How do I get my first job on Fiverr?

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As a beginner getting your first job on Fiverr is somehow difficult. But there are some marketing strategies that can help you to get rid of this problem.

In fact, you can instantly get your first work on Fiverr without doing a lot of effort.

I’ll share my own personal strategies to get your first job on Fiverr. This post is not based on other blog posts. Hence, This will definitely help you to get your first job on Fiverr via just following these tips & strategies.

Let’s explore them!

Most effective way to get your first job on Fiverr?

1. Promote your Gigs

You should promote your Fiverr gig to other platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and every possible place that you can use to promote your gig.

Marketing is the most important part of every type of business. If you have a very extraordinary product you can not sell it without marketing skills.

In the same way, you should promote your skills to get to know people. and show your skills to them so that they can trust you.

2. Contact YouTubers

You can also use Youtube as a platform to get work on Fiverr. But how?


Contact Youtubers in your niche and tell them about your services, if they are interested then you can get work from them.

But wait! It’s not as simple as I told you. But not so hard.

If I tell you exactly how to contact YouTubers then you have to search for a keyword that reflects your niche.

For example, You have a website then you know about SEO and content writing, then search for “SEO” on youtube, you’ll see most of the youtube videos.

Similarly, They have a youtube channel, so they also may have a website on which they post content. Now you can ask them, I can write SEO-optimized content for your website.

Now there you’ll show your website to them to show your skills. so that they can trust you.

Further, this idea is so effective to try it and thanks me later!

3. Contact influencers

Influencers are the best to get small projects easily. Generally, you’ll find most of the influencers on social media like Instagram, Facebook & linked in.

These 3 platforms are so popular as most of them are available there only.

In the same way, you can contact those influencers to get work.

For example, an Instagram or Facebook influencer wants a post description for every new post. most of the time they don’t have enough time to publish their post by themselves.

So in this case they hire some content writers to write a beautiful description. And it’ll be an opportunity for you.

Similarly, you can contact them and share your Fiverr gig to showcase your skill sets.

4. Create Facebook Group

The Facebook groups are the most effective way to promote any stuff you can use for your Fiverr gigs as well.

You can create your Facebook group on which you can post regularly what services you offer to people.

I know you’ll know how I will get people as the group will be new, and there will be no one in the beginning. Yes, you are right this process will take a little bit of time to maintain a sufficient number of people in your group.

Consequently, you can get the best results in under 30 – 40 days if you work well on your Facebook group to grow it.

5. Join Facebook groups

Another way to get a job on Fiverr is to join some Facebook groups in your field. This is the fast alternative way to get your job on Fiverr via a Facebook group.

But this doesn’t mean, you don’t have to create your own group. Having your own Facebook group is necessary for every business in my opinion.

Similarly, you can join groups and post your Fiverr gig on them, if anyone is interested definitely you’ll get your work.

Further, if you know Facebook becomes the most visited platform as all businesses use Facebook for their product and business marketing.

6. Add a section to your website

If you have your own website then you can use this option also. Simply, you have to add a section or page to your website that defines your work.

And write attractive content, not a lengthy blog post but a responsive description that clearly describes your skill sets. So that people can trust you.

In the same way, You can attach your contact information to this page so that people can approach you.

7. Be Active on Buyers request

The buyer’s request is the section on Fiverr on which you’ll receive the request raised by the buyers to sellers.

You can offer them at the lowest cost so that they can hire you. Write a catchy line to them to get hired. You can also give some sample work to them so that they can trust you.

How do I get my first job on Fiverr

Further, the buyer’s request will appear in the fiver dashboard, go to your Fiverr selling dashboard>>more>>buyers request.

8. Create an influencing Gig

Create an influencing Gig that can attract the buyers what they search for!

Your Fiverr Gig should create a good impression in front of buyers. The people can easily select or deselect you.

The gig appearance matters a lot, you have to add some catchy lines and additional free service that attracts the buyer.

Moreover, To create your Gig more noticed you can design a creative image or video thumbnail, That can easily be created by canva.

9. Active on forums

Forums are insanely useful for getting a job on Fiverr. Because everyone uses forums for getting their solution.

Similarly, Fiverr has its own forum community, you can activate them to get work. The Fiverr forum is made for solving issues and you can take beautiful advantage of it.

Use the forum community and be active there for getting work.

Not only a Fiverr forum you can use, but also there are several more forum communities available on the internet you can use like, quora, medium, Reddit.

Tips for creating a Fiverr Gig

  • See other Gigs before creating your’s.
  • Write an attractive description.
  • make your fiverr profile look professional.
  • Add one free service(optional, but attract peoples)


The conclusion of this post is you have to find every possible way to reach the people that need you.

If you are the best in your field you can grow up on any platform. The only thing you need is marketing skills, how to market yourself so that people get to know about you.

How much can an individual earn from fiverr?

The earning from Fiverr is limitless, which means you can earn as much money as you want from it. It totally depends on your skills.

Further, if I tell you the most money maker person on Fiverr is Charmaine Pocek. She earns $38,000 – $48,000 every single month from Fiverr.

Top most profitable niches on Fiverr?

These 4 types of Gigs make the most money on Fiverr. Video editing is number one because of every business and individual. Creates videos for marketing as the video content is becoming popular nowadays.

  • video editing
  • Website designing
  • Graphics designing
  • Social media advertising

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