How to increase website traffic without SEO

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In 2021, Ranking & getting traffic only with the assistance of SEO is somehow very hard as there’s an excessive amount of competition. So, we will use some methods that don’t seem to be associated with SEO. meaning we will increase our website traffic without doing any SEO.

No on-page/off-page SEO is required for getting traffic to our website if we adopt these ways.

Consequently, I’m visiting show you some free & paid methods. which will facilitate your increase in your website traffic without involving any SEO.

Free Methods: Increase website traffic without involving SEO

To make this post simple I’ve got divided it into two-part for you. There are some free methods & some paid ways…

#1. Add “write for us” page

The write for us page is that the simplest thanks to facilitating your get more traffic to your site.

Further, a write for us page could be a very simple page that may allow others to supply content to your site.

In fact, you’ll say a guest post accepting page to your site!

Moreover, This write for us page will facilitate you’re in getting free content without writing anything.

How does it work?

The guest post accepting page is the way that will tell users on-site that they’ll post unique content to your site.

And reciprocallyyou’ll give them a do-follow backlink!

Now, you’ll ask why they’ll post content to our site?

So, you’ll give them a do-follow backlink which will help them for off-page SEO to their site by creating quality backlinks.

Hence they’ll definitely write better unique content for you freed from cost!

Now, how will your site get traffic by doing this shit?

Here we go!

When someone posts content to your site. After this, they’re going to promote that post which is on your website. To their social media & forums. that may bring you traffic without doing anything.

So, this free method will offer you free traffic to your site without writing any content & without doing any promotion.

How you’ll make it & what to put in writing on your “write for us” page?
It is very simple just move to your site and make a brand new page!

Now, see what to jot down on this page!

You can write some rules and regulations about content-related terms like…

  • Content should be Plagiarism free
  • unique content you are going to be accepted
  • No link spamming
  • The content should be SEO optimized, etc.

Make a checklist for posting content so you and also the user will follow the principles.

For example, you can see my write for us page on my website. To make yours.

#2. Guest blogging

Guest Blogging is doing a guest post to others’ sites.

You can say this method is that the opposite of our first method.

Further, doing guest blogging willfacilitate your in Off-page SEO. Consequently, you’re also doing off-page SEO. That’s great!

How to do guest blogging perfectly?

First of all, you have gotto search outa web sitethat’s accepting free guest posts to their site.

How will you discover those?

Just do a google search like this!

site: write for us “your niche”.

For example, my site is all about SEO & marketing. So i will be able to find sites like this (site: write for us “SEO marketing”).

As shown within the below image.

How to increase website traffic without SEO

Now, these sites are accepting free guest posts.

You can contact them for a guest post.

How will it provide you with traffic?

when you do guest blogging on others’ sites. they’re going to offer you a do-follow backlink.

And when someone visits that post-on-site, they’ll also visit your site for more information.

Note: Don’t link your home page within the post. Link a related post of your website thereto a particular guest post.

So, you’ll get & increase the website traffic without doing any SEO or reckoning on google.

#3. Social media marketing

Social media marketing comes because the simplest method for increasing website traffic with no SEO.

Because social media is extremely powerful in terms of traffic.

In fact, I feel social media contains more traffic than a website ever made.

So, on which social media you must rely for traffic to your site.


Facebook is that the world’s most used social media platform. Surly, It contains the best traffic of any social media platform at the moment time.Facebook is the world’s most used social media platform. Surly, It contains the highest traffic of any social media platform at present time.

That’s why it derives over 20Million+ daily traffic.

Because, people use it for entertainment, business & for his or her marketing!

Now, a way to use Facebook for getting traffic to our website?

First of all, let’s see methods of driving traffic via Facebook…

  1. Facebook groups
  2. Facebook pages

1. Facebook Groups

Create a Facebook group.

Give a beautiful name.

Then start adding members.

Now, Join some groups in your niche, to induce quality & targeted traffic.

How to get traffic from our Facebook group?

First, after you write your blog post and publish it on your site. Second, publish it on Facebook groups also.

Publish that exact post to your Facebook group also because of the groups you have got joined in your niche.

The important thing is the way to grow our Facebook group, so we are able to get traffic.

Hence, to grow your Facebook group follow a minimum of 100 Facebook groups in your niche only. Then, contact the admins of these groups to link your group to their recommendations or descriptions.

So, their visitors are going to be able to see your group name & also visit your Facebook group.

I know the majority of the admins will deny or charge you to insert your group link in their group.

But, a number of them will facilitate you by mentioning you in their group. Out of 100 groups, only 10-15 will favor you.

So by this, you’ll be able to grow your community. Continue the identical process again.

2. Facebook page

The Facebook page works similarly to groups.

Likewise, You publish your website’s content in groups, follow groups & manage them. In the same way, you’ve got to manage a Facebook page sort of a group.

Likewise, groups. you have got to follow the Facebook pages in your niche by creating your own page.

Then, also publish your blog posts to your page in order that you’ll get more traffic together with groups & pages.


After Facebook, Instagram comes within the second-highest traffic containing social media platforms. because it derives over 10Million+ daily traffic.

How to use Instagram for driving traffic to your site?

It’s very simple!

You just should create an Instagram page & grow it.

Then, do a daily post on your Instagram page to grow it.

Furthermore, once you publish a post on your site. Consequently, make a summary in list form which will be easy to know & represented within the sort of adverts.

Then, you have got to publish the poster on your Instagram page.

Trust me! If your page contains quality information. you’ll grow on this platform continuously.

Because Instagram is that the only place where you’ll find every style of audience.

Second, Make reels videos about some topic in your niche. As reels are the foremost effective method to succeed fast to your audiences.

The very last thing, To grow your Instagram page follow pages in your niche and ask them to collaborate. Likewise, we do our blogging.


LinkedIn is again an awfully popular social media platform. It derives almost over 50Lakh+ daily traffic.

LinkedIn traffic

One thing that I liked about this social media platform, It contains US. users that lead to high CPC in ad clicks.

In fact, I believe it’s the simplest platform for all kinds of companies after Facebook.

Because LinkedIn contains targeted audiences for Jobs, digital marketing, program optimization & other things.

Likewise, in Facebook groups, you’ll be able to also create groups on LinkedIn.

And follow groups in your niche to succeed in your audience.

Keep in mind, If you’re a decent content publisher people will automatically follow you. By putting some effort into it.

#4. Forum sites

Forum sites are those sites on which individuals ask their queries and find the answer to their problems.

In short, you’ll say it’s a Q&A site.

Further, the Q & A sites are very useful for getting free traffic & backlinks also.

How does it work?

You have to answer the questions asked by real people on forum sites.

Consequently, answering the questions will make your blog visible to new people. you’ll insert your blog posts links to a specific answer. in order, that they’ll visit your site for his or their queries.

Furthermore, you’ll be able to make your space or groups on these forum sites like quora.

If you don’t realize space, then you’ll be able to take thought by seeing this Quora space Blogging junction. Spaces are identical as groups. you’ll be able to follow spaces to induce content ideas also.

In fact, inserting links when answering the question, will make a top-quality backlink for your site.

Note: confirm, don’t insert your links too again and again while answering. Because this might lead to spamming.

Similarly, you’ll be able to increase your website traffic to an honest level by just performing some efforts with no SEO.

I personally use Quora, medium & Reddit to derive traffic to my site!

These all forum sites having the identical method of working only the interface is different.

In simple words, you’ve got to answer the question asked by people on these sites by inserting your site link. in order that you’ll get these people to go to your site.

This will increase your website traffic without including SEO.

Benefits of working with forum sites!

First, Your answers will rank on google through Quora even on the primary page first position.

In the same way, when users click the post he/they are visiting at your answer.

Then, they will also visit your site!

for example…

How to increase website traffic without SEO

As shown within the above image, an issue is ranking on Google users will click on the result for his or her queries.

So, This is the main advantage of working with forum sites.

#5. Email Marketing

Email marketing comes under the foremost effective methods of deriving traffic to the website.

How does it work?

You have to gather your visitor’s emails on your site.

After having the e-mail list you’ll send them your new post and that they can get in it after seeing them.

The main advantage of using email marketing for your site is you’re giving your content to your visitors or audiences.

The regular sending emails about new updates of your topics can increase the location traffic + your audiences.

But, it can only be possible when you’ll provide the standard, not the amount.

Other advantages of email marketing…

Not only sending blog post notifications but also you’ll send the event, your affiliate product info & can do more things. But associated with your topics only.

How will you send emails?

Some best email marketing tools you’ll use at no cost like MailChimp. I’m suggesting this tool. Because I’ve got personally used it.

It’s the simplest email sender for website owners & bloggers.

How will you collect emails?

It’s very simple!

You have to place an email subscription form or pop-ups at your site that may collect the visitor’s emails.

But, this can be not enough for getting emails, you have got to win the trust of your visitors. And for this, you’ve got to supply quality & valuable content.

Again, by having good content people can hesitate to subscribe.

And for this, you’ll give free stuff to them to induce their emails.

The free stuff means anything that you just can give your users free such as you can give free EBooks, SEO guides & anything that’s useful for them.

#6. Blog Commenting

Blog commenting sites are very useful to derive traffic to an internet site.

It doesn’t come under spamming until good comments, not promoting anything, not inserting links.

I’m suggesting this to you because I personally got good results from it.

The blog commenting is incredibly effective in creating backlinks too.

but, we wish traffic!

So, the way to treat other blog posts to induce traffic to your site?

It’s simple!

You have to go looking for a keyword or topic associated with your niche, as within the below image.

Blog commenting

Kindly, Open the sites one by one that comes within the top 10 SERP on google.

And scroll all the way down to the page to induce a comment box.

how to do comment
How to submit comment

Now, Leave a good-looking comment that feels real.

You don’t need to write anything associated with a product promotion or your site promotion, and the most significant thing don’t insert any link in comments.

Because the admin or the blog owner won’t approve your comment. If you spam!

Now, the question is the way to comment?

Here’s the deal!

You have to put in writing an influencing & attractive text by appreciating the blog post. which will positively impact the blog owner.

Finally, He/She will approve your comment!

For example, you’ll write…

Hey! This post really solves my query. I used to be very bored with finding the simplest information. Finally, your article helped me plentythanks most for this glorious information.

Paid methods: To increase website traffic without SEO

The paid methods that drive traffic to websites are only the advertising methods & sponsored methods.

The paid methods via search engines use ad networks like google ads,, Infolinks, servo, etc.

Here are some paid ways in which are accustomed to generate traffic to a site

1. Google ads

Google ad network is that the world’s largest ad network that enables publishers to run ads on SERP & websites.

As the number of publishers is increasing, The paid advertisement through google costs more nowadays.

Google ads are effective after they run a minimum of for a month or more.

Hence, google ads are also one of the simplest advertising agencies for any style of online business!

As Google is that the world’s largest programit’ll be the foremost effective ad program for online businesses.

2. Social media Advertising

Social media advertising contains Facebook advertising, Instagram advertising & LinkedIn advertising.

It is far more effective than other advertising options.

Because nowadays, social media is becoming the foremost popular among youths.

And social platforms contain a large amount of traffic. Hence, it’ll be an excellent option to escort social media advertising.

Popular advertising platforms like…

1. Facebook

Facebook advertising is somehow cheaper than other social media platforms.

And it’s also effective in generating leads & traffic to your particular business.

In fact, Facebook has become the foremost loved advertising platform for online business.

As it contains an important amount of traffic.

2. Instagram

Instagram is additionally a good choice for advertising and you’ll get impressive results also.

As Instagram includes a huge amount of new-age people, generally teenagers are there most.

But, because Instagram is extremely popular for having the best number of teenagers & youngsters. It costs over other social media advertisers.

3. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is popular for jobs, career & education and also for online businesses.

It contains a targeted audience for these fields.

Hence, If you would like to run ads for your business associated with career & education. Then it’ll be an excellent choice.

3. Quora Advertising

Quora may be a Q&A site that’s the foremost popular forum site nowadays.

It contains every type of individuals from all fields, people encounter the globe & ask the question on that.

Moreover, quora have an enormous amount of traffic. near 10Million people come to quora every single month.

Conclusion: Increase website traffic without SEO

Now tell me how you are feeling about today’s post within the comment box!

You can share your opinion about this post.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me, if you’re troubled or plagued by any problem associated with your website.

If I used to be ready to solve your problem, then definitely I will!

Hope you prefer this information about the methods of deriving traffic to an internet site.

Here are some FAQs!

Q1. How do I increase traffic to my website?

Ans. First of all, Please apply a number of these methods to your site. And definitely, you’ll get results.

Let’s have a glance at traffic!

what you must do to derive traffic to a site?

It is so simple, you only must write quality content that ought to be SEO optimized & put up for sale.

Q2. How am I able to check traffic to my website for free?

Ans. There are many free tools you’ll be able to use to test website traffic at no cost.

But, I’m suggesting to you the most effective chrome extension that may offer you instant traffic to a site.

Use this free WSC traffic checker google chrome extension to determine any website’s traffic.

Q3. what is traffic on a website?

Ans. The traffic to a website is that the number of individuals that visit the site!

Useful guides!

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