How to create high-quality backlinks to my WordPress website

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A backlink is that the topmost ranking factor for an internet site to rank on the #1 position on the search engines. And during this article, you’re visiting understand How you’ll be able to create high-quality backlinks to my WordPress website. In detail.

And will see a way to create backlinks step-by-step process.

If you would like to be rank #1 on Search engines like Google. Then, you have got to make or build high-quality backlinks to your WordPress website.

Creating backlinks isn’t a simple task. But not as difficult as people think.

Generally, If you ask about backlinks. Backlinks are of two types that we are going to discuss as we’ll go along with the flow.

What is Backlink?

Linking one page to a different page is named Backlink.

In other words, adding an internet site page link to a different website page or post is thought of as a backlink.

Types of Backlink.

Backlinks are of only 2 types.

  1. Do-Follow Backlink.
  2. No-Follow Backlink.

Do-Follow Backlink.

Those backlinks which don’t contain a “rel = no-follow” tag are referred to as do-follow backlinks.

The tag is mostly placed in HTML code.

A Do-Follow Backlink is best when it comes from a reputed website. Means spam-free & high Domain Authority websites.

Do-follow backlinks will share the page equity to your website.

And page equity means some score of your site will get enhanced in line with the linked website.

search engines will crawl your site & your website’s image are good before google.

This will create your website authority score & trustworthiness of your site before google. Also, enhance your traffic potential.

For example, If you get a do-follow backlink from a high authority website whose DA is 50.

This doesn’t mean that if you get a do-follow backlink from the DA 50 website and your site DA will become 25.

No, this can share the trust of the computer program that he made on his website and in line with his trust the DA of your website will get scored.

Getting a do-follow backlink from a high DA(Domain Authority) & PA(Page Authority) website will extremely boost your traffic & Authority score which supplies a green signal to your website to rank fast on google.

Further, attempt to create high-quality Do-follow backlinks of your WordPress website

No-follow Backlink.

A no-follow backlink is useless but it brings you traffic only.

because search engines ignore your link and do not pass any value to your site.

That gives an indication to go looking engines to not crawl the page and also the program won’t come to your website.

So, you didn’t get any benefits from a no-follow backlink but you may get a traffic potential from this backlink.

How to create high-quality backlinks: To a WordPress website.

1.Do Guest Posting.

Guest Posting

Guest posting is one of the simplest & effective ways of makingtop quality backlinks.

Today, there are billions of internet sites that are present on google. Everyone wants to make a backlink to their site.

And, for this most are contacting website owners for a backlink. But, most of the time owners will refuse to relinquish backlinks because by supplying you with a backlink they’ll not get any advantage because your website authority score isn’t good at the start.

Guest posting is that the handiest solution to the current problem.

You can contact website owners for backlinks and you may ask them if you’ll give me a backlink. I’ll offer you a 100% unique & plagiarism-free article having sufficient length freed from cost.

So, they’ll post your article on their site and mention your website in their post.

By giving some valuable things the owners can offer you top-quality backlinks.

Because you’re giving some valuable things to your backlinked website owner and with revenge he also will provide you with a high-quality backlink.

2.Post valuable & unique content.

How to create high-quality backlinks to my WordPress website

Now you may request from me how does one gets valued backlinks to a website by publishing only content.

So, Posting decent quality content will make your site rank organically on Google.

This will create your website’s authority & good image ahead of google.

As a result, your site gets ranked on google and becomes popular.

Then automatically your website will get quality backlinks. So, without creating backlinks, your website having backlinks.

Likewise, you give the link to external sites, Then Automatically, People will provide you with a backlink. Because your site content is informative & Google trusts your site.

Further, you’ll post the content “How to “, “What are”, contents like these are informative and it creates an honest image to google.

3.Interview influencers.

How to create high-quality backlinks to my WordPress website

You can interview the influencers in your niche.

The interview with influencers associated with your niches can extremely boost your site’s popularity.

You can ask or contact influencers and that they will never say no to an interview because by this they’re going to also get attention & engage their popularity.

If you get an interview of a star and he gives a link to your website. Definitely, they’re going to offer you a link little doubt.

Then by one link, your site can have 10x times more traffic potential & site engagements.

And, this can also increase your site visibility & ranking probability on google.

4.Create social media profile.

create social media profiles.

Creating social media profiles will make your websites visible to more people.

And, If someone is admittedly curious about your site then he will visit your site this may offer you another benefit that’s traffic engagements.

Now, you’ll question me everything is true. But, where is that the backlink?

So, once you will add your website link to your social media account. The people will visit your site via link. Nothing but this is often called backlink also.

You have created your own backlink by yourself.

SMA like Medium, Quora, Instagram, Facebook page or group, Pinterest, Tumbler, etc.

Social Media Accounts are the most effective thanks to generating backlinks & drive traffic to your site.

5.Contact website owners.

How to create high-quality backlinks to my WordPress website

If you’ll be able to contact website owners relevant to your niches. Then this method is one of amongstthe simplest ways of getting spam-free & high qualified backlinks.

Similarly, you’ll be able to search on google your niche-related queries & definitely if you’re searching your website-related queries then you’ll get only your website niche-related sites.

And, ask them for backlinks. Directly don’t say I need a backlink😂.

Instead, first of all, Appreciate them for his or their website and provides some compliments about their work or anything you prefer about their site.

Write a pretty paragraph and provides your website name eventually.

Then eventually ask them for mentioning your site on their site

If they like your site then definitely they will offer you a do-follow backlink.

Bonus point

Do not make backlinks from spammy sites.

There are 1000’s internet sites are presented on the web that claims to relinquish you free backlinks.

Peoples sometimes go together with spammy sites give unlimited backlinks.

But, never attend these sites for creating backlinks to your site.

Because these sites have bot management-based systems. and that they have most forms of websites either it’s bad or good.

They will link your site to any of the sites they get. they’re going to not see it’s spam or containing adult content.

So, this will be very dangerous for your site to have backlinks from these sites.

But, these kinds of backlinks are so harmful to a site.

In fact, having no backlinks is best than spammy backlinks.

Due to spammy backlinks, your website spam score is increased at an unwanted level which sometimes, intends to penalize or ban your website by google.

Even If you’re writing unique & good content, if your site has bad spammy links then your whole site score is going to be affected and should be banned by google.

check backlinks to your website.

You can use the backlink checker tools like SEMrush is that the perfect tool it gives 10 daily requests free.


Creating high-quality backlinks for an internet site is usually tougher for people. Mostly for beginners who are very new to blogging. Because they are doing not have the precise knowledge & skills of link building

This article explained the fundamentals of SEO backlinks. within the next part, we are going to post the foremost effective & advanced method of link-building strategies.

If you wish to form quality backlinks then. Directly contact high authority websites or use guest writing for them & make your content valuable & informative.

This is one of the simplest ways to make high-quality backlinks to your WordPress website.

Further, If you found this text helpful. Then plz share it along with your loved ones❤.

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Thank, for being with me at the last.


Q1. How can I create high-quality backlinks to my WordPress website?

Ans. Guest posts & contacting the important website owners are the most effective options for creating quality backlinks.

Q2. How do I create a backlink in WordPress?

Ans. creating backlinks on WordPress or blogger alternatively is that the same. you’ll be able to accompany the methods that I suggested to you during this post.

Q3. Where can I get high-quality backlinks?

Ans. Contact high Authority websites for quality backlinks.

Q4. How can I get free quality backlinks?

Ans. Guest post may be a free method.

Q5. Which of the following backlinks is the best for SEO?

Ans. A Do-follow backlink is handiest in SEO ranking

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