Most lightweight free WordPress themes for blogs

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In this article, You will get detailed info on the Most lightweight free WordPress themes for blogs.

I’m going to showcase a total of the top 5 best lightweight free WordPress themes for blogs. You can choose any one of them for your WordPress website for having a high-performing site on search engines.

These all themes are very SEO friendly & allows websites to put a high performance on search engines.

You will find articles on many sites like…

  • “15+ Most lightweight free WordPress themes for blogs websites“
  • “25 free lightweight themes for WordPress blogs“
  • “even 60 best free WordPress themes for blogs“

Please tell me if you really get some information or interest in reading these articles. These articles are too confusing for people. Because the more choices, the more you will be confused.

So I will try to make this article so simple and easy to read for you. As I will tell you 5 best free WordPress themes for your blogs.

As a result, you will not be confused about this article as I will show you the top 5 themes only. You can blindly use one of them as you want.

further, this article will give you an exact idea to choose your theme for your website.

What makes a WordPress theme excellent?

  • Responsiveness
  • Mobile compatibility
  • AMP supported
  • Lightweight
  • Fast loading on web
  • Browser supported
  • Runs smoothly with plugins
  • Multi-language
  • Easy integration with page builders
  • Support system
  • Contains high ratings & number of downloads
  • TDL ready
  • Include vanilla Javascript(optional)

Top 5 lightweight free WordPress themes for blogs

First of all, you should know a WordPress website theme is a mixture of HTML, CSS, Javascript & PHP. Every theme contains these elements for its creation.

#1. GeneratePress

Most lightweight free WordPress themes for blogs GeneratePress

GeneratePress is one of the Most lightweight free WordPress themes for blogs or websites ever made. Because the overall theme size is less than 10KB.

As this theme contains too compressed coding, it will load faster as compared to other themes. Due to its popularity, the theme has over 300,000+ active installations on WordPress.

The GeneratePress theme is totally made by focusing on its loading speed, it loads in seconds to your WordPress website.

In the same way, The theme performance is a bit excellent with the WordPress website. As its developers made it for use on the WordPress platform. Hence the theme is WordPress friendly.

Furthermore, GeneratePress is a schema-optimized WordPress theme that helps search engines to crawl your website efficiently. As a result, you can say this theme is SEO-friendly.

And one of the best advantages of using the GeneratePress theme is that this theme has only 2 HTTP requests which makes your whole theme with 2 HTTP requests in 7.5KB.

As a result, The theme has an average of 2,000 downloads every single day

Most lightweight free WordPress themes for blogs

As you can clearly see in the below picture, The theme with an excellent rating score is only 6 (1-star rating) & 1203 (5-star ratings). So we can consider this number is in best user experience.

Generatepress theme rating on WordPress

In terms of pricing, the GeneratedPress also has its paid plan. To unlock more features you can purchase its paid plan.

It has two plans…

  1. Yearly plan($59)
  2. Lifetime-one time payment plan($249)

#2. Hello Elementor

Most lightweight free WordPress themes for blogs hello Elementor

The Hello Elementor theme is provided by Elementor itself. The theme is very popular among WordPress users due to its great performance & reliability.

Consequently, The hello Elementor WordPress theme has over 700,000+ Active WordPress installations.

The hello Elementor theme is totally focused on its responsiveness & loading speed. Moreover, this theme runs smoothly with all the most popular plugins of WordPress.

Further, This theme is made for Elementor page builder users as they can create pages as per their needs.

As a result, this theme is launched for those who want to create their websites on every page custom designed.

Furthermore, the theme is too lightweight and comes forward with no style script that makes it load faster on the internet.

In the same way, If you are wishing to start your own eCommerce store then definitely you can select this amazing theme for your store. Because it’s also made by focusing on making eCommerce sites.

As people love its fast responses & performances it has an average of 2500+ downloads every single day.

Most lightweight free WordPress themes for blogs. hello Elementor theme downloads per day

As you can see, The theme has not much rating but it also has perfect 5-star rating on WordPress.

hello elementor theme rating on wordpress

#3. Neve

Most lightweight free WordPress themes for blogs Neve

The neve WordPress theme is given by Themeisle. And has over 200,000+ active installations on WordPress.

The neve theme is a perfect theme for starting a blog, running an e-commerce store with Woocommerce, firms, startups and small businesses, etc.

The theme is much perfect for starting your personal blog as its load time is much lesser than others.

Furthermore, Neve is made by focusing on its SEO-friendly coding, optimized for speeding up websites, AMP-rich results, mobile compatibility, and far more.

The theme code is Totally SEO optimized. Because it doesn’t contain & loads JQuery to your site. Neve theme uses the Valina javascript which is known for its fast performance on search engines.

Further, Neve is speed optimized, SEO optimized, TDL ready, and easily customizable in minutes.

Tested by

Consequently, neve is speed focused theme as google likes faster sites so this will be a better one in speed as its new installation theme loads in less than 1 seconds.

As this theme is very lightweight it’s only about 28KB in size, which makes it more speedy and responsive.

Moreover, the theme is fully compatible with page builders like elementor & thrive architect. If you want to create custom landing pages you can use elementor with this theme.

Further, the theme has an average of 2500+ downloads per day.

Most lightweight free WordPress themes for blogs. Neve theme downloads per day on WordPress

Consequently, It contains a good user rating on WordPress.

Neve theme rating on wordpress

#4. Astra

Most lightweight free WordPress themes for blogs Astra

Astra theme is one of the most popular WordPress lightweight themes. Consequently, It has over 1+ million active WordPress installations.

The Astra theme is not one theme you will find over 150+ in-built website themes for your website. You can select one for your site and it’s free.

The Astra theme is a fully loaded & enhanced performance theme. As it is code optimized and SEO-friendly theme people love its responsiveness and on-site performances make it better than others.

Moreover, The whole website size of the Astra theme is less than 50KB that makes this theme the lightest and fastest.

Consequently, the Astra theme is the perfect one for running blogs, online businesses, agencies, and eCommerce sites.

Further, Astra becomes the most used WordPress theme as it has many inbuilt themes in it. And you can select one for your site & customize them as per your needs.

Similarly, the Astra theme has over 4500+ downloads per day.

Most lightweight free WordPress themes for blogs. Astra theme downloads per day on WordPress

In the same way, Astra is the most popular WordPress theme and everyone is choosing Astra for their site.

Also, people are satisfied with its performance and SEO-friendly nature that loads your website in less than half a second with Astra’s lightweight theme.

Astra is a highly rated 5- stars theme on WordPress.

ratings of Astra theme on WordPress

Furthermore, Astra coding doesn’t include JQuery that results in render-blocking. That is why Astra doesn’t use jQuery instead it uses Vanilla Javascript code in its theme for high-performance themes by maintaining the code length short.

Every code line of this Astra theme is optimized for better performance.

#5. OceanWP

Most lightweight free WordPress themes for blogs OceanWP

OceanWP has been the most popular WordPress theme for many years due to its excellent performances. It has over 700,000+ active installations on WordPress.

This WordPress theme is made by focusing on making the theme excellent in performance and fast to load.

The overall size of the OceanWP theme is 166KB that loads in 2.9 sec on mobile. It will load faster on the desktop no doubt.

The OceanWP is free to use and this theme is more focused on working with eCommerce sites. If you are planning to start your eCommerce store you can use the OceanWP theme. This theme is one of the best themes for eCommerce stores & websites.

As OceanWP is very smooth running with page builders like Elementor & thrive architects. So, it’s fully compatible with Woocommerce.

The theme has over 3400+ downloads per day on WordPress.

Most lightweight free WordPress themes for blogs. OceanWP downloads per day on  WordPress

As you can clearly see the theme is most popular on the WordPress platform and contains an excellent number of 5-star ratings on

Ratings of OceanWP on WordPress

Which is the most lightweight WordPress theme among the above themes?

Definitely, GeneratePress is the most lightweight WordPress theme among all the 5 themes above. It has only a 10kb page size and it is the most lightweight theme present on the WordPress platform.

Because no other theme contains a size of 10KB on WordPress.

Further, if you ask me which theme I’m currently using for my WordPress website. So, I also use this GeneratePress theme-free version on my site.

The GeneratePress theme is very small in size and loads faster than other themes and saves time. Also, indirectly helps your google ranking. because google ranks only fast-loading websites.

Generatepress theme is best for personal blogs and general blogs. And comes with an optimized schema that helps your site’s SEO.

Which theme should I use for my website?

I will recommend 2 themes: Generatepress & Astra. These 2 free WordPress themes are the most SEO optimized & lightweight theme for blogs.

You can choose any one of them without any hesitation because both themes will give you excellent web performances & loads faster than other themes.

But, if you are asking me which one I should use from these two, I will suggest you use the Generatepress theme. Because this theme is the lightest free WordPress theme ever made.

It’s a very fast-performing theme,. Before GeneratePress, I was recently using the Astra theme.

But, when I switch to GeneratePress, I have seen my website results far better than before. I was only trying to generate press to see my site structure & looks.

See my website performance on Search Engine in the below image.

Tested with

Theme test with gtmatrix

Tested with Google page speed insight

Theme test with google page speed insight

Ans by getting excellent results. Finally, I started liking GeneratePress performance. So I didn’t go back with the Astra theme.

That’s why I’m recommending the Generatepress theme. Because I’m personally using it and totally satisfied with GeneratePress.

How to install or change a WordPress theme to your website?

It becomes very simple to install a new theme on your website on WordPress.

To install or change a new theme just follow the below steps.

Go to your WordPress website dashboard>>Appearance>>Themes

Now, click on the “Add New“ button to add a new theme to your website.

Now as seen in the below image, Search for “GeneratePress” in the right top bar search box. Then, it will show you the searched theme like in the below image.

Next, click on install.

Now, Click on the “Activate” button to apply this theme to your site, likewise in the below image.

After activating you will be redirected here in the below image, now your website theme has been changed with the GeneratePress theme.

To see the website theme click on “Visit site” in the green box.

So, this is how easily you can change or install a new theme to your WordPress website in simple steps.

You can further customize your whole website’s attributes like background color, theme color, sidebar, main menu navigation, placing a search box, and much more.

Conclusion: Most lightweight free WordPress themes for blogs

When it comes to selecting the best theme for a WordPress website or blog we get confused in theme selection.

Like which theme should I use for my website? All that stuff comes to our mind for sure.

So, you just have to see the factors that are mentioned in this article “What makes a WordPress theme excellent?”. These are some most important criteria for a theme to be perfect and smooth performance.

Further, if you feel this article is a little bit informative and works for you then please share it among other peoples.

Now, please tell me in the comments what you got from this article. You can suggest to me some bad or good points in this article so that I can improve them. And make this post more useful for you.

Thank you so much for visiting this site. Have a good day!

Here are some queries related to this topic of free lightweight WordPress themes for blogs. Let’s discuss them.


Q1. Which WordPress-free theme is best for blogging?

Ans. Generatepress or Astra is best for blogging websites. These themes are SEO optimized and load fast on The web.

Q2. What is the most lightweight WordPress theme?

Ans. Generatepress is the only theme that is the lightest free WordPress theme you can use for your website or blog. Further, its size is less than 10KB only and it loads very fast on the web.

Q3. What is the fastest WordPress theme?

Ans. Again GeneratePress wins this question. As the GeneratePress theme is the lightest WordPress theme so it is the fastest theme on WordPress.

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