Is it possible to rank a website without backlinks?

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As a beginner, the majority face trouble in creating backlinks and many questions on it like, is it possible to rank an internet site without backlinks? Does backlink really help, etc?

Backlinks are very helpful in google ranking & driving traffic to a site. But, can we rank our website without backlinks?

Yes, it’ll take your time but it’s possible.

In the beginning, every blogger tries to form backlinks. But, backlinks don’t seem to be important within the beginning. Instead, you have got to specialize in creating high-quality content that specializes in users’ intent.

When you will start serving quality content and your posts will start ranking on google. Then automatically your backlinks get created by people.

Yes, Backlinks play an awfully big role within the ranking of an internet site but don’t concentrate on the backlink within the beginning. Later having some quality posts you’ll start creating backlinks.

What is backlink?

An external link that drives traffic to your site is termed a backlink. When page A gives a link to page B then it’ll be referred to as a backlink to page B.

For example, someone gives your website a link on their site then this can be called a backlink to your site or contrariwise.

Types of backlink?

There are 2 types of backlinks.

  1. Do-Follow Backlink.
  2. No-Follow Backlink.

A Do-Follow backlink comes under a high-quality backlink. It instructs search engines to crawl the linked page for increasing the location authority.

The do-follow backlink is incredibly helpful in boosting the location authority still as traffic. But, A No-Follow backlink plays no role in boosting the authority, because it refuses the search engines to not crawl that site. It only derives traffic to liked sites.

Can a website rank without backlinks?

This question is incredibly common among all folks so I believed to create a post on that. I’ll attempt to cover all the related questions on this problem.

A website can rank without backlinks because backlinks aren’t answerable for ranking. On-page optimization is vital.

Your website posts can rank without backlinks when it meets all the wants of google ranking & page optimization.

And clearly, backlinks aren’t the standards of ranking but it helps in ranking only. So, this is often not mandatory, you have got to form backlinks to your website if you would like to rank on google.

Moreover, the study shows that good quality and long-form contents perform best on google.

How much is a website affected by backlinks?

A website may be suffering from backlinks in a very effective way. Backlinks can make your site highly authoritative if your site contains do-follow backlinks from high authority sites.

Furthermore, If you begin getting backlinks and quality links from authority sites, Then your website posts will start ranking higher on google. Y

our posts positions will become higher. Consequently, backlinks affect websites and improve their ranking to 40-60 percent.

Because google rank is that the only trusted and genuine website. That’s why Google doesn’t rank new websites within the beginning.

When a website gets old or after 3 to six months. It started ranking somewhere on google search results. also, you get traffic to your site.

Here are some ways to rank website without backlink on google

1. On-page SEO

optimize content for on page seo to rank on google

Optimizes content for on-page SEO to rank on google. On-page SEO optimization is that the most significant part of making your website able to rank on search engines. you must make out perfectly by including proper keyword research.

The very start of writing a blog post is finding a subject and doing keyword research on that.

We do keyword research for knowing its possibilities like may this keyword rank on google or not.

By doing proper keyword research we’ve got a powerful idea i.e ranking possibilities. Because there are billions of internet sites present on google and ranking among them with no planning is worthless.

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In fact, Almost 90% of you don’t have to create a backlink at the start of your website. But, when your website has enough & quality content. Then, choose to creating backlinks.

Let’s have a fast take a look at how you’ll optimize your content for on-page SEO

Here are some points, in short, you’ll apply to your post writing…

  • Use the main keyword in the first 100 words or sentences.
  • Add keywords in the meta description.
  • feed your slug with the keyword.
  • Use a sufficient amount of keywords in the entire content.
  • add keywords in H2 & H3 headings.
  • Add keywords in the last paragraph of your content.

These are some quick points to stay in mind. These points are very basic, most of you already know these. But, here are some new people also.

2. Speed-up your website loading speed

speedup your site

The loading speed of an internet site affects the positioning ranking on google. Because Google wants only genuine & fast websites.

So to rank your website on google you’ve got to form your site genuine & fast loading on the net. to create it genuine you merely should publish quality content with plenty of knowledge.

And to form it fast you have got to try some optimizations to your site.

So, we’ll discuss speeding up our website loading speed now!

1. Use only compressed images(less sized)

You should always insert a less-sized image into your blog post. Because after you publish content with original images without compressing them. Your website’s post size becomes larger and takes heavy time to load on the user’s screen.

use this site to compress your images size

2. Use cache & code optimization plugins

Cache plugins are very helpful in loading the online pages faster than before when users revisit the location in 24 hours. this can make your site more reliable and your user experience will become strong with it.

The cache plugin makes a short-lived copy of your website inside the user’s browser. So, that whenever the user opens your site, it’ll quickly open on the user screen.

you can use one plugin among these plugins, WP fastest cache, WP super cache, Autoptimize.

These plugins won’t only create cache but also minify your website’s HTML, CSS & JS code. Because lengthy codes of sites make it big and take longer to load. so, you’ll be able to make it load fast by reducing its size.

3. Add Cloudflare to your site

Cloudflare may be a completely free service that’s provided by Cloudflare. you’ll be able to use it for your website to urge faster loading results.

Cloudflare makes a replica of your website to all or any of its nearest servers to urge fast loading performance.

And it reduces the direct server request by users. Which makes most hosting server requests low and enables better site performance.

Your site performance and security increase after you use Cloudflare together with your website.

3. Publish quality content on regular basis

publish quality content

publish quality content Google sees your quality of content and content publishing consistency.

Google wants fresh content so you have got to try and do regular posts on your site to take care of the consistency of the posts.

The main advantage of maintaining the post’s consistency i.e google crawler will from time to time crawl your site. And index it quickly for ranking on google.

Further, try and make your posts fresh by updating them. so google’s crawler from time to time crawls your site to reindex it.

4. add subheadings

is it possible to rank a website without backlinks

Subheadings are useful in improving the readability score of your blog posts. Because once you write content without using any subheading and writing long paragraphs. It may cause the content readability hard to read for users.

You can add subheadings after every 200 – 300 words to form your posts more readable for you and your users.

In fact, subheadings make your content look attractive which reduces the bounce rate.

Because long paragraph contents are very boring to read and nobody wants to read them. So, headings make your posts more reliable in terms of SEO and readability also.

In the same way, Headings work as new URLs of your posts. you’ll rank on your heading also.

5. Publish lengthy contents

is it possible to rank a website without backlinks

When you publish lengthy content your site automatically ranks for relevant keywords to your main keyword.

This is because writing long content contains more words or phrases and therefore the content automatically adds some related words naturally in it.

As a result, you’ll be able to rank for more keywords after you write long-form content. And long-form content performs better in google search results.

You should publish a minimum of 2500 words long articles and take a look at to publish content containing length 3000 words for better results.

But, as I’m saying you to publish lengthy content that’s not means you’ll only increase the length of your content.

you have got to feature more information in your content by making it long. Because, if you’ll only increase your content length without adding values thereto.

Then it’ll be worth writing content. this can affect a bad impression on your website’s user experience.

So, write for your audience not for bots.

Are backlinks really Importante?

Yes, Backlinks are really important for your website but it’s not the factor of ranking. Just understand the difference.

If you’re not creating backlinks this can be not meant that your posts won’t rank on google. you’ll be able to also rank on google without backlinks because backlinks don’t seem to be the ranking factor.

Backlinks are important in pushing your ranking position on google search results and indicates google your site may be a genuine and trustable site to point out.

You can create backlinks for your site. There are two ways of making backlinks free and paid. The free method doesn’t cost money but it requires slow & effort.

But it’ll be the foremost effective thanks to creating quality backlinks.

In the free method, you’ll be able to create backlinks within the following ways…

  • Guest blogging
  • Blog commenting
  • Link exchanging
  • creating social media profile links

And within the paid method, you have got to shop for backlinks from a site, it will be any backlink that comes from any site. The backlink sometimes isn’t much effective because the backlink maker could be a bot. it’ll find relevant sites and build links to your site that’s all.

Conclusion: Is it possible to rank a website without backlinks

As you have got seen you’ll still rank your site without having backlinks. Backlink only boosts your google ranking and indicates google you’re a real site owner only if you have got quality backlinks.

I hope you wish this text. If you found it useful please share it together with your loved ones.

If you have got any site or post improvement suggestions then please let me know. it’ll be beneficial for both folks. Your feedback will help us to enhance our work. Thank you for being with me at the top.


Q1. Do backlinks affect rankings?

Ans. Yes, Definitely backlinks affect the ranking of websites. It can be either negative or positive. A backlink positively affects a website when it comes from a relevant topic niche site and is created on a real genuine site with a good authority score.

It will be extremely helpful in ranking your site higher on search results. But a backlink can be negative if it comes from a spammy site that has a high spam rate. If your site has backlinks from these spammy sites, your site can also result in increasing spam scores and decrease google ranking.

Q2. Can you rank on Google without SEO?

Ans. No, You can’t rank on search engines like google without doing any seo optimizations. For ranking on google you have to do at least on page seo.

Q3. Is backlinks good for SEO?

Ans. Of course, the backlink is a part of SEO. There are 2 types of SEO on-page SEO & Off-page SEO.

The off-page SEO is known as creating backlinks also but you can also rank by optimizing content for on-page SEO off-page SEO is the ranking booster for blog posts. 

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