how to customize WordPress theme

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Don’t worry about how to customize the WordPress theme. In this tutorial, You will learn properly and know everything about WordPress theme customization I will explain to you in detail not to be so confused about this topic.

How to customize a WordPress theme header section.

To customize your site title and tagline just follow the below simple steps.

  • Go to your WordPress dashboard.
  • click on appearance.
  • then click, customize.
how to customize WordPress theme

  • Click on site identity.
  • now give a custom name to your site and a logo.

how to customize WordPress theme

After making all changes click publish button on top so that your changes will save successfully.

How to customize wordpress theme footer section.

to customize the footer area of the WordPress theme just follow the above steps and after reaching the customization menu.

  • go to widgets, select footer.
  • now click on add widget’s option to add widget’s.
how to customize WordPress theme

  • a drop-side menu of widgets will open right to yours.
  • select widgets you like to place in the footer section and also you can remove unwanted widgets.

how to customize WordPress theme

now click publish button to save changes. you can edit more things in the footer section this is just an example to illustrate this. you can change the footer template also if you want.

how to edit post’s you have already published.

In some cases, you have written some wrong information in a post and now you want to delete the wrong information or you want to add some more content related to your topic.

so don’t worry, it’s very easy to edit your post. below we have gives the steps to follow these steps to edit your post.

  • Go to your WordPress site homepage.
  • Click on the post.
  • on the top, you will see an “edit post” option.
  • Click edit post.
  • now do changes to your post and update after changes.

So this was so simple, In such a manner you can customize the whole WordPress website according to your interests.

Furthermore, I have only give you some idea about that. if you go to your site and deeply try to understand them then automatically you will understand.

How I can make changes to the site, then you don’t need to see tutorials like this online you will understand yourself by your experience.

And if you are facing any problem related to the website issue or something else don’t hesitate, just contact me. I will always be there with you.

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