Check website traffic free online

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Hi, today I will tell you how you can Check website traffic free online. let’s get started.

If you want to check your website traffic for free online. then you have the only thing to do is simply create an account at google analytics and it’s also free.

Google Analytics is a free source for you from where you can get your all website’s traffic details like the audience, real-time traffic, country, region, bounce rate, page views, etc.

there are dozens of tools available on the internet for free also these are good and containing good features as google has.

But, Google Analytics is one of the popular tools for website traffic checking it is popular due to its best security and trusted containing all the advanced features that are mentioned above.

This is the digital world and to earn money in these critical day’s peoples becomes crazy for this and they want to earn money from the internet and for this,

they are coming in the fields of blogging, affiliate marketing, etc. and for this, they starting their blog to make some money for their survival.

So, create a google analytics account and check your website traffic. Don’t know how to create an account and check traffic at google analytics see our tutorial below.

See how to Check website traffic free online.

  • Click, to create a google analytics account.
  • now, sing-in to your google account.
  • and fill all required places with correct information.
  • and follow the instructions by Google.
Check website traffic free online

Now after all the processes you will come here which is your dashboard of google analytics from here you can see all the data of your website.

What terms meaning meaning .


Pageviews are the total number of pages view by the user’s every page will get the unique count if the user visits each page of the website.

For example: if you have 8 pages on your site and a user visits on all pages of your site then you will get 8 pageviews by the user


A session is a total no of counting i.e a user comes to your site and leaves then it is known as a session No matter how many pages he visited your website.

For more information go to your google analytics dashboard and in the audience option, there will be a session screen place your mouse cursor on the session then you will be able to see what actually a session.

Bounce rate

when a user opens your website and your webpage is loading if he leaves your website in this time period with no interaction of your website page then it will be said as bounce rate. to get good results, your website bounce rate should be as low as possible.

TIP: to get bounce rate low and high traffic chooses the best hosting for your website and keep website loading timeless by optimizing your webpage.

How to check website traffic to a specific date in google analytics .

To check your website traffic between date range or at a specific date.

  • Go to your google analytics dashboard.
  • Click on Audience
  • then Click overview.
  • on the top right corner there you will see the date.
  • Click on date
  • click date range, select custom.

As shown in the below image.

Check website traffic free online

now choose according to you from which date to which date you want to see your website traffic details select and click apply . so by this, you can see at a specific date data details of the website.

Check website traffic from specific countery and cities.

how you can see how much traffic is coming from which country and cities also. you can check easily by follow up the below steps go through it.

  • enter in the google analytics dashboard.
  • Click on the audience, select overview.
  • now scroll down to the bottom.
  • under the option demographics, select country.
Check website traffic free online

if you want more details click a specific country all the details like (user, new user, session, bounce rate, goal value, etc.) will opens on your screen.

Check real- time active traffic on your website.

Yes , you can also see real-time traffic to your site. means how many user’s are currently present on your website. you can see by doing following steps.

  • Go to analytics dashboard.
  • Click on Real time, select overview.
  • by this on the next screen you will see the active users.
google analytics dashboard

Here , In the Right now section you will see the active user’s to your site.

So , you can see these steps are very simple to follow.

And you can also customize the whole google analytics dashboard because it is so user-friendly anyone with even zero knowledge about google analytics can customize it.

Why use google analytics.

The reason why using Google analytics is that. It is so user-friendly. And as a beginner, Google analytics will be one of the best options for you because its dashboard is user-friendly and easy to use. even with zero knowledge, you can use google analytics efficiently.

Google allows you to use all features like (pageview, users, session, bounce rate, real-time traffic, audience behavior, etc.) to get full information about traffic on your website or blog.

And information like these will strongly help you to improve your website and you will get by yourself through your analysis how can I improve my website content and google ranking.

There are so many alternatives to google analytics but they will not give you all features and a better user experience.

connect google analytics to your website dashboard(By plugin)

Yes, you can direct connect google analytics to your website dashboard via a plugin called monster insight all the reports you can see from your dashboard easily without going to google analytics.

follow the steps to connect google analytics to your website dashboard.

  • Go to your WordPress dashboard.
  • Click on plugins, select add New.
  • now, search “Google Analytics” (by monster insight)
  • install the plugin, then activate
connect your website dashboard to google analytics report

now after activation kindly set up this wonderful plugin it’s so easy and after all processes, your analytics report will be shown to the bottom of your WordPress dashboard.

Other platforms to Check website traffic free online

  • Clicky.
  • Semrush.
  • bitly.
  • Alexa.
  • Going up.
  • kissmetrics.
  • Woopra.
  • chartbeat.
  • Matomo.
  • Adobe analytics.

These all have free/free trial and paid plans both if want to go through them you can go for it.

We are not stopping you to use these analytics tools these all are very good because these come in the top 10 rankings also not in all but in some tools you will be able to use their free SEO tool that will be the best option for you also.

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