WhatsApp new privacy policy updates Feb 2021

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Well I know, You all are worried about this news of WhatsApp’s new privacy policy updates Feb 2021. Which will be in effect of 8h of Feb 2021. Peoples are thinking there is not a big problem with this WhatsApp new privacy policy updates of Feb 2021.

The information used to ask WhatsApp from you will remain the same but the only difference in its new terms & conditions. That is how WhatsApp uses your information and shares.

Furthermore, With the new privacy & policy WhatsApp will understand your interests and behavior by collecting and sharing all your information on Facebook. Then they will show you their ads for products to you. The whole play is that thing only.

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What will be in the WhatsApp new privacy policy updates of Feb 2021.

Information WhatsApp collect :

Your account information: Like your phone number and name which is used to create your account. Which is necessary information that everyone asks for.

Messages: Your messages will not be stored on WhatsApp servers this will be stored on your device only. The new messaging privacies of WhatsApp say ” If a message cannot be delivered immediately (for example, if the recipient is offline), we keep it in encrypted form on our servers for up to 30 days as we try to deliver it. If a message is still undelivered after 30 days, we delete it.”

Whatsapp officially says that your messages are end-to-end encrypted; no one from outside or third-party agencies can’t see the user’s messages. Like before.

Payment & Transection details: You have to give WhatsApp your payment details like you used to give on other UPI apps like Google Pay, Paytm, and PhonePe, etc. And if you are using WhatsApp transaction you have to give a shipping address which is necessary.

WhatsApp new privacy policy updates Feb 2021

Your Log information: This is the most highlighted feature WhatsApp will do definitely. Your log information means what you are doing on the app, to which website you are going mostly by WhatsApp, external places visits from WhatsApp, how you interact with people, and what is your interest. These are the things that WhatsApp sees in you.

With these types of information, they will understand your behaviors. So that they can show you the Ads of products on Facebook.

Some related information about Third-Party: Officially, Whatsapp says ” We still do not allow third-party banner ads on our Services. We have no intention to introduce them, but if we ever do, we will update this Privacy Policy.” The point should be noticed temporary WhatsApp is not placing any third-party banner ads on WhatsApp. But, also in the future, WhatsApp may do this.

WhatsApp new privacy policy updates Feb 2021

Then WhatsApp may place ads in the app.

Conclusion about WhatsApp new privacy policy updates Feb 2021.

So, we have seen some highlighted Privacy & Policies of WhatsApp Feb 2021. Now, we will discuss whether we should use it or not.

As a result, You all know anything you do or anything you share on WhatsApp. The whole information will be transferred to Facebook except messages which are delivered(delivered messages will be deleted instantly and undelivered messages will be deleted after 30 days).

Furthermore, The whole information will be shared on Facebook. Not Only-But Also, The Security of Facebook is so much weaker we can’t trust Facebook in terms of security.

Moreover, It is seen that the information from Facebook is leaked several times. Which can cause the user blackmailing.

Likewise, Whatsapp not placing any third-party banner ads on the app. But also said in the future, If we do we will update our privacy again.

So, This will be a very bad thing. In the beginning when WhatsApp was new in the market. It said we will never place ads on WhatsApp. And now, They said we can place ads.

Some people are shifting to other messenger platforms like Telegram & skype which will be a better option as compared to WhatsApp by seeing how bad is new privacy & policies.

Here are some rumors peoples spreading about WhatsApp new privacy policy updates of Feb 2021


Q. Is the new WhatsApp update safe?

Ans. Well, In my opinion, the new update of WhatsApp is not a bit safe for you. Because the data will be shared to Facebook and Facebook security is not so strong.

Q. Why is WhatsApp changing privacy policy?

Ans. WhatsApp will share all information with Facebook to show you product ads on Facebook. But in the future, it can be on WhatsApp also.

Q. Can someone hack your WhatsApp 2020?

Ans. Definitely, because WhatsApp security is not good with Facebook. But, for account access, the hacker has to use your phone on time only.

Q. Can someone hack my WhatsApp without me knowing?

Ans. we can say, yes!

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