How to choose a perfect Domain name for a WordPress website

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Your confusion to choose a perfect domain name for any WordPress website or blog will become a little bit easier. After having a look at this article.

By the way,

Your domain name doesn’t matter a lot. If you will have quality and valuable content to your website that gives people solutions to their problems.

But, that doesn’t mean you will choose or pick any domain name for your WordPress website. In fact, selecting the best domain name that reflects your niche helps a lot in SEO.

Consequently, This article contains some domain name generator tools. That will help you a lot in finding the best domain name for your business.

How to choose the perfect Domain name for a WordPress website

#1. Select a popular extension

The extension means your domain ending word after a dot.

Means you have to select the popular domain extensions.

For example, .com, .net, .org

But, I will always recommend you to choose only the .com domain extension. Because it’s a very popular extension.

In fact, almost all people have a mindset of typing any domain in google with ending a .com extension.

For instance, someone told you a website’s name “Guiding Beast”, But he didn’t told you the ending extension i.e “.com or .net or .in” . And, when you will search it on google you will type it by default “”. Because it’s our mentality that every website is .com

So, if you have a .in domain extension and the user only knows your website name & typed it .com, he will not find your site. And you will lose one user there.

So, this is the only reason to go with a .com extension

Note: The domain extension never affects your website’s SEO. It has no relation with SEO.

#2. Use keyword in your domain name

The main advantage of inserting your keyword in your domain helps a lot in your website rankings.

Because, your website’s name will become a keyword in itself.

How to add a keyword in a domain name?

By the way

You have to add only one word that reflects your whole work or niche of your website.

If you are going to make a niche oriented site on instagram tips & tricks on which you will publish only instagram related content & updates.

So, You can add a keyword to your domain name that totally represents your niche.

For example, you have chosen your domain name ”” and you are going to all about instagram tips. Then instead of using “”. you can use “”. If you have noticed this domain contains a keyword “Instagram ”. So, whenever on google instagram is searched your website will rank if its valuable.

So, this is the power of adding keywords to your domain name.

As a result, adding keywords to your domain name makes it an SEO ready domain.

When you choose a domain name by adding a keyword in it then it’ll be a perfect domain for a WordPress website SEO rankings.

#3. Keep it short

The domain name of your site should be short if possible. Because long word domains are too complex to read & understand for users.

As a result, you may lose traffic to your site. Because people may not be able to remember your domain name.

According to SEO algorithms, The URL or permalinks of your website should be short. And when you choose broad domain names your site URL will automatically become lengthy.

So, indirectly you also losing your SEO rankings in this case. This stuff will not too much affect your site SEO ranking but it’s a bad indication to SEO.

Similarly, keep your domain short for easy to remember for people. And your Post’s URLs can be short with it. to maintain a good ranking on search engines.

#4. Avoid double letters & hyphens

you should avoid using hyphens & double letters in your domain name.

Because, double letters are the reason for crawling issues.

For example, “” this domain is a double letter domain.

Scond, you don’t have to use hyphens in your domain name.

For instance, “” is a hypen-mixed domain name.

You have to avoid these all two mistakes to choose a perfect domain name for your WordPress website.

#5. Make it easy to pronounce

Your domain name should be easy to remember & easy to pronounce by anyone.

because easy spelled domains attract more traffic.

Moreover, domain names with easy letters are easier to remember for other people.

For you, your domain name can be simple whether it’s very hard to read because you read it daily.

But, for new people that are your readers or new audience a harder domain name can be complex to remember.

Think for a while, if your domain is complex and someone wants to visit your site. And if he typed it wrong on a search engine then he/she will not be able to reach your site.

In this case, you will lose traffic to your site.

#6. Use domain name generators

Sometimes, choosing a domain name becomes too confusing for us.

In this case you can use the domain name generators so as not to get stuck anywhere.

These tools will show you the awesome domain names for your business. Furthermore, it’ll also show the domain availability to register a domain.

Best domain name generator tools


domain wheel

Domain wheel is a free domain name generator tool for online businesses or individuals.

You can get awesome domain name suggestions with this tool.

How does it work?

Go to domain wheel

Enter any name you want for your domain.

Now, you can see there are lots of different new suggestions for the searched domain name.

How to choose perfect Domain name for a WordPress website

Note: This tool will show you only available domain names. The green mark is the domain availability.


How to choose perfect Domain name for a WordPress website by

The is a free to use domain name generator tool.

You can generate the best domain name with the help of this amazing tool.

How does it work?

Go to

Now search any name for your domain that you want. If your domain is available then it will show you at the top.

Now you can further see there are lots of domain suggestions for the searched domain.

domain name suggestions by

In the same way, you can buy the domain names that fit your business from here.


How to choose perfect Domain name for a WordPress website via domain name generator

Again this tool is a perfect tool to choose a domain name for your WordPress website.

It can create lots of new domain suggestions for you in just a second.

Moreover, you can get your domain for free, if you will buy hosting from this site.

How does it work?

Go to

Again, here is the same process, just search for a name.

It will show you lots of new domain name ideas.

find awesome domain names with name boy

Note: This tool will show you if the searched domain is available or not. If it’s already taken by someone. You can make an offer to him to get the same domain.

But, you can search for a different domain name. because buying a domain that is already registered by someone will cost you too much.


Does domain names affect SEO rankings?

The straight answer is NO!

The domain name or domain extension of a website does not increase or decrease the SEO ranking of a site.

Because, the domain is not included in google’s search ranking algorithms.

So, why do we have to focus on our site’s domain name?

Now, you know the domain doesn’t affect SEO.

But, it affects your brand image & popularity.

Because, those websites who are easy to remember get more traffic if they contain quality content.

Your domain name affects your outer stuff. Not your technical prospects.

From where should I buy domain names?

With hosting!

If you are willing to start a blog or website, and looking for a perfect domain name + hosting for your website. Then you can get lots of benefits from it.

Likewise, you will get a free custom domain as you want, if you purchase a hosting plan.

Your host provider will give you free domain for your purchase.

Likewise, hostinger provides a free custom domain for a premium or shared web hosting or up plans for every purchase.

How you can get a free domain name with hostinger!

Go to

Now click on premium web hosting or any other plan.

hostinger web hosting

Now, select your hosting time duration. If you are a beginner you can select for 12 months.

If you have a coupan, type it in the green box and get a discount.

Tip: you can get discount coupons for free via coupan sites.

web hosting

That’s a deal, you are eligible for getting a free domain. Now, select the extension that you want, I will recommend you .com extension.

Then, enter the domain name you want, Then click search.

Now, your domain name will be added to your bill. Just click on checkout & proceed to the hosting purchase.

free domain with premium web hosting

Now, select your premium shared hosting plan or upper plans.

Like hostinger, other host providers also give a free custom domain to their buyers when they buy their hosting plan.

Without buying web hosting!

If you want only a domain name to start your blog on or somewhere else.

Then you can buy domain names from these 2 sites.


These are the best sites that provide the perfect domain names for businesses.

Buying domain via

Just search your domain name, Then, click on checkout if available. As shown in the below image.

How to choose perfect Domain name for a WordPress website via

Buying domain name via

The is a little bit costlier than namecheap. But, it provides domain protection.

How to choose perfect Domain name for a WordPress website via

The domain protection will avoid the spam image of your site to the search engine crawler.

And the main advantage of domain privacy & protection will hide your information access to the WHOIS platform. This will hide or private your personal information to WHOIS-like platforms.

For example, see in the below image for more clarification.

How to choose perfect Domain name for a WordPress website

Conclusion: Choose a perfect Domain name for a WordPress website

If I summeriese this article, You have to select a domain name for your business that fits your work and reflects your niche.

People should understand your work, just by reading your site name. That’s all about having a perfect domain name.

Now, tell me whether you liked this post or not?

Your opinion matters a lot.

Give your feedback in the comment section, so that I can understand your requirements to serve better content to you.

FAQs: How to choose the perfect Domain name for a WordPress website

Q1. How to choose perfect Domain name for a WordPress website

Ans. A domain will be a perfect domain name if it meets with all the above attributes that are told in this post.

In short, If I tell you, choose a short, easy to spell & remember, simple, .com extension enabled is a perfect domain name for a WordPress blog or website.

Q2. Should my domain be my name?

Ans. No, it’s totally your choice. You can pick any name for your website that you would like to have.

Q3. How can I get a free domain?

Ans. You can get a popular domain name for your website if you purchase a hosting plan.

Most of the hosting companies provide popular domain names for free to their buyers.

Likewise, Hostinger gives a free custom domain on every purchase of a premium web hosting plan or up plans.

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