how to play PUBG mobile in India after the ban

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Wanna know how to play PUBG mobile in India even after the ban. Here is the good news for you guy’s PUBG can still be played by using VPN services. You can turn on VPN services and enjoy your game.

According to news.

Recently, The Indian government banned 118 Chinese App including PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile lite, due to security concerns. The distributors of these games are tancent in India. And being tancent a Chinese company due to the security reasons. The Indian government has taken the decision to ban the PUBG mobile and PUBG mobile lite both.

But here is a question that can we still play PUBG mobile in India even the Indian government banned the game server. and the answer is yes we can play PUBG mobile by using VPN services. By doing this, The game can be played but you will face the problem of high ping. If you are on a mobile data network you will even face some ping high issue. But there will be low chances on a wifi network.

PUBG mobile can be played in other countries exept india only.

The Indian government banned PUBG mobile servers due to security concerns. because China is doing small cyber attacks on India by seeing these types of activity the Indian government banned game servers.

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PUBG mobile gives some hint to the famous player of India that PUBG mobile may come back to India within a few weeks. company is planning to store Indian user’s data within the country. sources & big streamers hinted at the same message.

here is another good news for you PUBG will come back to India at the time of Diwali. this news is spreading very fast to all Indian PUBG players. this is awesome we can play again like the old days we all miss PUBG.

Tancent will be totally removed by the Korean company the game distribution will given to the famous big game companies like Gameloft, esports, etc.

how to play PUBG mobile in India after the ban

How to play PUBG mobile in India after the ban.

In this article you are waiting only for this thing i know . we will not download the global version insted we download the korien version of PUBG mobile battle game.

now see how to download and play PUBG mobile in India after the server ban.

follow the steps to download the game.

#1 : Download the PUBG MOBILE APK Korien version on your mobile phone .


#2 : install the apk on your mobile phone.

#3 : download its obb file and paste it in Android>> OBB>>com.pubg.krmobile.

#4 : Now start the app and it will take some time to load your game OBB file . you have to create new account on it the older account will not work.

now you can enjoy your game

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