how to submit website to Google for indexing

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If you have made your own website and To get found your website on Google, first you have to submit your website to Google for indexing. Google search console is developed by Google itself and it’s free to use.

It will be an advantage for you, because after submitting your website to google then the search engine will know about your website yes this is a website and if any keywords will match related to its content then Google will show up your site to the user who is searching your website.

Why you needs Google search console verification?

you have created your new website now you want to grow your website and for this, you need to have traffic or users to the website. And for the traffic, you need an interface to derive traffic to your website. the interface can be a social media i.e ( Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc) or search engines like google, bing, yahoo, etc.

So google search console helps you to get found your website online to google search box and for this, you need to get verification at google search console.

By getting registered, now your website can be found online and accessible by anyone in the world. Now after getting verified you need to do stuff with your website called SEO it will help your website to rank on the first page of google so that on search result user see your website and gets a visit

Follow the steps to submit website to google for indexing

To use the Google search console first of all you have to create your google account then register your website in the google search console to verify. Because You cannot submit URL to google without signing in.

Now you will see two options here, you can go for anyone of these 2 options.

  • 1.URL prefix
  • 2.Domain

I will recommend you choose the URL prefix option because it is so easy and you will be instantly verified with this method and in the Domain method, you will have to wait for some days to get verified your website.

1.By URL Prefix.

  • Copy your website’s homepage link.
  • paste it here.
  • Click continue.
google search console

  • now select the HTML tag option
  • copy HTML code.
  • now go to your website dashboard
  • click on appearance select theme editor.
how to submit website to google for indexing
  • Now look for header.php.
wordpress deshboard of theame editor how to edit theme
  • paste the copied HTML code in your header.php file between the head tag.
  • now click update file.
  • after this, go to your google search console and click verify.
  • now you are verified.

2.By Domain method.

website verification in google search console
  • Type your website name as follow (““)
  • Click on the “Continue” button.
search console verification to the website you have created recently
  • Copy the code & paste it in your domain provider DNS>>TXT records.
  • come back to google search console.
  • now click verify it will take some days to verification.
  • keep checking your mail.

Now your website is verified at google search console. The search engine has known about your website. so, when a keyword is searched related to your article and website the google will show your website to the user and for this, you have to do proper SEO. Don’t know SEO learn from here. The SEO expert

Do the same work with a Google site kit wordpress plugin.

yes, you can do the same work of above with the help of a WordPress plugin. it’s very easy. it will minimize your workload in a minute you can do it all you have to do is install the “Google site kit” plugin in your WordPress.

Follow the steps to set up.

  • Go to your WordPress dashboard.
  • click plugin, select Add new.
how to submit website to google for indexing

  • search “Google site kit”.
  • Click install, then activate it.
  • Now set up your google site kit plugin it’s very easy.
how to submit website to google for indexing

This wordpress plugin will reduce your lot of work and as a begginer you will not face any problem into it.

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