’ll see within the above image, digital marketing is growing rapidly and contains low investments. Many companies are preferring digital marketing to push or sell services.

Ways to earn money by digital marketing

On the net, you’ll be able to find some ways to earn money from digital marketing. But, after you will start understanding the insider of the market, your mind will automatically hit new ideas of earning money from it.

Here are some ways you’ll be able to use to form money from digital marketing…

#1. Content Writing

How to earn money by digital marketing by content writing

Content writing is the most famous way of doing digital marketing. You can publish your content online & make money.

Simply, content writing is making content on a specific topic. You can write content for you or someone else.

How can you make money by content writing?

You can create content on specific niche-related topics and publish them on your site. When you have a good amount of traffic on it. Then you can apply for Google AdSense or to run ads on your site. When someone clicks your ads then you will get paid.

But, for this you have to make your website. You can create your website at wordpress or blogger like platforms.

Ways to monetize your website…

  • Run ads
  • Accept paid guest posts.
  • Sell backlinks
  • Do Sponsored posts
  • Use

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Because There are billions of people that search their queries on google daily. And when you will start giving answers to their queries. By creating your website and publishing content based on people’s queries.

Scope of content writing?

The scope of content writing is very broad and having long term benefits with it.

You know on the internet there are billions of websites that publish content for getting traffic. And when they have a good amount of traffic on site, they don’t have time to write content.

So they hire some people to write content for them and pay a good amount of money. In the same way, You can charge approx 1500 – 2,000 bucks for writing a 2,000- 3,000 words long content.

And when you will start getting more website owners that want you to write content then you can also hire some other people to help you in content writing.

And in the future, If you scale it then you can open a website where you can receive people who want to hire content writers and also hire content writers to write content. Then you don’t need to write content; you will only manage this whole process.

Some other ways to earn money from content writing…

  • Write content for social media marketers
  • YouTube channel script writing
  • Become a freelancer

#2. Sell SEO Services

How to earn money by digital marketing by seo

You can sell SEO services Like, You can accept contracts for growing a website by your SEO skills. Simply, You can learn SEO from YouTube Within 2-3 months without spending money on paid courses.

After learning SEO you can accept websites that want to grow on google as they don’t know to optimize their site for ranking it on google. So they hire some SEO specialists who can grow their site by optimizing sites for SEO to rank on search engines like google.

According to Search engine Journal You can easily make Up To $1779 per month as an SEO expert.

Furthermore, In the future, if you scale your business. You can open your own agency of SEO experts, hire some SEO professionals and accept websites that want to rank and grow.

Running an SEO service agency comes under the most profitable ways to earn money from the digital marketing profession.

The main advantage of running an agency enables you to become work free and focusing on other things that can be useful for growing your agency.

#3. Affiliate marketing

How to earn money by digital marketing by affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is the most popular and most profitable way to earn money from digital marketing. Also, It doesn’t need any investments, You only have to promote someone’s product and when anybody buys that product you will get a commision on it.

Further, affiliate marketing is very common on the internet these days because every single person is doing this. But, It is not optimal for you, Because it will not create competition in the market as more people are doing it.

Moreover, You can also do affiliate marketing with your blog or website to get more revenue. Yes, you can run ads with affiliate links on your website simultaneously. This will not affect your ad publisher.

Consequently, You can join such affiliate marketing Networks like…

There are lots of affiliate marketing platforms present on the internet. But, these all are the best affiliate platforms to join for high revenue.

scope of digital trends

According to Sole Bloggers, affiliate marketing is growing rapidly. It shows from 2014-2020 the affiliate marketing has grown by 40.3% in the last 7 years.

How to promote affiliate products?

You can promote your affiliate product by 2 methods.

  1. Paid Method(Running campaigns).
  2. Free Method(promoting the product on digital platforms for free)
Paid Method

You can promote your products by running campaigns or ads. Likewise, You can advertise your product with google ads to get sales.

This method is the most effective way of getting sales because your product ads will be shown to the targeted audiences only. This increases the purchasing probabilities of a product.

So, running campaigns is the most effective way of getting sales. Moreover, Studies show that doing affiliate marketing with running ad campaigns generate almost 2x profit from what amount of money you have invested in it.

For example, In 6 months If you have invested 6 lakhs on ad campaigns then you have probabilities of getting a profit of 12 lakhs. That means you have earned 6 lakh in 6 months If your targeted county has strong purchasing power. This is just an example.

But, You have to invest in it first. If you have money then you can go with paid ads.

Free Methods

There are lots of free methods available for you. As we are beginners so we don’t have money to run ads😁.

Then, We can use some free methods to promote our affiliate links to get sales.

Ways to promote our product for free

Use social media platforms

You can use social media platforms to urge sales. Like, you’ll be able to use Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, etc.

you’ll create your Facebook or Linked In group for a selected style of product. such as you have selected a category of shoes so you’ll create a bunch on Facebook and grow it to possess members for sales.

Similarly, you’ll do the identical thing on Instagram, you simply need to make an Instagram account and begin promoting products.

Note: Instagram is better as compared to Facebook because Instagram has more audiences.

Email marketing

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to market affiliate products to come up with sales.

Because you’ve got to form an email list for it first. And generating an email list may be a little hard. If you have got a website or blog then simply you’ll be able to create your email list.

And start sending niche-related products to your subscribers. there’s a robust possibility that your product will be purchased because your audience knows you. That’s why they need to be subscribed to you.


You can use your blog to induce affiliate sales. such as you can publish reviewing the content on the affiliate products. Likewise, If you have got a tech blog so you’ll promote mobile phones & electronic gadgets.

#4. Social Media manager

How to earn money by digital marketing by social media

The social media account manager may be a growing niche to earn money from social media.

You can try this job with no investments. Only you’ve got to contact those folks that have social media accounts with a high number of followers.

Does this job require any skill?

No, this job doesn’t require any form of skill. Only you’ve got to manage a person’s account likewise you manage your own account.

But, the sole difference is you have got to pay more attention thereto & attempt to move there. Only you’ve got to search out someone who can fork over his account to you.

This is not mandatory to grow an account if you wish then you’ll be able to know to impress your account owner to pay you more.

Tip: you must attempt to grow the account. because if the account holder sees you’re not doing anything and therefore the account is in rest position. And he finds someone that claims I will be also able to grow your account then the account owner can replace you therewith person. So move on to the account and check out to grow the account also.

What is the duty role of a social media account manager?

The job role is extremely simple within the social media account manager. you’ve got to manage the social media account of an individual, all his message replies, growth of account, and everyone sort of posts & comments you’ve got to manage.

For example, you’re an Instagram account manager of a person’s account. So, you’ve got to manage all his account activities. you’ve got to reply to his DM’s, comment replies, brand collaboration management, Stories & posts, etc.

But, Most account owners handle their posts, stories & comments by themselves. So, you’ll be free from these 3 things if it happens.

#5. Work for YouTubers

earn money by working with youtubers

You can simply work for YouTubers to induce work. Many big YouTubers want to outsource their work so that they will target other things to grow the channel.

Let’s discuss what kind of work you’ll get from a YouTuber if you’ll work for him…

  • Adding subtitles in video
  • Video script writing
  • Cameraman
  • Video editing
  • Thumbnail creation
  • video shooting setup studio
  • adding voice over
  • video description writing
  • content ideas finder

The above is the task roles you’ll get from a YouTuber.

because these are the mandatory things to grow a youtube channel at a giant level. These all don’t want any big skills, you’ll be able to simply learn within 1 month of the period and begin performing on it.

But, there’s one skill which will consume longer i.e video animation & editing. But, this skill if you’ll learn you’ll earn more.

Because the most work is merely video editing and a few VFX. Consequently, you’ll learn these skills at no cost.

These skills are available on YouTube. So, you’ll contact them by their email ids which will be easily founded within the description of their videos.

#6. Create & Sell your own products

create and selling your products

You can create your own product & sell them at your own custom price.

Because new products that solve some unsolved problems perform best within the market. Because every problem needs a controversy solver, So, first of, you must find an issue and check out to unravel it by making a product.

the merchandise may be physical or digital this doesn’t matter plenty, But the merchandise should be the most effective.

For example, Let’s take our COVID-19, Did you notice what form of the product is selling most during this covid-19. The face shield is that the most selling product over the last decade.

consider that one that makes this product, And today he’s a millionaire. because this product is most demanded and sold everywhere the globe.

So, one right product can cause you to financially free. within the beginning, it requires some investments but the investment is covered when it’ll get some sales.

How are you able to sell products?

Start an E-Commerce store on WordPress with the WooCommerce or create a blog that lists products. You can create an eCommerce store and list all of your products on the shop to induce sales.

within the future, if your business grows then you’ll be able to also run campaigns with google ads to urge high volume sales.

How to increase sales?

You can run affiliate programs on your products as other product owners do. The most advantage of running an affiliate program, it encourages people to earn money.

So, If you may add an affiliate program to your products. People can promote your products and when someone buys that product. Then, you’ll give your product promoters a bit commission thereon product. this may extremely boost your product selling & marketing yet.

For example, Amazon, Flipkart, Shopcules, Snapdeal runs their affiliate program to urge more sales.

#7. Start your agency

start your own agency

You can start your own agency by selecting a particular niche and start working on that to serve your services.

What I mean when I’m saying start your own agency, You can acquire a skill that has less competition & demands more.

After acquiring a particular skill you can start a website that gives people what they want.

For example, In today’s market, everyone wants to rank their website on the 1st position of google. So, you can become a specialist in it, acquire this skill and start a website that provides this service. You can ask people to rank their site and in return, you can charge them.

Let’s take another example, As you know that every blogger or website owner needs SEO tools to optimize their site for google ranking. And for this, they use various paid tools that can’t be afforded by beginners.

So, you can create a tool and set this pricing very low to get more users to use it. In fact, make it for free to use, if possible because it will automatically market your business. After some time you can set various types of pricing in those tools. This is just an example you can do a lot of things.

#8. Become a Freelancer

How to earn money by digital marketing by freelancing

Freelancing is the most popular way to earn money from digital marketing.

In this, You have to work for someone and he will pay you for your work. This is a very trending job many freelancers earn huge amounts of money from freelancing.

What is freelancing?

Freelancing is simply doing work for someone on a particular project and when the project is finished. You will get paid by that person.

Further, You can work on it if you have no skills. But, I recommend you should acquire 1 strong skill & become specialist in it. The skill can be anything, it can be an SEO specialist, content writing, marketing specialist, or translating videos from one language to another language.

You can join some freelancing sites like…

These are the some freelancing sites you can use to get projects, and get paid after completion.

#9. Start a YouTube channel

How to earn money with youtube

YouTube channel is the easiest way to earn money in today’s digital marketing. YouTube is the most trending digital platform.

In fact, You can rank your videos on less number of subscribers also, That is one ofg the best advantages of youtube when compared with websites.

Because, websites take a lot of time to rank on search engines, You have to optimize it for SEO. And invest some time in writing & promoting the content.

But, Youtube doesn’t require these things. Youtube requires content in form of video & little bit SEO you can do for more views.

Similarly, You can select your channel niche to make videos like , You want to create videos on SEO topics, food, health, financial terms, educations, etc.

You can choose any of the niches you want to create content. Kindly, choose your niche according to your interest. Because, if you will select the niche by seeing more profit, then in the future you may lose your interest in making videos.

How will you earn from youtube?

You can monetize your youtube channel with ads like Google Adsense programs. But for google Adsense approval you have to optimize your channel for the approval criteria.

Further, You can collaborate with brands to get more revenue from youtube channels when you have sufficient subscribers.

#10. Email Marketing

How to earn money by digital marketing by email marketing

Email marketing is the most effective way to make money online from email marketing. Because, Your product or services are directly received by users in their mail inbox.

So, the conversation probability increases in this case. They can definitely purchase your product because they have subscribed to you and already know you. If you are providing them good knowledge then they will trust your product also.

How can you do email marketing?

First of all, You should know what email marketing is. Email marketing is simply sending email newsletters to your subscribers or your mailing lists to get conversions.

If you are a blogger then you already know about it. You send posts notifications, product information, or announcements by email.

You can do email marketing for free of cost By using some free email marketing tools. Further, You can promote affiliate products like Clickbank & Maxbounty via emails to get commissions.

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#11. Start a Drop-shipping Business

The drop-shipping business

You can easily start an online dropshipping business with Shopify. Dropshipping is very famous these days as many people are doing it and earn a lot from it.

Dropshipping is simply shipping products to your customers. You can buy products from that place where it costs you less and sell these products where you see high returns. This is called drop-shipping.

Likewise, e-commerce stores and dropshipping don’t have a lot of differences. You have to manage your product deliveries by yourself.

The customers will call you directly for their queries related to returns and exchanges, etc. so, you have to manage all these stuff by yourself.

Conclusion: How to earn money by digital marketing

These all are the best-listed ways to earn money from digital marketing. Digital marketing is a boon for those who know how to use it for growth.

If you have pure knowledge of it then you can easily do a lot of things from it. You don’t have to read these types of articles your mind will automatically hit the earning ideas by itself.

Further, I hope you liked this article, If you found this article a little bit helpful & informative then please share it with your friends.

If you have any feedback ideas to improve this post then please let me know I will improve it to my best. Thank you so much for being with me till the end

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