Top 15 beginner blogger mistakes & how to fix them

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In this article, You will see 15 beginner blogger mistakes and also how to fix them.

Every beginner makes lots of mistakes in their blogging career. And when you will realise your mistakes you will not have enough time to make improvements to them.

Because Mistakes happen due to lack of knowledge and experience. It is obvious that in the beginning, you will have no experience in blogging but you can get knowledge. So, why not grab this precious knowledge.

Likewise, Blogging is all about knowledge & experiences only. If you will get both of these in the correct ways Then, no one is going to stop you to reach your successful home.

So, It’s time to know what type of mistakes you are making right now in your blogging time period. So, you can avoid them and can grow faster than before.

The 15 beginner blogger mistakes should know to fix them

These 15 mistakes are the most common mistakes that every beginner blogger makes at the starting point of his career. By this post, you can know them and also fix them for your faster site growth.

#1. Niche Selection.

Niche selection means selecting a blog category to write content. Some niche examples, Like, health & fitness, finance, income sources, online income, SEO guides, etc. These are niches.

Most people choose their niches according to those people who make money with blogging. And later those niches are so competitive and concerned with their knowledge.

So, When they choose their niches by seeing other people. Later, they stuck with their niches & after knowing the reality their mind opens for niche selection of the site.

Further, You have to stop for a while and start gaining your niche knowledge by doing daily research. After it, you are able to do something with the site.

Therefore, there are two important criteria for selecting a niche i.e are Your area of interest & your knowledge in that niche.

Always select the niches in which you are interested a lot to write. Because, If you will choose your niche according to money benefits, And when you will be bored of it then you will leave the blogging. If there will be interest in your niche, Then, you can keep going without losing your hope.

In fact, knowledge does not matter, because knowledge can be gained by doing research. The main criteria are the area of interest.

So, Always choose a niche according to your interest.

Further, In my opinion, There are 3 types of niches.

  1. Broad or general niche.
  2. Simple niche.
  3. Micro niche.

General or broad niche examples >> General sites contain all the categories like entertainment, news, politics, cricket, etc.

Simple niche example >> Niche in, cricket, toys, blogging, gadgets, tutorials, etc.

Micro niche examples >> Niche in, cricket bats, toys for kids, mobile phones, SEO tutorials, etc.

Tip: Try to select the micro-niche. Because micro niche websites rank faster than a broad niche site.

#2. Buying cheap hosting.

Hosting is directly proportional to website loading speed.

Excellent hosting = excellent site loading speed.

As you know how a site’s loading speed matters a lot in its growth. Because the site is slow the people will leave the site quickly and by no user engagement & increasing bounce rates. Google will keep decreasing your site ranking as much as possible.

I have taken this site example to realize the importance of better hosting.

Hosting a site can grow the site and also can destroy a site. Because it determines the site performances in front of users. A site needs to perform very efficiently & fast to get users’ engagements & google ranking.

Because everyone will love fast-performing sites only.

A hosting decides the site loading speed in front of visitors or users, site performance, user interactivity, bounce rates, etc.

How to choose a better hosting as a beginner?

If you are a beginner, Then always go for shared hosting plans. whatever your hosting provider is you can choose the shared hosting plan.

Recommended: Top 5 best & reliable hosting providers

Note: Never go for the very cheap hosting plan of a hosting provider. because you will not get the required speed in those types of hostings.

#3. Using wrong technique for Keyword research.

Keyword research is the very first step of writing a blog post, If you will not attend this step perfectly then, Your post will probably not rank on search engines.

Further, Keyword research is a very simple process to perform. The only thing you need to know is the perfect method of doing it.

One right keyword can change your whole career in blogging. Only from one keyword, your site can go viral on the internet. If you will do keyword research in the right way then, no doubt you will rank on google.

If you don’t have an idea what keyword research is. So, Keyword research is a process of doing research on a topic that you want to write a post on.

For example, You are going to write a blog post on the topic “Best Mobile phones”. So, This is your topic of interest you wanna write a post. For writing a post on it you should know, will this post rank on google or not. And for know this stuff you have to do keyword research.

Ingredients of best keyword research.

  • Search volume should <250.
  • Keyword difficulty should <30.
  • Keyword competition should < 0.4.
  • Don’t focus on CPC while doing keyword research.
  • SEO difficulty should < 40.

The above are the most important criteria that should be followed while doing research on a topic.

#4. Not adding LSI Keywords.

LSI keywords are the relevant keywords with your focused keywords. In other words, queries that are similar to your selected keyword are called LSI keywords.

LSI keywords are3 extremely useful in better ranking on google. Because google also ranks those blog posts that are containing similar keywords.

Sometimes, Google does not find the exact post that is searched by the user. Then in that case also google ranks similar results on the user screen.

Adding more LSI keywords can boost your overall site traffic & google ranking also.

Therefore, Try to make your post containing relevant keywords also.

Where can you get your relevent or similar keywords?

The best way to find LSI keywords are using google suggest. you just have to enter your selected keyword on google search box. Then don’t press enter, Google will show you the similar topics on that keyword. Like in the image below.

You can see in the above image I have searched my keyword “coffee recipe” and didn’t press enter. As google autocomplete showing the related phrases. So, You can add some of them in your post writing. s LSI keywords.

Now, You can see more suggestions in the People also ask & searches related to the queries section. Press enter to have these sections.

As you can see in the image, You can Add These LSI keywords to your posts.

#5. Worst content writing.

Worst content writing badly impacts your search engine rankings. Because sometimes your posts do not exactly match with google requirements. Then google will not rank your site in search results.

Worst writing means writing mistakes like spelling mistakes, imperfect use of special characters & coma placements.

Google wants only content that is mistake-free and does not contain any spelling mistakes.

Therefore, You have to check your content for writing issues before publishing it.

How can you check spellings? Manually it will be a time-consuming process & some spelling can be left. So you can use a free chrome Extension named Grammarly.

How to make your content free from spelling mistakes?

Follow the below steps to know it.

  1. use the free grammarly chrome extension.

Now, after checking the spelling mistakes from grammarly, We will check spelling in google documents sheet. Because,By grammarly some mistakes are still lifted.

To check spelling in google documents sheet just copy the whole content and paste in blank sheet of google document. Then it will automatically show you the mistakes like grammarly.

To archive this process open a new tab, like in the image below. Click on google apps option.

Now, as in below image, Click on documents.

Click on blank. To open a blank document sheet.

Now, you can see your spelling mistakes here and correct them. After completion copy the whole content from the sheet. And paste it over the original post where you are writing your post.

This will only override the google sheet content to your original post content. So, that your post spellings can be corrected.

#6. Lack of Information.

As most of the people are beginners, They do have not the proper knowledge to give users.

Due to a lack of information & pieces of knowledge in their posts users didn’t get complete pieces of knowledge. So, he leaves your site and goes to another site to find the solution to his problem.

If your posts contain proper information and real-time facts & figures. Then, your posts will rank higher in google. Because, google itself wants more informative and fact based content for its users.

To get more information about your keyword or post topics, You should have to do research on that particular topic before writing it.

Moreover, analyze your top 10 competitors to get more pieces of knowledge about a specific topic and try to give more information & facts in your posts than your competitors to rank up above then on google.

Further, Try to add information in the form of visuals, infographics & images as much as possible. Because the information in the form of visuals is 60% more catchy than a simple text from contents.

Also, content full of visuals is more interesting as compared to simple text content. So, this will also decrease your site bounce rate which will be beneficial for you.

#7. Didn’t Know the user intent.

While selecting a blog post topic you should know the user intent of searching. This means you should know the user intent of searching.

For instance, You should know the intent of the users.

For example, If you are a user and finding the info on google how to create a clickbank account. So, Your search intent is only knowing the clickback account creation process. Your intent is not reading the clickback account creation blog posts.

So, take the topic on yourself then start writing the content for users. Write content for users not for google. Because, users will be engaged with your site & if they will feel your site is genuine and trustable. So, by good user inactivity, your site will automatically perform best in front of google.

Your posts will start ranking on google by getting higher CTR from users. Because users will click on your site and visit again if they like the information that you have given on your site.

Further, you will write better informative content by knowing the search intent of users. Then automatically google will trust your site is a genuine site.

#8. Plagiarized Content.

Plagiarism contents are like venom for your website. Because The contents are used in many places as google is strict on plagiarism contents.

So, it will lower the ranking of your site. Some content or line can be ok with plagiarism but if your all posts and pages are showing high plagrime percentages. Then, Google will penalize your site for publishing the copy content.

As Google wants fresh & unique content on sites. Plagiarism content is harmful to your site as well as your blogging career also.

Plagiarism content is also known as copy content. Which is copied from someone’s other sites or from other sources to your site.

Therefore, even if you are doing this mistake among these 15 beginner mistakes as a blogger, fix it as soon as possible.

#9. Inconsistency.

Inconsistency means you are not publishing the content in a particular time period. So that google catches your content quickly.

Inconsistency in content publishing may result in lower ranking or even no ranking also. Because Google will not trust your site as you are not providing the content on a regular basis.

For example, You are publishing your content in 3days or 7 days or sometimes even after 1 month. This is called inconsistency in content publishing which affects your ranking.

So, If you are running a blog & want to grow it. Then you have to maintain consistency in content publishing.

Consistency does not mean you have to publish your content as soon as possible in a quick way. Nothing but consistency means you have to maintain the number of days in which you are publishing your content.

For example, If you are publishing the content in a week or in 3 days. You should publish your next content again in 1 week or 3 days. So, You have to maintain this post publishing time period.

The main advantage of running your site with consistency, Google will periodically crawl your all web pages. So, that you don’t have to face the posts indexing issues.

Further, If you will publish your content with proper consistency, Then, your posts will index without any issue in the google search console. And your ranking also increases, as google will start trusting your site is a genuine site that publishes content on a regular basis.

#10. Not Analyzing your competitors.

One of the biggest mistakes among these 15 beginner blogger mistakes is not analyzing the competitors, You only focus on writing the content but not seeing what your competitor is doing, and you have to fix it.

When I say analyze your competitors, I mean to understand their work on their site, how they write their blogs, how they add keywords in their posts, how much contents they publish in a month, and their ranking keywords.

So, you have to know the ranking keywords of your competitors. So that you can add those keywords to your posts also and rank on google.

Therefore, How can you know the ranking keywords of your competitors?

To know the ranking keywords of your competitors you have to use a keyword research tool to achieve this step.

You can use SEMrush for this stuff. SEMrush is a paid tool, but you can use it free because it gives 10 requests per account daily to its users.

Let’s take an example: you are going to write your blog post and you want some LSI keywords added to your post for more ranking possibilities. So you can get it from your competitor.

For example, Your blog post topic is the best mobile phone. You just have to search it on the SEMrush keyword overview box option. Like below image is showing the results for the keyword.

Now, scroll down to the SEARP section below to see the top 10 results on google, these are your competitors.

Now, Just click on them one by one to see their top organic keywords.

In the below image, Under the section Top organic keywords, These are the ranking keywords that are related to your topic. add only the most relevant keywords from this section to your post.

#11. Writing short content.

Short-length content doesn’t perform best on google. As you are shorting your content length you are already writing the low quality & less number of words content as compared to your competitors. Among the 15 mistakes that a beginner blogger does, and you also do these mistakes you have to fix or solve them.

Short-length content like 500 words or 1000 words contents is having fewer ranking possibilities on google. Because there are already millions of content presents on google that you are publishing.

Therefore, Google will only pick up to rank only those content that is good in quality and contain more information.

As you are writing short-length content already you are decreasing your image in front of google.

Further, You should try to publish lengthy contents that contain at least 2000 words. Well, I will suggest you write 2500 words length articles to get a better ranking and clicks.

The main advantage of writing lengthy content is, Lengthy content contains more LSI keywords. You don’t have to add more LSI keywords to your post. Because a lengthy content naturally becomes to have more number of LSI or related ranking keywords in it.

#12. Imperfect On-Page-SEO.

Imperfect on-page SEO can cause no ranking of your posts on google. Because Proper on-page SEO matters a lot in rankings.

On-page SEO is not so difficult to do. You can easily cover it while you’re writing.

The on-page SEO is the most important part of ranking on google without completing it you can not rank on google search results.

Further, If you are a beginner you can use Yoast SEO plugin to have better on-page content optimization.

The Yoast SEO plugin will help you a lot in on-page optimization. All the required criteria will be completed with the Yoast SEO plugin. This beautiful plugin will tell you what you have to do for your post’s on-page optimization.

#13. Not creating an email list.

As most of the people here are beginners. I know you don’t have the email list of your users even if you don’t have any users right now.

So, This is not a point of worry, instead, you should start making your email lists. So that in the future you can do marketing through your email lists.

Likewise, You can promote your content through your email list to your audience to get more traffic.

Best email list tools you can use like, Sendinblue, convertful, MailChimp, mailer lite, etc.

Creating Email lists is the most important step that you should attempt. So, that you can grab your audience & you don’t lose your targeting audience.

The email list can be a boon for you in various ways like you have to promote a product to sell then you can easily free of cost sell it without investing your money in paid ads.

#14. Not responding to your blog comments.

You should respond to your blog comments because people generally ask their queries in comments. And when you will not answer or respond to their questions. Then they will not like your site or even feel inconvenienced to revisiting the site.

For example, users are reading your content and they are feeling trouble understanding some of the points in the post. Then, they will ask you in the comments If you will answer their queries. Then, they can become your audience.

When you respond to comments then people are liking your site and may revisit your site. Because getting attention everyone likes. And you are giving full attention to them.

#15. Not promoting content.

Again, This mistake is a very common mistake among these 15 beginner blogger mistakes, you can fix it only when you will promote your content.

Content promotion is equally important as much as your content writing is important. If you are not promoting your content then you are not going to get any traffic to your site, mostly when you are a beginner.

For example, You have written very awesome & beautiful content, And you are thinking you will get ranked on google. This strategy is totally wrong, It can only happen when your site is already ranking on google’s top positions.

So, Your efforts are wasted if you are not promoting or telling others about your content or posts. The best way to promote your content via an email list if you have one.

You can promote your content on social media platforms like Facebook groups, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, medium, Tumblr, quora, like platforms are the most trending places to promote content.

Because quora contain millions of search traffic every month. So when you will start posting your content on quora then you will get some views from quora also. Which will be extremely helpful to boost your traffic.

You can answer the related questions on quora and at last insert your link to get users to visit your site.

Final thoughts on 15 beginner blogger mistakes(fix them).

I hope you like this post on 15 beginner blogger mistakes & how to fix or avoid them. If you have found this article a little bit informative and useful. Then please share it with your loved ones & with your friends.

Further, If any point or line in this post is not understandable or invalid. Then, please let me know how I can improve it.

You can leave your question or msg in the comments related to any query or question related to this post. I will definitely reply as soon as possible.

Thank you very much for being with me at the endā¤.

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