How to grow Instagram followers organically

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Hey all! Today we will explore some tips & strategies that will grow or boost your Instagram followers organically.

In some cases, online work is the same as offline. Because online work difficulty is somehow the same as offline. You have to put your efforts into it.

Consequently, The market is the internet market and social media is the best medium to scale your business via online marketing.

Hence, Instagram has become the most used social network these days. So, everyone wants to work on Instagram to grow their business.

That’s why you come here to read this post about how you can grow your Instagram account organically by boosting your followers!

Let’s dive into it!

11+ Powerful techniques to grow your Instagram followers organically

I’m gonna put a simple list also describing it in detail for you to easily understand.

Let’s go!

#1. Maintain posts consistency

If you know the ranking algorithms, then you know the importance of posting consistency.

The posts you do on your Instagram account should be consistent under some fixed period of time.

Do you really know the real meaning of consistency?

It’s all about creating trust in the community you are working on.

The advantage of being consistent in the publishing of your posts is that you will create strong trust with Instagram.

Creating strong trust will help you a lot in growing your Instagram account.

If you know the ranking algorithms of search engines like google. Instagram also has its ranking algorithms.

Instagram boosts those account’s suggestions & posts that maintain consistency in publishing posts or something other pieces of stuff.

Being consistent not only means publishing posts on the time, it includes lots of stuff like engaging with your audience, posting stories & supporting other communities also.

How to maintain consistency?

It’s so simple!

You just have to publish your posts/stories/reels in a specific period of time. That means if you like to publish something daily or after a few hours, publish it daily or after a few hours.

For example, If you have published a reel or post in 3 days, you have to publish your next reel after 3 days. Similarly, maintain the gap you like. But never disturb it.

#2. Choose a specific time to publish

After the consistency this point you should focus on!

You have to publish your Instagram post/reels at a specific time in which more audiences can engage with your account.

Posting stuff at a specific time does not mean you have to publish it in the evening or the morning.

But, It should be a time in which more people are online!

So, How do I find a specific time to publish?

You have to do some experiments & analysis to find your best time to publish your Instagram posts.

Hence, publish posts when you think they’ll be the best by thinking about your audience.

You just have to think like an audience when they will online & when they will like to see reels or posts.

On the initial day’s publish posts at your best time. And it does not mean you have to publish in the evening if you are thinking evening time is the best.

Think about what I told you to do experiments: publish posts in morning/afternoon/evening time and analyze the engagement rate of your audience.

Hence, Apply this to 15 days and see results!

After doing this process for 15 days you will definitely get the right time to publish your posts.

Tip: Try to publish your posts/reels at night after 9:00 PM.

#3. Utilize effective hashtags

The hashtags are very useful in reaching out your Instagram posts to more places so that your followers can grow organically.

You just have to utilize the best Instagram hashtags to have an engaging post.

Let me tell you the benefits of hashtags!

Benefits of hashtags

Hashtags are used for increasing the reach of your posts to the hashtag community.

It helps people to engage with your posts.

The hashtag will add your posts to the hashtag groups on Instagram.

For example, you have published a post in a hashtag “#funactivities”. Then your post will automatically add to the #funactivities hashtag community.

see the below image. These are the hashtags that are used in a post.

how to grow Instagram followers organically

Likewise, Instagram posts the hashtags also come in front of us when we follow them.

For example, this is the hashtag community. If you follow it then it’ll also show you the posts likewise other normal accounts.

Hence, If you will add relevant hashtags to your account then your posts also add & rank via hashtags.

Note: Add only relevant hashtags to your Instagram posts.

#4. Follow some popular accounts

I’m asking you to follow those accounts that are in your niche & contain a high number of followers.

Following popular accounts will help you to reach your account suggestions to more people.

In simple words, Your account will show in the suggestions of those accounts who follow that account.

Hence, People can also follow you via doing this. So, your Instagram followers will grow.

You can see in the below image, there are some suggestions for me to follow these accounts. Because I have followed these similar accounts.

how to grow Instagram followers organically

You just have to follow some similar relevant & popular accounts for more effective results. Further, the following relevant accounts will help you to get targeted audiences.

Moreover, Instagram will automatically show your account suggestions to the followers of that account you follow.

And I think this is the best feature of Instagram.

#5. Engage with your audience

You should engage with your audiences either in the comment section or anywhere else.

Engaging with the audience will make your audience not unfollow you instead they will start liking you.

How can you engage with your audience?

It’s simple!

When you publish posts people comment. So, you can engage with them in the comment section of your posts & I think it’ll be the best place to meet with them.

Further, You should reply and talk to your followers if they want to communicate with you in DM also.

This will create a good image in front of them. And this will make them more connected to you. They will not unfollow you in the future. they will like you.

#6. Grow with Reels

Reels are the best way to grow your Instagram followers organically.

Because Instagram gives you an extra boost to your reel’s videos.

Reels are the #most effective way to reach out to more people.

Because the posts & normal IGTV videos do not have the priority to be shown on unknown people’s home pages. But reels have the power to reach maximum places.

Moreover, If you have a low number of followers you can still reach maximum accounts.

As reels are becoming popular these days everyone watches reels. So why not work with reels if it’s a good way to get boosted.

#7. Tag accounts while posting

Tagging accounts while posting will send a post notification to the tagged account.

This will allow you to be in the notifications of those accounts that you have tagged in your posts.

You have to tag some popular accounts to get more reachable.

#8. Show creativity & uniqueness

You should not post the same content that your competitors or relevant accounts have published.

If you want to publish the same content then please do some modifications & mention that account in the post.

If you want to grow on Instagram then don’t copy others, create your brand image & show your creativity.

Furthermore, people love new things if you provide the same stuff that other accounts already give then no one will follow you & support you.

You have to give people what they like!

Create your own unique content & publish it. And publish those types of content that people really wish to see on Instagram.

#9. Optimize Bio & Profile

Your Instagram Bio & profile should be well optimized with explaining what type of your account profile.

Write a short 1 line description to your profile bio so that people & Instagram can understand your work

If you want to mention someone then you can also do it.

Note: Don’t write too much in your bio because this will make it complex

#10. Post stories

Stories are the best way to know the behaviors & interests of your audience.

You can use stories and set the choice buttons in the stories to get to know what type of content they like.

Moreover, You can add your post in stories after publishing to get more engaged.

Further, sometimes due to many new posts from different accounts to the user’s Instagram your posts may not be displayed.

But, Your stories will definitely appear in his top story bar. This is the advantage of stories.

#11. Promote your Instagram account

The promotion will boost your Instagram page likes & followers rapidly.

Because advertising is the key to a successful growth for any type of business.

In the same way, You can advertise or promote your Instagram page to grow your Instagram followers organically.

I’m asking to promote an account that does not mean you have to run ads for your Instagram page.

You just have to contact the small Instagram influencers in your niche & ask them to post a story or a post mentioning your page.

This will extremely boost your growth on Instagram.

#12. Write an attractive post caption

go with an attractive caption to your posts & stories.

Don’t hurry in caption writing, take your time to find the best caption for a particular post.

The caption is the second thing that everyone sees after seeing your post.

And this could be a strong reason that people will like your posts or not.

How to write a caption?

Write a caption that contains relevant text emojis & relevant text with your post.

Further, you can ask a question regarding the post instead of writing a simple caption text.

Note: Make sure not to write a lengthy caption.

#13. Go live

This could be a great option for your Instagram page.

Going live with your followers will instantly increase your user’s engagements with your account.

What happens when you go live?

When you go live. The live notification will be sent automatically to your followers & followings by Instagram.

Similarly, in a live video, you can answer the questions asked by people who follow you. Consequently, You can communicate with people. This will create a good impression in front of them.

Further, You can also post the live video recording to your IGTV video. That is automatically generated by Instagram.

Hence, the people who don’t follow you can follow you in real-time.

As a result, your page will get excellent growth with real people.

Conclusion: Grow Instagram followers organically

Now, please tell me, Is this post a little bit helpful or not?

Do comments about the bad & good points. So that I can improve it to serve you the best content.

Further, If I summarize the post to grow your Instagram followers organically you just have to maintain a decent ideal content posting consistency & try to promote your page via small Instagram influencers.

If I tell you the prices of promotion via a small Instagram influencer.

Then, you can start with only 100 rupees. with 100 rupees a 100-200k high follower account can promote your page. So, It’s very cheap. You can do & it and get the most effective growth to your page.

Some FAQs

Q1. How can I get 1000 followers on Instagram?

Ans. Just follow the tips & strategies that I have told you above. The main thing is your consistency with your Instagram page.

If you are active enough on your page & provide the best & unique content. You will easily get 1000 followers in a single month or earlier.

Q2. How much does Instagram pay you for 1 million followers?

Ans. If you have real engaging 1million Instagram followers. Then you can charge at least $8000 & maximum of $1,00,000 per post & story. The charges totally depend on you & your account popularity Instagram does not fit an amount for the promotion of any pages on Instagram.

Q3. Can I get fake followers on Instagram?

Ans. There are lots of free & paid apps that can give you unlimited fake Instagram followers. You can search for it on google. The website is very popular for buying followers on Instagram.

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