How to use Google analytics for my website

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In this article, You will learn about Google analytics, By which you can see your website data & analyze it.

I will tell you all the required knowledge & stuffs needed to understand and analyze your site data with the help of google analytics.

You will see all the things like…

Where do your website’s visitors live?

how many people visit your site in a day.

what age group of peoples are reading your site content.

the average time on a website does a user stay.

which country people are visiting your site.

and much more we will see step-by-step.

Why do you need Google Analytics?

Google Analytics will extremely help you in analysing your website behaviour in different different countries.

It will show all the required things to you like page views, impressions, sessions, country locations, etc, and much more.

Google analytics will also help you in understanding the user behaviours on site.

So that you can analyse your user behaviours & provide them what they want from your site very efficiently.

Moreover, it will help you in understanding market behaviour of users.

And one of the best things, it does not cost you a single amount of money. You don’t have to pay anything for it.

Create a Google Analytics account of your site.

To create your website Google Analytics account, Just follow the below steps.

  • Sign-up for an account by visiting Google Analytics.
  • Then, You will see an interface like the image below.
  • Fill in your account name in the red box area.
  • For example, if your website is fill gaming.
how to use Google analytics for my website

Now, click on “NEXT” button.

how to use Google analytics for my website
  • You can fill the same name as you have filled in your account name.
  • Now, Select your country.
  • Select time Zone.
  • Select currency as per your country.
  • Then, click next.
how to use Google analytics for my website
  • Now In the Business size option, Select small(1 to 10 employees).
  • Then, Select those terms below that you want to measure (You can select all).
  • Now, click next.

how to use Google analytics for my website
  • Tick the box & accept the agreement to continue.
accept the google analytics agrreement
  • Now, You will be redirected here after accepting the agreement. The below image will be shown on your screen.
  • Click on Web.

setting up google analytics for a website

Enter your website Domain name without including “https://”. Like Mine(

fill your property

Finally, You have created your website google analytics account in

just a few steps. The below image will be shown after completing all the steps.


How to Analyze your Google Analytics website data.

Go to your google analytics dashboard.

Now, We will see step-by-step what type of data is useful for your site & how to get it.

1.Audience Behaviour Report.

Audience behavior reports will show you how your visitors are behaving to your site.

Like, time on site, number of sessions by a user, etc.

As you are able to see in the below image. This image will show you the exact data of your site.

google analytics dashboard

Page views.

Page views are the total number of page views on your website. And also count the repeated view by users.

For example, Your website gets 100 views today, That’s not mean you got 100 users who visited your site.

if a user visits your site it will count as a 1-page view. And if he visits other pages then the page view count will increase as he visits other pages consistently.


The total number of users either new or returning which are engaged with your website During a specific date range.

For instance, In 3 months, Your website got 500 users then the users may be returning or it might be new doesn’t matter. Like page views are counted, the same algorithm is used to count the user calculations.

New Users.

The number of new users which are engaged with your site during a specific date range.

To illustrate it, suppose in a month you get 300 users who never visited your site and they are unique visitors. Then these users are counted as new users only.


A session is a time period in which a user is actively engaged with your website. All the data sessions like page views and other kinds of stuff are associated with the session.

Number of sessions per user.

It is the Average number of sessions per user.

Bounce rate.

A bounce rate is the Average percentage of a website in which a user leaves the site before it loads or visits only one page of the website. During a specific period of time.

For better performance , Try to maintain your site bounce rate as low as possible.

2.Real Time Active peoples.

The real time reports will show you how many people are active on your website.

This amazing feature will help you in understanding more efficiently how your site is being engaged with users.

Furthermore, By this feature, You can see real-time live reports of active peoples. Who is using your website & how much time they spend on a specific page?

All reports will show you the correct data.

The number of mobile users, desktop users, and tablet users will also be sown in the real-time section in analytics. Hench, By this you can understand how many people are using your site on phone, tablet & desktop.

So you can also be able to optimize your web page for particular devices for better efficiency of your site.

For example, Most of users are coming to your site from mobile devices. So, you can optimize your website for mobile phones for more reliability and best performances. Likewise, You can use AMP(Accelerated Mobile Pages) to load your site on mobile devices.

Moreover, The data like page views per minute, page view per seconds, Top active pages, Top locations, Top keywords, etc. You can see it in the real-time report section in Google Analytics for your website.

3. Country-specific users.

How will you see users coming from which country?

Now, we will see users from specific countries.

Go to your Google analytics dashboard>>Audience>>Overview>>Demographics>>country.

country reports

To more clarification or to see the user behaviors & reports.

Now, visit the Geo>>Location. Here, You will see the Session reports, user behaviors, Aveg. Session duration, Bounce rate, users, New users, etc.

reports of user behaviors

Under this section you will be able to see your analytics data related to countries, cities in a specific country.

Moreover, You can also see how many users are visiting your site from which devices like Mobile phones, Tablets, Desktop systems, etc.

The operating system also can be determined under the System & Mobile section. As you will go to your dashboard, Then automatically, You will start understanding what this data is about & how I can understand as you will become familiar with these. Then slowly you will start understanding your google analytics data.

Then, You don’t need to read this article. You will understand data yourself as you will become familiar with google analytics.

4. Traffic sources.

How you will see how much traffic comes from which source. Traffic sources mean from where your website is getting traffic.

There are 4 types of traffic sources i.e Organic search, Social media traffic, Direct traffic, Referral.

These are the 4 traffic sources from which your site gets traffic.

Now, we will see how much traffic from which source is coming to your site.

Go to analytics dashboard>>Acquisition>>overview. Now, you will be able to see the below image in your analytics dashboard.

traffic source reports

Further, You can scroll down and see the users from specific sources.

Similarly, If you want to see more details & which posts of your site getting more traffic from a particular traffic source.

For example, You want to see from which traffic source how many of my posts are getting visitors. For this information follow the below instruction.

As in below image click on Direct.

analyse reports

Consequently, You will see the below-like data in your dashboard. All your per-page data will be shown on your analytics screen. like users, new users, durations, bounce rate, per page, or per posts also can be seen.

reports of traffic source


It is not an complicated taske. To use google analytics you just have to be familiar with it. After some day’s or in a few months you will automatically start getting to understand the data analysis on your own.

Anyone on google will not show you all the features of the analytics tool. This is because, If anyone tries to cover all the topics then, It will become a huge article.

And no one will read that. Also no one will be interested in reading too many long articles.

Further, I hope you like the article. If you have founded some useful information in it. Then please, Show your love by sharing it with your loved one’s❤.

Moreover, If you are facing any of the difficulties related to your blogging career.

Then, ask me. If I’m able to solve your problem, then Definitely I will help you.

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