PUBG mobile is unbanned in India play now.

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All servers of the PUBG Indian version are banned in India but one server is not banned from PUBG mobile. That can be played at that time right now just download it and play. PUBG global version can be played in India in this article you will get a link to it. PUBG mobile is unbanned in India download it and play now.

The Indian Government has banned the PUBG mobile server which is connected by the chinese company that is Tancent game.

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Here you will download the latest version of PUBG mobile for you guys. That will be run very smoothly on your device. No ping high and server down issue will be faced by you.

PUBG Mobile has officially announced we will come back to India soon but no fixed date was given by them. The game will be hosted on a new server and the server will be an Indian server so there will no privacy issue faced by someone in the future.

Download unbanned PUBG mobile in India and play now.

the downloading process is so simple you don’t need to download it’s OBB file too. Only download the game app.

PUBG mobile is unbanned in India play now.

click the link bellow to download the PUBG mobile global version.

click on link to download :

This is the PUBG mobile latest updated version that will run smoothly on your device. The game PUBG mobile will unban soon in India. PUBG corporation invests $100 million dollars to run PUBG on an Indian server. PUBG has announced officially the comeback of PUBG mobile will take place soon in India.

The Indian user’s account data will not be erased by PUBG corporation that is announced by PUBG. They will take care of the user’s account data. When you will open PUBG mobile you have to log in only. Your old account will be in front of your eyes which is great happiness.

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