How to do keyword research for my WordPress blog posts

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Most of the people who start their blogging career and as a beginner, they don’t know most of the things. Like how to do keyword research for my WordPress blog posts and other kinds of stuff. Keyword research is the first step in writing your blog post.

Keyword research is the most important first step in your blog post’s writing. That you should do very clearly and doing the right keyword research can make your post rank on #1 in google’s first page first position.

One right keyword can make your whole blogging career better. So always give your 100% while keyword researching and after this do your best in writing your blog post.

By doing proper keyword research can made your wordpress blog post rank high on google search results.

In the same way, use keyword research tools like SEMrush, Ahref, Spyfu, etc. These tools are paid but you can use their free trials. for instance as SEMrush gives you daily 10 searches free of cost.

Just use free trials and if you like these tools you can go for buy.

But, as a beginner, I will not recommend you to buy paid tools for your WordPress blog. use free tools to do keyword research. and after you understand the concept and earn some money then definitely go for paid tools because in free tools you will not get exact and proper ideas of the right keywords.

In this article you will know about the following things.

  • What is keyword research?
  • Why should we need to do keyword research?
  • How to do keyword research for WordPress blog posts?
  • Which tool you should use for doing keyword research for your WordPress blog posts
  • Top 5 keyword research tools for your WordPress blog post.

What is keyword research?

The keyword is the sentences /phrase or words that are searched by the Audience or users on the google search engine. For finding their solution.

keyword research is finding those words which are searched most on search engines and making your blog posts on that keyword to get better ranking results.

Also, keyword research is a process of finding those words which are ranking most of the time on search engines.

For an instance

  • “Best cricket kit for kids”.
  • “Best smartphones under 20,000”.
  • “top 10 selling books in the market”.

In simple words, Keyword research is finding the right keywords searched by users or the queries of users.

In other words, keyword research is also finding the targeted keywords that ranking better on search engines with high search volumes and low competition.

Why should we need to do keyword research for wordpress blog posts?

To understand what type of words are being searched by peoples on google and analyzing those words. we need to do keyword research for our WordPress posts.

As a result, By doing keyword research we made our blog posts according to the words that are ranking on search engines. and by this strategy the probability of ranking high on search engines becomes high.

keyword research makes your blog post rank on searched words.

Think, If you don’t do any keyword research for your posts. The post will be useless for you and for the audience also.

Because you have made your blog post without knowing the words that are searched on search engines. and any random topic that your mind like you made a post on it. This is the wrong approach.

And you will not get any traffic results and after some time you will have to close your blogging career.

This is why how important is keyword research for making your blog posts.

Furthermore, if you do proper keyword research and analyze how and which types of topics are being searched by users on google. Then write your blog topic on the right keyword made your blog posts on targeted words. finally, your blog will rank on google.

How to do keyword research for wordpress blog posts.

Keyword research is not a so complex thing, It is very easy you can do it only maximum to maximum under 15 to 20 minutes.

It does not matter how you are old or new to the blogging field. Every blogger should have to do proper keyword research to find the Right and targeted keywords for your blog posts to get a better ranking on search engines.

While doing keyword research you should focus on the following criterias.

  • Keywords with low competition.
  • high or medium monthly searches.
  • easy keyword difficulty.
  • easy SEO difficulty.
  • don’t so focused on CPC.

Focus on low competition keywords.

Also, Low Competition keywords are the best keywords for you if you are a beginner just only choose the keywords with low competition, They are the best for rank faster on google.

see the below image to analyse keyword competition. There will be three typs low, medium, high.

How to do keyword research for my WordPress blog posts

why you should choose the low competition keywords. keywords with low competition rank fast. also, these keywords are called long-tail keywords.

how will you find those keywords? listen, during the time of keyword research, there is a term named competition in some tools the competition term is omitted. so just take your keyword to add some related words to it then it will become the long tail keyword.

for example, you have found your keyword and you don’t know this keyword has low or high competition. for this let’s see the below example.

we have our keyword “shoes for kids” and don’t know the competition is high or low. for this, we will make this keyword a long tail keyword like “best casual shoes for kids under 1500”. see we have a long tail keyword right now and our main keyword is present in it.

Analyzing the SEO & Keyword Difficulty.

Analyzing SEO & keyword difficulty is also many important steps for keyword research. The SEO difficulty refers to how hard to rank on google search engine. and the keyword difficulty tells how hard to rank your blog post on that keyword.

The SEO difficulty and Keyword difficulty both rank between 0 – 100. choose a keyword below 30-40 scores because these keywords are easily rank on the search engines. A score above 40 contains more difficult ranking criteria.

For better understanding see the image below the keyword difficulty goes 88% which will be some how hard to rank on google. find keywords with difficulty below 40.

less the score easy SEO & keyword difficulty increasing score contains more difficulties. Easy<=40 , hard>40

If you are a beginner pick keywords with easy SEO & keyword difficulty for your blog posts to get better ranking results.

As a result, if you will follow the above guideline of keyword research for your WordPress blog posts. Then write your blog post after proper keyword research definitely your chances of ranking in google search results will increase.

And if you are a beginner then definitely you should do much focus on doing proper keyword research for your blog posts. Because it is the most important first step in your blog post writing.

Analyze your competitor’s site.

analyze your competitor ranking keywords while doing keyword research. because by doing this step you will get an understanding of what type of keywords should I choose for my WordPress blog post.

you will know the ranking factors of your competitor and the targeting keywords on that topic also.

How will you analyze?

To analyzing competitor site , i will suggest you to use SEMrush the NO.1 tool in market.

for example you want to make your blog post on keyword “what is SEO”.

and by doing search you will get this below data which is the top 10 sites of your competitors.

kindly, visit these sites one-by-one and read their posts and analyse their content.

Read their post and see what extra features they are providing these sites that you are not thinking about. And write your own unique blog post adds some extra important things to your post which is not provided by your competitor.

By doing this small step you will get a strong idea of how do I made my blog post and how can I write my blog post better than this post. And which type of keyword should I choose.

Obviously, If you write your blog post better than your competitor definitely your post will fast rank on google.

How to add keywords to my WordPress blog post.

Finally, you have found the right keyword. Now here is the second step which is adding your targeted keyword to your WordPress blog post.

Most of the beginners add keywords with wrong method.

Some people add keywords everywhere in their post in every paragraph and every heading which is known as keyword stuffing. And some people don’t add their keywords at a sufficient amount.

Which is not fare for your post. see the right technique below.

H1 << The main topic of your blog post will be your whole keyword place it on the top of blog post.

P << first paragraph containing the keyword.

Add some H2 or H3 subheadings containing keyword.

place more keywords or their synoniyams to post.

Add keyword to your meta description.

place your keyword in permalink and URL slug.

These are the important places to add your keywords. you can add keywords to other places also but be alert of doing keyword stuffing. Because this makes your post readability worst user will leave your site if he didn’t like your content.

Listen, content is the king of your posts so don’t compromise with content. Add keywords only to specific or needed places only. Don’t overoptimize your content also.

Tip : Never copy the content of other site to your site this makes the spamming of your site. Write your own and unique helpful content which solves the user’s problem.

Bonus :

Which tool you should use for doing keyword research for your WordPress blog posts.

SEMrush is the No.1 SEO tool that is present in our digital marketing industry.

I personally use it and love its performance of finding the required keywords for my blog posts. Approximately 90% of the data is accurate.

SEMrush is much times better then other paid SEO keyword research tools.

Similarly, its user-friendly console screen can be easily understood by anyone easily. further, The data can be understood in a very simple way and having excellent features will grow your blogging career by finding the exact right keyword. That will help you to rank fast on google the first position.

SEMrush is an ALL-IN -ONE SEO tools that will be the best choice for your blogging site.

SEMrush tools features.

  • Keyword Difficulty analyzer.
  • SEO difficulty analyzer.
  • backlink.
  • competition analyzer.
  • monthly/weekly/daily searches.
  • CPC(cost per click).
  • Site Audit.
  • Rank tracking.
  • Avg search engine position.
  • share impressions….. and much more.

Top 5 keyword research Tools for your WordPress blog post.

  1. SEMrush.
  2. Google Keyword Planner.
  3. Answer the public.
  4. Serpstat.
  5. Spyfu.

All these tools are the best tools and I personally use them for doing keyword research to my blog.

These tools are Paid and free both, paid tool contains free trial also. And, some paid tools will give you 3-10 searches daily for absolutely free of cost. These tools are amazing to use for free if you like them you can go for purchase also.


As all, you know keyword research is the first most important step of writing your blog post to get better results.

Do proper keyword research for your posts and always, add some related keywords to the blog posts. Because adding multiple keywords to blog posts makes the ranking probability higher on that keyword also.

Some people do not understand properly how to do keyword research. They do keyword research but with the wrong technique.

but, by reading this article you have some idea about what is keyword research and how it can be performed.

If you feel some problem while doing keyword research, feel free to contact me or you can put your query in the comment section. I will reply as soon as possible.

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