A2 Hosting vs SiteGround: Features with Pros & cons

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This article contains a brief comparison about A2 Hosting vs SiteGround, this can tell you which hosting you should go for.

When we have to buy something precious. And we already know two bestsellers provide the same thing & also the quality is best. Therefore, we are extremely confused among those bestsellers.

In the same way, you are in this situation!

Now, how to overcome this situation?

It’s very simple, you just have to make some effort to know full details about the product as well as the product providers.

When it comes to hosting you should always choose the best hosting plan for your online business.

Because shallow-quality hosting can ruin your startup idea.

An overview


The SiteGround web hosting company has been in the market since 2004. It’s been more than 17 years of excellent web hosting service, and this host provider is the top-rated hosting service provider in the market today.

Moreover, The world’s largest CMS platform i.e WordPress.org has mentioned SiteGround as a top web host provider.

SiteGround by WordPress

WordPress officially recommended three top-rated web host providers Bluehost, Dreamhost & SiteGround only.

Moreover, the host has 6 data centers on 4 major continents.

  • Council Bluffs, IOWA(USA)
  • London(UK)
  • Sydny(AU)
  • Singapore(SG)
SiteGround data centers

A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting comes with the excellence of speed & performance optimized features with extra boost servers. The fast swift servers are Damm effective for having a high-performing site on search engines.

Further, A2 hosting has almost all hosting types that can be meant for small to large scale businesses.

Similarly, The host is very old but it got the excellence of best hosting service provider in 2001 with the support of CEO Bryan Muthig, a UNIX expert.

Moreover, the hosting provider has multiple data centers to help other countries run sites.

A2 hosting data centers

SiteGround vs A2 Hosting: Features

Features in SiteGround…

Generally, SiteGround provides Four types of hosting, but for three hosting the plans are the same only the fourth one has a different plan i.e cloud hosting.

Note: web hosting, WordPress hosting & WooCommerce hosting will consume the same web hosting plans. Only the cloud hosting plans are different. Don’t confuse about this stuff.

hosting plans types in SiteGround

Web hosting features…

From $4.99/MonthFrom $7.99/MonthFrom $14.99/Month
Hosting for 1 websiteHost unlimited websitesHost unlimited websites
Manages. ~10,000 Monthly visitorsManages ~25,000 Monthly visitorsManages ~100,000 Monthly visitors
Free SSL certificateFree SSL certificationFree SSL
Unmetered TrafficUnmetered trafficunmetered traffic
Free emailFree emailFree email
Free CDNFree CDNFree CDN
10 GB SSD web server space20 GB SSD web server space40 GB SSD web server space
Daily BackupsDaily + on-demand backups with site PHP stagingDaily + on-demand backups with ultrafast site PHP staging.
Unlimited DatabaseUnlimited DatabaseUnlimited Database
100% renewable energy match100% renewable energy match100% renewable energy match
30-Days money-back guarantee30-Days money-back guarantee30-Days money-back guarantee
Ultrafast PHPUltrafast PHP
White-label Hosting & Client Management

The cloud hosting features…

cloud hosting plan in SiteGound

Features in A2hosting…

Generally, A2 Hosting has a total of 5 different types of hosting.

Shared web hosting plan features…

StartupDriveTurbo BoostTurbo Max
From $2.99/MonthFrom $4.99/Month$9.99/Month$9.99/Month
Hosting for 1 websiteHost extensive websitesHost unlimited websitesHosting for unlimited websites
Free & Easy Site MigrationFree & Easy Site MigrationFree & Easy Site MigrationFree & Easy Site Migration
100 GB SSD StorageUnlimited SSD StorageUnlimited NVMe StorageUnlimited NVMe Storage
Free Automatic BackupsFree Automatic BackupsFree Automatic on-demand Backups
Free emailFree emailFree emailFree email account
(HTTPS)Free SSL certificate(HTTPS)Free SSL certificateFree SSL certificate (HTTPS)Free SSL certificate (HTTPS)
Turbo (Up To 20X Faster)Turbo (Up To 20X Faster)5X More Resources
Memory 700MB(40% extra)1 GB2 GB4 GB
5 DatabaseUnlimited DatabaseUnlimited DatabaseUnlimited Database
24/7 support system24/7 support system24/7 support system24/7 support system
30-Days money-back guarantee30-Days money-back guarantee30-Days money-back guarantee30-Days money-back guarantee
Datacenter selection optionsDatacenter selection optionsDatacenter selection optionsDatacenter selection options
Free Cloudflare CDN(700MB)Free Cloudflare CDN(1GB)Free Cloudflare CDN(2GB)Free Cloudflare CDN(4GB)

VPS hosting

In Virtual Private Servers, you’ll get a particular server block from the entire server, On which you have full access to the resources you got. The server will not be shared with any other sites as in shared hosting plans.

VPS hosting is more secure & faster than shared hosting, but more expensive than shared hosting.

A2 Hosting VPS plan

Reseller hosting

Reseller hosting means you can rent your purchased hosting plans to third-party owners.

A reseller hosting account can have more than one cpanels & domain name depending on your plan. You’ll be able to rent your hosting plan to other site owners and you can charge them for this.

 reseller hosting by a2 hosting

Dedicated hosting

Dedicated hosting provides you an entire dedicated physical server, on which you’ll have full control.

No one from outside can access your dedicated server. It’s highly secured with the best security resources.

dedicated hosting by A2 hosting

SiteGround vs A2 Hosting: Speed & performance

The speed & performance matters a lot in the website growth. Speedy loading websites are the best signals for SEO rankings in front of google.

Google loves only Speedy & well-structured sites to rank high.

Hence the speed and performances decide a site whether it will rank & grow or not. Both the speed & performance totally depends on your hosting plan.

A2 Hosting: Speed & performance

A2 Hosting is the best in terms of speed & performance. Because your site will host swift servers that are really fast.

In terms of speed, the A2 claims we provided the best speed & performance to a website. Moreover, the overall server response time is excellent.

avg. server response time of a2 hosting

You can see the above image, showing an average score of response time i.e 250ms. Which is a bit faster in comparison to SiteGround.

server location in a2
Server ms

Here you can see the server ms on different locations, the US has only 10ms that means the server is closest to the US.

Note: If you are near to your host server more speedy will be your site & vice versa.

A2 hosting provides a Free Content Delivery Network(CDN) network & Solid-state drives(SSD) and also provides the option to choose the nearest web server location to your targeted audiences.

The performance that you’ll get will be very smooth in A2 hosting. Because A2 claims we can handle 9x more traffic on-site as per hosting.

SiteGround: Speed & performance

On the other hand, we have SiteGround.

The SiteGround hosting gives very speedy & excellent performance to the website owners.

Here you can see the speed test result for different locations…

 ms latecy

If you wanna target the United States (US) then it’ll be the most excellent hosting for your site with the fastest page load time.

Furthermore, SiteGround has an average of 441ms response time, which is considered to be an excellent score.

avg. response time of siteground


The SiteGround can be a good option in terms of speed & performance, as it provides more data center choosing options. Obviously, having more data centers means more speed, but I don’t say to leave out other attributes.

In the same way, SiteGround contains more data centers as compared to A2 Hosting & having low ms means faster loading of websites.

SiteGround vs A2 Hosting: Pricing

A2 Hosting

The A2 hosting gives you four types of hosting plans for small to large sites.

  • Shared hosting(For small/personal sites)
  • Reseller Hosting(For professional business startup)
  • VPS Hosting(to get more than from a personal blog)
  • Dedicated Hosting(For highly intense traffic sites/ industries)
A2 hosting web service plans

The hosting starts from $2.99/month, You can start your blog website from this shared hosting plan. And this will be a great choice for your startup.

If we talk about some pricing of this hosting, So I can say the pricing is best. Because hosting comes with excellent performance & features.

You can’t say it’s overpriced!


The SiteGround hosting contains a total of 4 types of hosting.

Note: The web hosting, WordPress hosting & WooCommerce Hosting having the same prices & features. Only cloud hosting has different attributes.

See pricing with features…

Web Hosting

SiteGround web hosting plans pricing

cloud hosting

The cloud hosting of SiteGround is the most expensive plan in the entire hosting plan itself. But the features & performances are unbeatable in cloud hosting plans which is why the prices are maximized.

SiteGround cloud hosting pricing plans

Cloud hosting is the best selection for enterprises & MNC’s that derive a huge amount of traffic & do intense work.

See details…


The pricing is high in SiteGround as compared to A2 Hosting.

The prices are high because…

First, SiteGround has somehow more efficiency to provide a fast webserver. As SiteGround uses in-house implemented Linux containers. It uses Apache server for web & Nginx for reverse proxy. Which increases the investments that’s why it is costlier.

Second, WordPress has officially mentioned SiteGround as the best web host provider. Then from there, it gets more boosted that’s why due to popularity it is somehow costlier.

Costs should be low; it is over in SiteGround.

SiteGround vs A2 Hosting: Server Uptime


SiteGround claims to have a 99.99% server uptime guarantee annually. They maintain this average uptime all over the year.

server uptime stats by pingdom

Here is the server uptime score with the response time of SiteGround in a specific month.

server uptime in siteground with response time

Furthermore, They also commit to giving you a free month of hosting when they’ll fail to give you 99.99% server uptime. But this is a very rare case to see.

A2 Hosting

server uptime

A2 also commits to providing a 99.99% server uptime guarantee all-time in a year.

server uptime stats

The below picture shows the particular month server uptime score with ms.

average server uptime in a2

In fact, this does not mean this percentage will always be the same or can be decreased. But it can go 100% server uptime in some of the months in which servers are executing the best performances.

Moreover, The A2 commits if your site server downtime is more than 0.1% over the month due to internal networking. Then we will give you a service credit in the amount of 5% of the fee paid for a month, even for a particular hour.

A2 hosting commitment on uptime


Both web hosts are the same in server uptime.

Money-Back Guarantee

This is the important feature that you should see in a new hosting provider if you have no information about their services.

Because you don’t wish to dump your money in bad servers.


As SiteGround is the best web hosting provider, it claims to give your money back if you don’t like their hosting service under 30-days.

Note: 30-days money-back guarantee for all types of web hosting plans. And 14 days money-back guarantee for all cloud hosting plans.

For more info revive their refunding policies…

A2 Hosting

Likewise, SiteGround hosting A2 hosting also provides an option of a 30-days money-back guarantee on all the hosting plans.

A2 hosting money back gurantee

To get your money back, you have to cancel your hosting account within 30 days. You’ll be refunded for unused server costs.

If you have used the hosting for 15 days, you’ll be refunded for the remaining 15 days of server costs.

See their refunding policies…


Don’t get rude on A2 Hosting due to it will refund only for unused server costing only. Because the same rule applies to other companies, also SiteGround.

All the web hosting companies will only refund you for unused servers only.

Further, both the web hosts are honest. You can choose anyone and both are the same in terms of money back.

24/7 Support system


SiteGround hosting support system

The SiteGround support system is excellent. As it gives a 24/7 live chat support system.

For any hosting-related queries, you can contact them via emails or chat, you can add screenshots to make your queries more clear.

Furthermore, If you are not able to tell your problem to them by texting, then you’ll also have a phone call option.

Support system in SiteGround

They will provide you with a specific guy to solve your issue on call.

Furthermore, They also have their personal blog & FAQs section on site to clear the most common hosting-related issues.

A2 Hosting

A2 hosting customer support

Similarly, A2 Hosting has an excellent after-sales 24/7 live support system.

Meanwhile, They have their personal blogs & other helpful resources to overcome some common types of issues.

support guides in a2 hosting

A particular FAQ section on a specific hosting plan.

A2 hosting faqs


Both hosts provide 24/7 live chat + email + phone call support.

But, SiteGround has the best support system. As SiteGround contains the best rating according to a survey by Codeinwp.com

But, the on-site resources are good in A2 Hosting as it has its personal blog, FAQ section, and quick guides.

But, custom issues can be more efficiently solved in SiteGround.

SiteGound vs A2 Hosting: Pros & Cons

SiteGround Pros & Cons


  • Excellent site load speed all over the globe
  • Best server response time
  • Total of 6 data centers among 4 continents
  • Daily backups
  • Optimized software for improving on-site performances
  • best after-sales customer support system
  • Easy to understand dashboard


  • Its cost is high
  • Renewal prices are also high
  • It does not give a free domain.

A2 Hosting Pros & Cons


  • Fast swift servers
  • Quick response time
  • Excellent page loading speed
  • Free website migration
  • Popular CMS availability like WordPress, Drupal & Joomla
  • Multiple server locations
  • Reliable uptime
  • More hosting plans options
  • Best 24/7 live chat & email + phone call support


  • Higher renewal costs
  • Irritating Add ons
  • don’t have the free domain name
  • Turbo plans don’t support ruby & python

Which is the best hosting company among these two?

If I tell you the best-hosting company among SiteGround & A2 hosting, it’ll be very hard to answer. Because, both the providers have their best features in some fields.

For instance, A2 hosting can be good at the pricing level and it can also be bad at the support level. In the same way, SiteGround can be excellent in terms of speeds and it can also be poor in server uptime management. This is just for example!

Further, We can judge excellent hosts among SIteGround vs A2 Hosting according to this article & some surveys.

By seeing this article that is based on attributes like speed, performances, server types, data center locations & customer support systems.

A2 Hosting is the winner in this race of SiteGround vs A2 hosting Because A2 gives excellent server quality & on-site performances at the very best price.


If I tell you the best among A2 Hosting and SiteGround then, It’ll be a great option to go with A2 hosting as compared to SiteGround.

Because SiteGround is costlier & contains almost the same features as A2 have.

Moreover, A2 has more types of hosting plans like dedicated hosting, VPS, web hosting & reseller also.

In the same way, A2 & SiteGround don’t have many big differences in features. You can choose A2 instead of SiteGround as they do not have big differences in speed.

As a result, In This race of A2 hosting vs SiteGround, A2 is the winner.

Some FAQs

Q1. Is A2 turbo worth it?

Ans. The A2 Turbo is 1.58 times faster than the A2 startup. Yes, definitely the A2 turbo is worth buying because you’ll get more useful features.

Q2. Is SiteGround a good hosting company?

Ans. Definitely, SiteGround is the best web host company. But due to popularity. It is overpricing in hosting.

Q3. Is A2 Hosting good?

Ans. Yes for sure, A2 is the best hosting company to start your career in blogging.

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