How to add the keyword to WordPress blog posts

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Hey, If you want to rank your WordPress blog posts higher on google, You should have to place your keyword in the right place.

I will show you the real transparency of keywords placements and keyword research on a particular topic. You have to pay attention while keyword research. Because, one keyword can change your entire life in blogging.

As a beginner, most of the people don’t know keyword placement techniques in their WordPress blog posts.

They simply add the keywords anywhere they like to do it and publish the posts, which results in no Ranking & traffic. But this post will show you how to add keywords to a WordPress blog post.

But, If you want to rank on the first page of google, you have to simply optimize your content for on-page SEO. And keyword placement is the part of on page SEO.

What is the keyword?

A keyword is a word or sentence that is used to search on search engines like google.

Or In simple words, A keyword is a query of users that is searched for finding a solution to a particular topic on google.

For example, “how to lose weight”, “best cricket bat”, etc. These are the queries searched on google are said to be keywords in the blogging language.

What is keyword research?

Keyword research is the analysis of a particular search topic to know the ranking possibilities of that keyword.

In simple words, Keyword research is doing research on keywords like, it’s search volume, SEO difficulty, keyword difficulty, SEARP results, competition, etc.

How to do keyword research?

Keyword research is the very first step of your every WordPress blog post writing. Also, Keyword research is the most important step of SEO optimization.

Further, You can do keyword research for your WordPress blog posts free of cost. You have heard many of the keyword research tools like SEMrush, Ahref, Moz, etc.

But, there are also free tools available you can use to get the analysis of your selected keyword. The free SEO tools like Google keyword planner, answer the public, the Hoth, etc.

Further, here are some factors or points to keep in mind while doing keyword research

  • Keyword difficulty <30
  • SEO difficulty <40
  • Search volume >100-200
  • Keyword competition <0.4-0.6
  • ignore the CPC

If you will follow the above guidelines, then definitely you will start ranking on google slowly.

How to add keywords to your WordPress blog posts

To add the keyword to your WordPress blog posts, We have created some point lists or places to add the keywords there.

Let’s discuss them…

#1. Add keyword in Your H2, H3 headings

If you have heard google ranking algorithms, Then you know Google reads your headings as URLs & makes them as a new post url also. And your posts can also rank on your post headings.

Further, If you will add the keyword or synonyms of that keyword in your headings to your WordPress blog posts. Then, there are strong chances that your site will start coming in google search results.

Moreover, Headings play a very big role to show google, which topic is content-based. Google does not read your whole content, It reads your headings & some contents of that heading but not the entire content.

Furthermore, Headings are very useful to generate reading interest to the readers. Because You have to write the long-form contents to rank on google. And if you will not headings then your user experience will be a bit bad.

You should place your headings after every 200-300 words. This will create better user engagement to your site. And users will not lose interest to leave your blog post.

Headings reflect your blog post intent to readers and to google also. So make your heading more attractive and add your keyword to your post headings also.

#2. Add keyword in first paragraph or sentence

You have to add your focused keyword in the first 100-200 words, To make google crawler crawl your site more efficiently.

The main purpose of adding the keyword to the first sentence is that Google crawls your site and starts finding the keyword. When google will not see any keyword in the starting point then it will not go for further process. Google will simply leave your site without crawling.

How google crawler crawls the sites to rank them on google.

Firstly, when someone searches their queries & if the queries are related or exactly matched with your website post topic. Then google crawler comes to crawl your site to rank it on google.

While crawling google notice your content quality and analyze Is your content really on this topic or not by finding the keywords that you have placed.

Google crawlers first will see your title matching with the keyword or not, then it will find the keyword in the first paragraph, then checks in headings and further goes for content & meta description.

#3. Use Keyword in Anchor text

You should use your focused keyword in the Anchor text links like when you place links to external websites to your posts. Then, You must try to add the anchor text containing the focused keyword of your post.

Because Google crawls your links to an external site also If it’s a do-follow link to that site. This will be beneficial for your site also.

If you are confused in the anchor text, Anchor text is nothing but it is only the text which contains the link to external or internal pages to a website.

For example, You have placed a link to your post that is from an external site like this “learn how to do SEO on your sites”. So the sentence containing the word SEO contains a link to another page this text is called the anchor text.

while linking to other sites place only relevant links to that site and place relevant words in the anchor text.

Keep in mind, If your keyword is not relevant to the linking site, then don’t place your keyword in the anchor text. Only, add relevant keywords to anchor text.

#4. Use keyword in images alt text

You should add your main keyword in images alt text to your WordPress blog posts. Adding images to alt text increases the chances of ranking the website through image search also.

The main reason for adding keywords to alt text to images helps to increase ranking your images in google search results.

Google cannot read images but it can read the alt text inside the images and take ideas of the image type from analyzing the alt text meaning.

As a result, Google ranks images, which exactly or related match with the searched query on the basis of alt text reading only.

For example, You have written a post that added images to the article, and you also added the alt text to images. Then, Whenever someone searches for a query that is related to your blog title or image alt text then Google will rank your website image. And when someone clicks those images he will be redirected to your site.

#5. Add keyword in URL

URL of your post also known as the permalink of your blog post. And permalink plays a vital role in google search result ranking. Google reads your permalink and ranks it.

If you are not adding your main keyword in the permalink then you are hitting hamour on your head not on your foot.

If you have no idea about what a permalink is, Then see in the image below this is the permalink of your blog post.

How to add the keyword to WordPress blog posts

This is the post link known as permalink or URL of your post.

How to add keywords in permalink?

This is not a hard task as you are a beginner. You think it’s complex but not in reality.

see below to add your keyword in permalink.

How to add the keyword to WordPress blog posts

Under the section Slug, the box contains your post permalink or URL. You have to paste your main keyword there, that’s all. You have to paste your blog title only the permalink will automatically be created.

But to achieve this you have to install this amazing Yoast SEO plugin, Which will extremely help you to optimize your blog posts for on-page optimization and for better readability score also.

Pro Tip: Try to make your permalink short for better ranking on Google results. Because, google prefers only short length posts URLS or permalinks.

#6. Use keyword in conclusion

If you are writing a conclusion at the end, nothing but your blog posts’ final words that come under 200-300 words.

Then you must have to place your keyword in the last 200 words to your blog post, nothing but adding your main keyword to conclusion.

Because google never reads your entire content while indexing your blog post or while ranking your blog posts.

Google mostly checks your keywords in the first 100-200 words and in the last 100-200 words. If you are already placing your keyword in these two places then bit good.

Consequently, In the crawling time google also analyses your content by seeing keyword placements.

So, Add your keyword in the conclusion or at the last 200 words of your WordPress blog posts.

Note: Don’t add keywords more than 2 times in a particular section, Because this will result in keyword stuffing, And indicate a bad signal to Google.

#7. Use Keyword in meta description

Add your main keyword in the meta description as well to better on-page optimization. Adding keywords in meta description helps in ranking on search engines because you are giving what Google likes Google.

Because, Meta description tells search engines about your post. Means on which topic your post is about.

Generally, meta descriptions are those words that tell in brief about your posts to search engines like google.

The meta description is shown in the below image see how your posts are shown on google search results.

how to add meta description in WordPress with Yoast plugin or to change meta description in WordPress, see the below image.

How to add the keyword to WordPress blog posts

This is your meta description you can change it place your keyword in it and make it attractive for users to get click on it

Your post’s meta description should be as attractive as your post title. Because the user will read the meta description as well if he finds some interesting words in the description that are completely related to his query.

Then there are very strong chances to get a click on your post even if you are ranking on some below positions. This will boost your page CTR. As a result, your page will get engaged and you will get traffic.

Bonus points

Add some related Keywords to your posts

Further, You should have to place some related keywords to your blog posts. Because related keywords are the rank booster for your blog posts.

Google ranks those blog posts who are similar or showing relevance to the searched query.

By adding related keywords to your posts, There are very strong chances to rank on relevant keywords also.

In the same way, Sometimes on google does not have any article that is matching with the searched query. So, In that case, Google shows those articles that are relevant to the searched query.

And if you have added the related keywords to your post. Then your post also ranks in this case even if you can rank in a higher position if you have quality content. because there will be less number of blog posts present on SEARP on google

Note: Do not add too much related keywords, because this will create keyword stuffing.

How to find related keywords of your main keyword for your WordPress blog posts?

To find related keywords of your main keyword is very simple. I’m telling you some free tools to find those keywords.

Best free tools to find relevant keywords…

  1. Answer the Public.
  2. Keyword sheeter.
  3. Google(google results like people also ask & searches related to are best).
  4. Keywords everywhere(chrome Extension).
  5. Spyfu.

Number of times should a keyword placed in WordPress blog posts

Adding keywords to blog posts is good for SEO optimization for your wordpress website. But, adding too much keyword may result in no ranking on search engines and may affect your user experiences.

For better SEO optimization you can insert your keyword after every 300 words in your article. This will not be too less as well as not too much.

Similarly, if you are writing a 2000 or 2500 words long blog post then you can simply add your focused keyword 8 to 10 times. This will not create any keyword stuffing or keyword deficiency.

Because keyword stuffing is not good in google’s opinion as well as your audiences. If you are doing this shit already then please stop it. Due to keyword stuffing, you are creating a bad impression of your site in front of google.

Google is improving very fast according to the latest google update, keyword stuffing will not useful in ranking a site on google.

And by this, you also lose your audience’s interest in reading your blog posts. Because every person will be bored or tired of seeing the same sentences again and again while reading he can be irritated and start hating contents as keyword stuffing.

Conclusion: How to add the keyword to WordPress blog posts

I hope you liked the article, If you have founded this article a little bit informative and useful for you. Then, please share it with your friends & with your loved one’s.

If you are thinking any information in this blog post can be more informative then please let me know i will update this post and add more information to it by doing more research on this topic.

Further, If you have any suggestion about this site information & performance related stuff then tell me without hesitating i will improve it as soon a s possible.

Your feedback helps us to grow & give what you actually want.

Thankyou for being with me at the end. Show your love by sharing the contentšŸ¤—.Ā 

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