How to promote your WordPress blog for free

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As a beginner, You don’t have the ideas to promote your WordPress blog for free without any investment in paid ads.

Many of the new bloggers write their content & optimize it for On-Page SEO. But, They do not promote the content. And thinking, I have totally optimized my blog post so google will automatically rank my site. But, trust me this is the very worst thing they do.

As their website is new to google, google will not rank their site in the beginning, As a result, they don’t get any traffic results to their site.

No doubt they do their best in delivering the content. But, Google will not show the new sites in search results, as the website is not trustable. So, it is better to promote your WordPress blog to get traffic from other sources for free.

Consequently, as your site gets old then Google will automatically rank your site. if you will provide the best & unique content.

How to promote your WordPress blog for free

Here are some tips you can use..

#1. Forum sites

Forum sites are the sites on which people ask their questions to get answers, publish content & stories, etc. And these sites generate millions of traffic every single month.

Some most popular forum sites like,,, etc. These sites are the most popular sites that derive millions of traffic in a single month.

But for high volume & quality traffic I will suggest you to start working on Quora & Medium. These 2 platforms contain a huge amount of traffic volume as compared to others.


How to promote your WordPress blog for free

You can answer the question on Quora in your niches and give links to your blog posts. And when someone reads it he can click on the link & redirect to your site. This will bring you traffic.

But, Only answering the questions is not much effective to get a high amount of traffic. So, you can create spaces for getting high engaged results. Creating spaces like you create a Facebook group.

When you have a niche group or space at quora, people will follow you. Like Facebook groups you can publish your new posts and people who joined your space, they can also do posts on your space.

So this will be a more beneficial and effective way to get promoted for free. Quora is the best as compared to Facebook because you will get a genuine audience from there.

2. Medium

How to promote your WordPress blog for free by

Medium is also a forum site, On which people come to read stories for their queries. You can publish stories on medium like you publish content on your site.

Publishing stories means, You have to publish your new posts on medium stories. You can post some content and give a link to your post inside it.

This will be very helpful for your site as medium derives millions of traffic every month.

In the starting days, you will not get results but as your stories get old on the medium your reach will be increased. But, to archive this you have to maintain consistency in your post publishing on medium.

As a result when your content get engaged on medium then you will be able to derive a good amount of traffic to your site. As medium itself have huge amount of monthly traffic.

#2. Connect with community

You can connect with your blogging community & collaborate with other bloggers. Collaboration is the key to success in blogging. And you can promote your WordPress blog by connecting with the community for free

Because, your site will get more traffic as your site will be mentioned at different different places as you collaborate with others.

This will extremely helpful for your site as you are creating backlinks i.e indirectly you are doing off page SEO of your site.

How can you collaborate with others to have a good reach of your site to new users?

1.Guest Blogging

How to promote your WordPress blog for free by guest blogging

Guest blogging is the most popular method of creating backlinks. This method is a very old & effective way to get the best quality backlinks.

What is guest blogging?

Guest blogging is simply, You have to contact website owners in your niches. And ask them for posting the content on their site. So that the website owner can give you a backlink by mentioning your website in that article.

How will you find website owners in your niche?

Search a keyword related to your website’s niche on google, and you will see the top 10 websites ranking on google. Kindly, click on them individually, and find their email or contact us page to ask for guest blogging. Write an attractive message to them for getting approved.

Moreover, You can get quality backlinks from high authority sites by publishing your content on their website for free.

Guest blogging helps both of the contributors because one is giving content to another & another blogger will get a powerful backlink in return.

So, You can also write some posts for others and earn backlinks from authority sites, which results in boosting your authority also.

Tip: Try to contact sites having 30+ DA(Domain Authority) score, Because If you have backlinks from these sites then your traffic & domain authority get increased positively.

2.Link Exchange

How to promote your WordPress blog for free by link exchanging

Link exchanging is the other most popular way to create quality backlink to your site.

Wait! Are you thinking I’m out of topic?

No Dear, By these methods your blog will automatically be promoted, and get engaged. That’s why I’m focusing on topics like these.

Because these methods will promote your WordPress blog for a very long time even for a lifetime, and it will also be free of cost. you don’t have to pay for anything. So why not do these to promote our WordPress blog when it is a completely free process.

Link exchanging is the same as guest blogging. But, the only difference is that you don’t have to write content in it.

Simply, You will contact website owners in your niche, and ask them for a link exchange, which means you will ask them for “giving a backlink to your site, and in return, you will give them a backlink to them”.

So this is link exchange, you have not written any article or post & you get the backlink. But this process will be a little bit hard. Because most of the website owners refuse to give free backlinks. But, some of them can give you for free.

Note: only get backing that is related to your site niche or post.

#3. Article submitting sites

article submission

Article submitting sites are the best to promote your content. You can submit your articles to the article submitting sites and in return, you will get some backlinks from them.

This will increase your site reach and also your domain authority by getting backlinks.

I’m personally using an article submitting site i.e You can use it as this is the best article/link submitting site. As an article, you can submit a link to your posts in it also.

Further, These sites will be very good for getting traffic to your site.

The main advantage of article-submission sites is creating brand awareness for users on the internet. The benefits of article submitting sites you will get free backlinks, traffic, brand awareness.

By this, your site also gets engaged with other search engine crawlers that will create your site’s good image for search engines to rank it.

#4. Email Marketing

How to promote your WordPress blog for free via email marketing

Email marketing is the most effective way to promote your WordPress blog for free. As you will send your posts directly to your email subscribers.

Email marketing is simply sending new posts or selling a product to your email subscribers. So that you will get traffic.

Email subscribers are those people who visit your site and are listed as your subscribers. Because they have subscribed to your newsletter.

You can send them new posts notifications directly to their email inbox. This will bring you quality traffic and does not increase the site bounce rate as the audience is a niche audience.

But , as a beginner you don’t have any email subscribers to your site. So in that case what to do. Don’t worry this will take some time to grow your site email subscribers.

To get subscribers you can give users coming to your site free pieces of stuff like free ebooks, guides, or something else that are related to your niche.

You can use the plugins to create the email pop ups to your site, when users will come to your site they will see the popups. So that he can subscribe, If he likes your content.

Recommended: How to add email subscription form to your site.

#5. Use Social media: To promote your WordPress blog for free

How to promote your WordPress blog for free by social media

Social media is the most powerful tool to get promoted.

Because, social media has more traffic as compared to websites. And contains more active peoples that can be engaged with your site.

You can promote your WordPress blog posts on social media for free. You have to do some stuff like creating groups, pages & promote them to get more traffic.

Further you can use facebook, instagram, linkedin, etc.


How to promote your WordPress blog for free by facebook

Facebook is the most common & effective platform to promote your WordPress blog posts & get free traffic

Facebook is a leading marketplace for businesses to grow. Many big investors invest in facebook marketing and generate sales.

But, as we don’t have money so we will use free ways only. So, how can we get traffic from facebook?

Simply you have to make a Facebook account then make a group and start publishing the posts of your site on your Facebook group. And grow your Facebook group by adding peoples.

How you will grow your facebook group?

Almost all the new peoples like beginners add their family & friends to their groups. And tell others this is my group please join it.

This way of growing your Facebook group will not be beneficial for you and the first thing your Facebook group will not grow by this technique.

You don’t need to add any of the peoples. Add only your targeted audience to your group.

From where you will find your targeted audience?

Search some Facebook groups in your website niche and join at least 30 groups you should join and start commenting on those groups about your group. As my niche is about SEO-based content so I will comment there like “If you wanna rank your site higher on google and get daily SEO related updates then this group will be the perfect one for you” and give your group a joining link in that comment.

So, this is how you will grow your facebook group.

Now how will you promote your blog posts on facebook?

As I told you, join at least 30 facebook groups related to your website niche. After joining, you have to publish your new posts to these groups also with your own facebook group.

So, this will bring you free traffic and your site will be promoted free of cost through Facebook.


How to promote your WordPress blog for free by linkedIn

Linkedin is the best way to get promoted. And I think linked in is the best social media platform for promoting something on the internet.

Because Linked in has the quality and targeted audience of specific niches. Generally, people come here to search for jobs.

Likewise Facebook groups, you can make groups on LinkedIn, and trust me LinkedIn is best as compared to Facebook. because it has more features and has more traffic potential.

So, you can simply create a linked-in group related to your website niche and start posting your new posts to your groups and join other groups in your niche and post content on those groups also to get quality traffic to your site.

Pro Tip: Generally people make their site & start telling other people that I have made this site have a look or sending the site link to people. And adding non-targeting audiences to groups sending site links to their friends.

So this is the worst thing they do, you don’t have to tell everybody about your site. show the website to niche-related peoples only. because, if everyone will come to your site who don’t have any intention to see it and leaves your site without loading or seeing only the first page and left. Then, this action may impact your website very badly as the bounce rate will be increased.

So my advice is to show your site to your target audiences only your friends.

#6. Blog commenting

blog commenting

Blog commenting also prefers to be good for blog promotion. Many people say blog commenting is bad because your site spam score can increase which results in a low ranking.

But, this will happen only when you are doing too much commenting on the same site or mentioning your site link everywhere. If you are commenting like this, then your blog is in a danger zone.

So, how to comment on others’ blogs to get promoted?

Simply, You have to comment only on those blogs that are in your niche and write an attractive comment that impresses the reader to get approved by the site owner.

keep in mind that don’t insert your blog link while commenting on blogs. Because this will create your image of selfishness in front of the site owner’s and he will not approve your comment.

Simply while commenting write your comment by writing some words that impress the blog owner and don’t insert links. because, when you comment your blog link automatically starts showing left to your comment.

so, when your comment gets approved by the blog owner then your comment will be visible to other people. they can click on your link if they like your words. also they can visit your site.

#7. Pre-Promotional technique

on page SEO ranking on google

Pre-Promotional technique is nothing but optimizing your content for SEO requirements.

You have to do proper SEO of your entire post like keyword research & On-Page SEO. Your 70% work is complete when you publish content with proper on-page optimization.

Because without optimizing content for on-page SEO. All the hard work in promoting the content gets dumped in wastes. for a while, your site gets ranked but after a few hours or a day, you will get removed from the top position.

So on-page SEO is equally important as important is writing content. First of all, find a strong searched topic by doing proper keyword research to write your blog post.

Then, write it and optimize for On-Page SEO perfectly. Now, you are all set to get ranked on google even without promotion, if your site has good content and the site is old.

Conclusion: How to promote a WordPress blog for free

The very simple way to promote blog posts is simply, write an attractive blog post that contains a catchy title and share it as much as at those places where your target audience presents.

I hope you liked this post. If you found it a little bit informative & useful please share it with your loved ones & with your friends.

If you are feeling any type of troubles or difficulties with this site. Then please let me know how I can improve it. Give your feedback in comments about this post, you liked it or not, or something else to improve this post.

Thank you so much for being with me at the end. I hope you are enjoying my site.

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