How to write a blog post: That ranks on google

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You know when you write your blog post and when it does not ranks on google. It seems very hopeless and sometimes very frustrating.

But, you know the correct method or structure of writing a blog post. In this post, You will learn how you can write a blog post that ranks on google.

A good ranking content can change your entire blogging career. But, for this, you have to pay 100% energy to it.

Writing content is not a solution even if you are writing a 3000-word article. You are not going to get any ranking. Until you write content or post that targets the searched queries & solves users’ problems. Then, you’re gonna get ranked on google.

You already know to rank on google there are two ways.

  1. By Organic SEO.
  2. By Paid SEO.

You can rank on google without doing any SEO of your blog posts through Paid or campaign SEO. But, This will cost you money.

Similarly, You can get ranked by doing organic SEO to your posts, which is free of cost. But, You have to invest your time in writing good pieces of content & optimizing them for SEO.

So, as a beginner, you have no money. then the better option is doing organic SEO & optimize your blog post for SEO. That will rank longer than paid SEO.

Now, let’s see how you can write a blog post that ranks higher on google.

Tip’s to write a blog post that ranks higher on google

#1. Find a searched queries topic.

In addition to write a blog post that ranks on google, firstly you have to find a topic that is searched on search engines.

And, for finding a topic you have to do keyword research in a perfect manner. Doing keyword research is a little bit hard but if you will do it perfectly then it’s easy.

By doing keyword research you will be able to get searched & ranking topics to write a blog post. And, Try to use long-tail keywords for blog writing.

The Best platforms for finding a topic for research are Quora, Udemy, Amazon, Medium, Google, etc.

From quora, Udemy & Amazone you can get lots of queries for doing keyword research. Because people go there to purchase or ask something.

So, by their searching, these platforms show you the trending searches. And Simply you can grab those topics to do keyword research.

To find topics you can use quora & google suggests.

For example, Search a query in google and do not press enter key and see the suggestions shown by google. See the below image for more clarification.

How to write a blog post: That ranks on google

the list shows the already ranking keywords in google you can do research on them.

#2. Write a catchy headline.

You have to write catchy heading nothing but your blog title should be attractive.

The title of a blog looks in search results as in the below image.

How to write a blog post: That ranks on google

You can see it in the red box. This is how your blog posts will be seen in search results. If you will use attractive & catchy words in the title there are some strong chances that the user will click on your post.

You can simply use brackets(), columns[], collons: etc. To have a little bit more attractive titles.

To make an attractive title. You can use some words like, “(2021updated)”, “here’s the answer”, “the definitive guide”.

For example, let’s take the title “How to do keyword research“. To make it more attractive you can add some words like, “How to do keyword research: the complete guide(2021updated)“.

What you have seen in the above example. I have

For some more examples, you can use titles like, “How to do SEO: the complete guide(2021updated)”, “SEO Guide: The complete blueprint”, etc.

The main advantage of makin#g an attractive title, when the user searches for something. There he will see 10 results and there is a strong possibility. He can click on your blog post even if your site ranks below some other sites. If your blog title will be an attractive one.

#3. Use your keyword in the first paragraph.

When you use your focused keyword in your first paragraph or first 100 words.

Then it indicates google’s crawler this is a topic that to show for searched queries. When users search on google their queries.

For example, In the below image I have shown how you can insert your keyword in the first paragraph.

How to write a blog post: That ranks on google

But keep in mind use keywords when it fits to sentence. Don’t do keyword stuffing.

If your keyword appears in the first paragraph and first heading then your site will definitely rank on google. either 1st position or at last position. If you have a good piece of information inside it.

Now you will ask me why my website will rank at the end or middle(1–100)position?. If I have good content:

This is because there are already millions of websites that have good content. But, if your website contains better content as compared to all of them. Then no one going to stop you to rank in the #1 position.

If someone has better content than your then first he will rank. This is the algorithm of Google to rank sites.

#4. Write an attractive introduction.

When users come to a site the first thing they read your title then your introduction about your post.

If they will connect to your intro and feel free to read & understand it. Then you have done a great job.

When a user comes to a site and reads the intro if the first paragraph doesn’t contain some catchy or attractive words. Then users can easily leave your site.

And goes to another site for his queries.

You should have a catchy introduction from your first heading to last until your contents start. Because this will decide whether your blog post is read by the user or not.

To make your intro attractive use some facts & figures in it. Like, “According to a survey we spend our 60% life overthinking”. This is just an example you can use facts related to your post writing.

Also, your site bounce rate will decrease & traffic will increase by this step. Because people will stick to your post & read it.

They will not leave your site for a while & by decreasing the bounce rate. There will be a boost in ranking, which results in more traffic to your site.

So, here are multiple benefits of making an attractive intro.

#5. Make short Paragraphs.

Make your paragraphs short. You can add 2–3 lines to a paragraph, but not more than 3 lines.

Making short paragraphs will make readers easy to read your content and understand it. Likewise, Long paragraphs are so boring to read.

So, try to make your post paragraph short & easy to read. Because long paragraph no one wants to read.

And use transition words for making your content score good. The readability of a post affects ranking because Google wants simple-to-read content for its users.

As a result, When you start making short paragraphs and simple words. Your site will get engaged with more people. And getting more read time will result in increased blog traffic. And traffic boost also.

#6. Use Sub-Headings.

Use sub-headings to your posts and add your focused keywords to them.

Because Adding subheadings to posts makes them attractive and easy to understand for users.

Besides, sub-headings are useful in content ranking also. Because subheading are converted into post URLs in the google eye. Your subheadings are another type of your post URL.

Google sees your every new subheading as a URL. And rank your post on the basis of sub-headings also.

Further, This will extremely help you in your site ranking on google. Because By headings your site gets ranks.

For example, if a user searches any query related to your post & the searched query is matching with your subheading inside the post. Then, there will be high ranking chances of your post subheading also.

So, You can see there are multiple benefits of using subheadings to a post. Likewise, it increases your posts ranking criteria like your subheadings also rank on google. And subheading makes post content easy to understand.

#7. Add facts & figures.

Yes, You have to include facts & figures in your posts to make them more informative and attractive for users.

because, By including facts & figures, the content is somehow interesting to read and understand clearly. Peoples are bored by reading only text & they can leave the site having only text with no bold & interesting facts.

For instance, facts & figures like, If you are writing a food blog with a hot dog burger “In the united states over 70% of people love hot dog burger “.

So, you can add interesting facts like surveys & knowledgeable elements which are based on real experiments & knowledge.

For example, Imagine a post having no interesting lines and figures and no bold text. So, you will also leave the site and don’t want to read that post.

Because you are bored to see only plain texts and no interesting elements inside it.

#8. Include visuals.

By including visuals your posts will be more interesting because people are bored to read from plain text. They feel sleepy to read posts with simple, no colored elements.

The term visual means, adding images, infographics & interesting graphs to your posts to make them more engaged.

For example, You can include the images & infographics, related to the topic you are trying to tell your users.

Likewise, You can include screenshots, snapshots, sources images, images to other sites & lots of infographics, and graph pictures.

According to, Almost 90% of information transmitted in our brain is visuals in the form of graphics, images, screenshots, snapshots & imaginations.

And, our brain catches the pieces of information in visuals 60,000x faster than text forms.

90% of information is transmitted in the form of visuals in the brain

In fact, visuals can convert simple boring content into an interesting & engaging post. Which results in more read time on site & turns into traffic.

#9. Use optimized images.

You have to optimize your images for your site. Because a big image size will slow down your site.

We know that including images in posts makes it interesting, But you have to optimize those images for your web pages also.

If you will not do this optimization step & you are adding originally sized images, that are big in the size. This results in having a big web page size & it takes more time to load on the user’s screen.

As a result, Your website will slow down due to load impact. So, you have to optimize every image to make it small in size.

I’m saying make images small, that means to make your images size less in terms of MB & KB, not in real size. You don’t need to make your images visually small. But, make its size less to have faster-loading results.

The best sites to optimize your images & infographics are,,, These are the top 3 best sites to compress your image size to low.

Tip: Try to publish image size between 20–50kb only.

#10. Optimize site URLs

According to google latest updates, Google wants those websites to rank that have short URLs of their pages.

The motive of short URLs is to have a simple understanding. And users can easily understand which topic is on this page.

Further, URLs of your pages tell the post topic & categories clearly.


In the above image, This is your page URL.

Now, Some new bloggers don’t know how their URLs or permalinks should actually look like for better SEO ranking.

So, I’m here to show you how you can make changes in URLs to your post & pages.

Before going to know how we can make changes in our URL. Firstly, We will see what changes we have to make.

Here are the examples of bad URL & good URLS.

Bad URLs or permalink >> “”

Good URLs or permalink >> “” or “”.

Now, In the good URL, These are the 2 types of URLs that can be used in a website. The bad URL contains lots of stuff like date, time, PHP extensions, etc. Which is useless & It impacts the SEO ranking of your site in a bad way.

Now, we will see how you can change your permalink or URL structure to SEO friendly URL.

  • Go to your WordPress dashboard.
  • Hover on settings but don’t click on it.
  • Now, a small popup will be shown to the right.
  • Click on the permalink option.
permalink setting

Now, you will be redirected to the permalink setting page, from there you can get a custom permalink structure to your site.

In the below image, Under the red box, you can choose this structure for your website.

The all above are useless structures choose the “Post name” option as mentioned in the image.

change permalink structure

Further, You can have a custom link structure like I have mine.

You can see below the ” post name” option there is a “custom structure” section. Under this section, you can get a custom link structure as you can add after domain names like post category, post name, from below options.

Kindly, click on save changes after selecting link structure.

#11. insert LSI Keywords.

LSI keywords mean related keywords to your blog title. Those keywords that are closely related to your focused keyword are said to be LSI or related keywords.

You can add related keywords to your posts for getting more traffic by ranking on multiple keywords. Your post will also start ranking on these keywords also if you will add those words in the post.

This is why because, google sometimes doesn’t find the exact searched query and in that case, google ranks related sites that have posts closely related to the searched keyword.

Also, This does not only work when no results are there. But, it also works in normal cases when google also ranks related keyword posts.

From where I can get my LSI keywords?

here are lots of tools present on the internet to find LSI keywords of your keyword. Likewise, SEMrush, google keyword planner, keyword sheeter, answer the public, SPYfu, and much more.

These tools are extremely helpful to do keyword research as well as finding the LSI keywords also. These all are free but only SEMrush is paid but you will get 10 requests per day free.

Further, You can also extract LSI keywords from google.

Enter your keyword in google to search but don’t press enter key, only press space after entering the keyword, Then, see the suggestions that are shown. The suggestions that are shown are your LSI keywords.

You have to focus on 3 different places in search results.

  1. search suggestion.

for example, Your keyword is the coffee recipe.

In the below image, I have only entered the keyword and it shows me some related keywords that are relevant to it. And also rank on google.

How to write a blog post: That ranks on google

2. People also ask.

The below section people also ask is also your LSI keywords.

How to write a blog post: That ranks on google

3. Searches related to “query”.

The below section is placed at the end of the page, and contains LSI keywords that you can add to your post.

How to write a blog post: That ranks on google

#12. Use Yoast SEO plugin.

Yoast seo

The Yoast SEO plugin is used to improve the readability &seo score of your posts. It is a WordPress plugin you already well known about it.

But, most of the newbies don’t know about it. You can install this plugin by going to your WordPress dashboard>>plugin>>add new>>search for Yoast SEO & install then activate it.

When you will write your blog post it will help you a lot how to write your posts, by keeping a balance on readability & SEO score.

Further, If your site is new and you don’t have created any sitemap for your website. Then, this plugin will automatically create your website’s sitemap.

Besides, You can create your site’s robot.txt file to help search engines crawl your site easily with this plugin.

The sitemap of your website will automatically be created when you will install the Yoast SEO plugin. But, you have to create your robot.txt file manually.

To create a robot.txt file see below.

Go to your WordPress dashboard >>Yoast SEO>>tools>>file editor>>click on “create robot.txt file”.

create robot.txt file

#13. Link old posts with the new post(Internal links).

Linking your older posts with your new post will improve your site SEO. Because, By linking pages of your site to each other, it will share the page link juice to another page.

Like, backlinks, Internal linking also works as backlinks within your site.

For example, If you will link your pages to each other they will share their authority score with each other. And, if one page or post authority score is greater than another linked post or page. Then, The higher authority page shares some authority score with the lower authority page also.

Further, The higher authority page score will not decrease by its value, It will only positively increase the authority of another page by not decreasing its value. So, there are lots of benefits to internal linking.

Moreover, another advantage of internal linking, It helps to boost traffic to your site and your site bounce rate also decreases.

Because Peoples will also go to your linked pages or posts. And, When the users will visit another page of your site the bounce rate will automatically decrease.

As a result, Internal links are so important as backlinks are important to your posts & pages and they impact positively your site SEO.

#14. Link posts to authority site(External link).

External links are so useful as other types of links because they impact the good image of your site in front of google.

External link means, giving backlinks to other sites that are relevant to your site pages or post. Besides, giving links to high authority sites will not decrease your value.

Instead, It will be very beneficial for your site too.

For example, You can link your posts to the sites that are relevant to your post. Or you are writing something and want to give more information to users about that topic. 

So, You can link related website posts that have similar information or more knowledge than yours.

Because You are giving your visitors or users more information about that topic you are writing to your post.

#15. Write conclusions.

Writing conclusions will help you to grow your site. Because You are indirectly promoting your site and asking your users for feedback.

What they feel about your content and any improvement suggestions by users.

You can ask your visitors for their feedback or any website improvement suggestions to us. This will create a good impression on your website because you are giving attention to your visitors.

And asking your users for feedback will give you lots of comments and there you can see their opinion of your site.

Therefore, This will extremely help you to analyze your site by getting feedback from your users. Later, You can improve your site if there is any problem or something else.

Because you will not get all the analysis by yourself of your site by users’ feedback you will know the real issues.

That’s why the conclusion is important in the end. You can see my conclusion to have an idea to write a conclusion.

#16. Write lengthy content.

The main advantage of writing lengthy content Your posts will rank better on search engines and not only will your post rank on focused or related keywords but also it will rank for those keywords that are not intentionally added by you but it’s ranking.

Lengthy contents will cover all the information that you have to provide to users. So, it also helps in that case.

Further, According to Search Engine land research, In the top 10 search results only An average of 2000 words of posts ranks

But, If you want to write your blog post that ranks #1 position on Google. so you have to provide a much better and more than 2000+ words article to rank in the #1 position.

search engine land

Further, Keep in mind writing Long-form content should provide value & it should be unique. And, Try to make your content more informative give your 100% to make it known.

#17. Promote Your content.

It is not sufficient only to write content and try to promote your content anywhere you can promote.

I understand as a beginner you don’t have money to run campaigns. But you don’t even need it.

You can promote your content on social media platforms like Facebook groups & pages, Twitter, linked-in, quora, medium, tumbler, etc.

Facebook groups & quora are the top trending platforms to promote or share your blog. Because Most of the people are active there for their queries or something else.

Further, You can do email marketing of your blog posts, By sending emails to your readers if you have an email list.

But, I know as you are a beginner you have no email lists and anything else. So, please collect the email of your users for having a list make pop ups to your site and give free valuable stuff to users. Like, free guides, free ebooks, etc.

The best popup creator tool you can use is, convert full & hello bar.

Best email sender tools like Mailchimp, mailer lite, Sendinblue you can use them free of cost.

Final thoughts on how to write a blog post: That ranks on google.

I hope you like the post on how to write a blog post that ranks on google. Further, if you found this article a little bit useful Then, Please share it with your friend & your loved ones.

Please share your opinions about this post. You can give us feedback so that we can improve our work on site. Share your suggestions related to content and site performance. So, that we can provide more efficient content.

Besides, If you are facing any issue with your site. Then, please let me know.

Thank You so much for being with me at the end.

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