How to get organic traffic to your website

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The term getting organic traffic to a website sounds good. But most of us especially newbies don’t know the perfect strategies for increasing organic traffic.

In this article, you are going to know very well in detail. How you can derive organic traffic to your website for free. Does it sound good? I think so.

What you are going to learn in this post.

  • Long term traffic.
  • Short term traffic.
  • How to get organic traffic to your website.
    • Do guest posting.
    • Update old posts.
    • Share content on social media.
    • Publish your content regularly.
    • Answer Questions on Quora.
    • Steel free traffic from Tumbler & Medium to your website.
    • Publish content having sufficient length.
    • Optimize your website for better SEO to have free organic traffic.
    • Add social media Buttons.
    • Use long-tail keywords.
  • Conclusion.

In my Opinion traffic is of two type.

  1. Short term traffic.
  2. Long term traffic.

Short term traffic.

Short-term traffic means people come to your site once. And you are providing content to them but still, their problem is not solving from your content.

Even your site ranking on google they will not click on your site. If you are not providing the proper information. So, this type of work you have to avoid.

So, they will leave your site and never come back to your site again if they found a better website than yours. This is called short term traffic.

Long term traffic.

Clearly, long-term traffic means having regular visits of users to your website. if you are providing a problem solver content to users and they are liking your website.

So, They will continuously visit your site. Even your site ranking on below some site they will find your site and visit. By this, the visitors convert into an audience which will be good for you.

Furthermore, having Long term traffic will be so helpful for your website.

To gain quality and long term traffic you have to focused on following factors.

–> Unique and Valuable content that solves user queries. Make your content which targets user problems.

–> Interactive web design. Choose a better and attractive theme for your website that impacts the user.

–> Build a trust with your users. You have create a trustworthiness in user mind.

–> Give them some free offers. Like e-books, courses that you can make for them.

How we can derive organic traffic to our website.

Do Guest Posting.

Guest posting means writing content for other websites and in return, they will give in their article a link to your website post or page.

By this, the people who read that article. If Click on your link the user will be redirected to your website. And this will give you traffic and also known as a backlink.

Backlink means getting traffic to your website from another website that given your website link in their articles or pages.

How to get organic traffic to your website

I have got a backlink from this website so this is a backlink by guest posting.

Guest posting will help you to generate backlinks to your blog. And creating quality backlinks will extremely help you to get quality and engaged traffic on the website.

In fact, creating quality backlinks is known as Off-Page SEO to your website.

On the internet, there are 1000’s of websites that claim we will give you free of cost backlinks. You can easily generate backlinks for your website from their websites.

But it’s harmful to your website. Purchasing or getting free backlinks from these sites will increase the spamming score of your website and by this google will treat you as the misleading agent.

So how we can generate organic backlink for our website.

Just follow the steps below.

–>Search your keyword on google.

–>pick the top 5 to 10 websites and analyze their backlinks.

–>Go to that link and contact those website owners by visiting their contact us page.

–>write an email to them and tell them about your website like “we have written a better article than your backlink collaborator. You can check our website”. Something just like that.

There are strong chances they can give a backlink to you if they like your content on your site. If you get the link from them. So these companies will drive traffic to your website. All you know, The link will be the quality link and generates quality traffic to your website with no spamming risk.

In fact , this link will help you to enhance SEO and 0 spamming score because the backlink is genuine .

Update old posts.

You have to keep updating your old posts. update your old posts with the latest information and add some more related keywords to them.

From where you can get the related keywords.

To get related keywords for your post just copy your post title and paste it on google then search. There will be lots of new related keywords in front of you.

Focus on queries like “Searches Related to your topic” at the bottom of all results “People also asked” and Q&A on google.

People also ask.

How to get organic traffic to your website

Searches related to topic.

How to get organic traffic to your website

So by this process you will get your related keywords.

Choose only those keywords which are somehow attractive and having low keyword difficulty and sufficient search volume. You will get the information by doing keyword research.

Tip: Don’t take too many keywords to post add only 4-6 keywords that sense meaning in the right paragraph at the right place.

Share content on social media.

Sharing content on social media will give you extra traffic to your website. Getting clicks through other platforms like social media will create a good image to google of your website.

Sharing content on social media like Linked-in, Facebook, medium, Quora, etc. Well, Driving traffic to websites without social media is a little bit not good for people. If you are getting resources, So take it why to leave.

In fact, Social media is the best way to drive traffic to our websites. Because most peoples spend most of their time on social media.

In the same way, you can make your website’s social media account and when you publish your new content on site. Also, post your content link on your social media account.

Similarly, You can make your websites facebook group and post updates regularly about your site.

Publish your content regularly.

Publishing content on a regular basis will increase your website image to google and it will be very beneficial for the SEO of your site.

The another advantage of regular posts on your site is that your website authority will be somehow affected positively.

But keep in mind regular publishing content on a website doesn’t mean you are publishing anything on-site and just doing formalities. posts should be unique and target the queries of users.

Likewise, having valuable content will automatically get traffic. Because the users will like the content and if they feel this is solving my problem. So, in the future, he will again visit your website. Also, he will tell his friends that the website is amazing to visit. So, they will also visit your site.

But having valuable content the people who like your site will automatically tell their friends about the website. So here your website got automatically free of coast marketing just by having good and valuable content.

So only by publishing good and valuable content, you can be probably going to become famous. But it’s not working every time you have to do some marketing for this thing.

Answer Questions on Quora.

Quora is one of the favorite platforms from where I can get the targeted traffic. By answering the user’s questions.

I used to write the answers to the questions of users on quora and inside it, I insert the link to my website. Anyone who clicks on the link is redirected to the site which gives me traffic.

You only have to make your quora profile and start giving answers to the questions. but keep in mind don’t answer. Those questions for that you are not sure is it the correct answer or not.

Similarly, You can follow your niche related peoples or profiles on quora this will give you more targeted questions related to your website.

Which will be very beneficial to both of you and your website. You will get more new knowledge which will help you to write much better content than you passed.

Make your profile an attractive one. And Try to gain more followers to get more organic traffic to the website.

Steel free traffic from Tumbler & Medium to your website.

yes, you can go for these platforms to get better results. These are the million-dollar websites. Every month millions of traffic they generate.

Meanwhile, You can make your profile on these two platforms to get extra traffic to your website.

Like you use the Facebook group to publish your new posts. In the same way, you can publish your new content or posts to these platforms also. The difference is that the interface changed only.

Publish content having sufficient length.

You should be more focused on content length. Because content length comes in topmost priority in SEO factors to rank on google.

You should maintain a good length of your website content. Having a long content will help you to rank fast on search engines.

In my opinion, the content length should lie between 1800 to 3000. At least 1800 words of content you should publish on your site.

A good content and having sufficient length will perform better on search engines.

Optimize your website for better SEO to have free organic traffic.

SEO is the first and most important step of gaining traffic on-site and ranking on the search engines. SEO is a long topic containing many subparts.

Do proper SEO of your all pages and your every post. And optimize your whole site to have a better SEO score.

If you are not perfect in SEO or are you a beginner in Blogging. So don’t worry about this stuff we have complete SEO tutorials on our website. You can learn from there if you want.

You should have to optimize all posts and pages of your website to get search results. And having a good SEO score and quality content. Then no one is going to stop you to rank in the top position on google search results.

Add social media Buttons.

Allow others to share your content to their loved ones by Adding social media buttons to your website.

This will genuinely help you to boost website traffic. Also, this will create a good image for google if you will get clicked through other social media platforms.

Google will automatically help you to rank your posts by social engagements.

Social media buttons can be added by the use of plugins. There are lots of free plugins available on wordpress that you can place on your website easily.

Here are some popular plugins on WordPress that you can use for your website. Plugins like Grow, WP-ZOOM, Shared counts, Sassy, etc.

Use long tail keywords.

Ranking on Long tail keywords is much easier than short-tail keywords. Because long-tail keywords contain fewer keyword difficulties as compared to short-tail keywords.

As a beginner ranking on short-tail keywords is somehow the most difficult task for every beginner. That’s why I am suggesting to you to target the long-tail keywords in the beginning.

Due to low competition on long-tail keywords, you can rank easily. After having a long time in your blogging career you get traffic to the site then you can go for short-tail keywords also.

How you can convert the short-tail keywords in long-tail keywords.

  • Do keyword research and find your keyword(if it’s a short tail keyword see below steps.)
  • Go to the keyword sheeter tool.
  • Copy your keyword and paste it there.
  • Now, Click on sheet keywords.
  • Finally, you will see lots of long-tail keywords in front of you.
  • Click on the stop button.
  • select the attractive one.
  • And again do keyword research for that keyword also.
  • Now, make your post on the selected keyword.

Conclusion to have free organic traffic to the website.

Finally, You are well known How will you have to derive organic traffic to your website. And I have told you the most workable tips to generate free organic traffic to your website. But you know this is not enough to beat your competitors.

You have to put all your hard work and efforts into it. You have to do proper SEO for your entire website and post pages. and promote your website either paid or free method.

At last, you have to make your content unique and problem-solving content with proper SEO. If your goal is to go with the blogging field for a long time and earn some money. You have to be patient with blogging.

Finally, I am thanking you for being with me at last. If you like the content plz share with your loved ones.

If you have any questions or problems regarding blogging you can directly inbox me in the comments section I will definitely reply to your queries. Thank you!


Q. What are the most impactful elements of a website in terms of optimizing a site for organic search?

Ans. Do complete SEO of your posts and make lengthy content and also publish on online social communities. This will boost traffic to the website.

Q. How do I know if a website has organic traffic?

Ans. This is such a simple task to know a website is getting organic or paid traffic. You have to just make an account on Google analytics a free traffic monitoring tool for all. From here you can get all the details of what type of traffic is coming from which country, age group, state, city, device, etc.

Q. How can direct traffic be increased?

Ans. By social sharing and marketing.

Q. What tools & techniques will you use to drive organic traffic to our website?

Ans. Well, there are lots of websites or tools on the internet that claim to give you traffic to your website by paying some amount to them. But, don’t do that. Use SEO and strategies to have traffic to the website.

Q. How can I check traffic on Google?

Ans. At Google Analytics Tool.

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