How to drive targeted USA traffic to a website

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No doubt, If you are able to drive the targeted traffic to a specific country like the USA to a website. Have more earning potential.

Because traffic from these USA/UK countries has more CPC(cost per clicks).

By which your earning to your website can be increased by 2-5x more times.

If you will target the same post in the USA or UK as you are targeting in India. Then the post that is targeted to the USA will be a more money-making post for you.

Because Automatically, the same keyword of a post that ranks in India have more CPC in the united states.

For instance, If you are going to run your product ads on google. Suppose your ads cost you Rupees 33,000-35,000/Month in India. And the same ads you want to run in the USA will cost you $9000-10,000\Month Then this will be costlier in the USA as compared to India.

This is why the CPC is high in USA-based places. because the purchasing power is much more efficient in the USA as compared to other countries.

So ,This is the main difference why the CPC in the USA is more than the CPC in India.

How to Drive targeted USA traffic to a website.

This is very simple. I will tell you the very simple process of how you can drive targeted US traffic to your website.

You have to do only 2 things. First, you have to read this guide & second you have to implement these strategies for getting results.

Let’s go…

1.Google Search Console.

You can drive your targeted USA traffic to your website from Google Search Console.

First of all, You must have a verified account of your site at google search console.

After creating your account & get verified. You can target your website traffic to specific countries like the US/UK & USA, etc.

This can be achieved by changing your websites Geo targeting settings via Google Search Console.

Follow the below steps for GSC Geo Targeting settings of a site.

Go to Google Search Console dashboard..

Now, in the side menu bar you will see the Legacy tools & report section.

click on it then select the international targeting option as below image.

How to drive targeted USA traffic to my website

Click on the country as shown in the below image.

How to drive targeted USA traffic to my website

Finally, select your country where to target your website to your users across the world.

But, In this guide we are Targeting USA so I’m selecting USA.

How to drive targeted USA traffic to my website

Finally, tick on “target users in” box .

Now , your website will automatically drive targeted traffic from USA.

Not only the USA you can target any of the countries that you wish to choose. That is your interest.

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2. Write some posts related to USA states areas.

This method you have to do after changing the Google search console setting to specific country

Similarly, You can write some of your blog posts related to a specific states of the selected country.

For instance, Top 5 locations to visit in california. How to run your own startup in georgia. These are just examples.

Are you listening to me?

If you are understanding what i’m saying. Then you are getting this guide.

You have to write some blog posts to your site that point to a specific location in the USA.

You can use state names while writing your blog posts that will increase your chances to rank on those specific locations.

And once you rank the small locations of that particular country then your site will automatically start ranking on the whole country also.

Targeting a specific country does not mean that you will only get the traffic to that country only. you will get worldwide traffic whether you target a specific country or not.

3. Use keywords that rank in the USA.

You should use the keywords that are already ranking in the USA. This will extremely help you to rank in the USA..

Because You are writing a post that already points to a specific location, and if you will use the already ranking keywords. Then it will be easy to rank fast.

For example, If you are writing a post about the “market price of gold in Washington”. Then you can do keyword research on that particular topic and extract keywords via research. And, add those related keywords to your post.

This is a simple & very effective technique.

4. Make social media profile.

This step not only creates a social media account for your website but I’m sharing an effective strategy to get traffic from selected counties from social media.

First of all make your social media profiles on Tumblr, Medium, Quora, Instagram, Facebook group or page, etc.

For instance I’m taking an Instagram account example. You have created your Instagram account.

Now, search your niche related Instagram account and follow some of them who have more followers.

Kindly, open their Instagram posts and like posts. See the people who have liked their posts by clicking on liked by button.

Follow those peoples, And grow your Instagram account by implementing this technique.

Use this technique or you can say strategy so that you can get the targeted and niche related followers for your instagram account.

Tip: Use hashtags of a targeted country with your posts like #USA, #washington, #Georgia, etc. To get more posts to reach.

The same formula you can apply for all your social media accounts to get more reach and traffic also.


These are real & practically implemented strategies to drive USA targeted traffic to a website.

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