10 Best free WordPress backup plugins(for 2021)

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Today’s post is all about these 10 Best free backup plugins for a WordPress website. The plugins are more than sufficient for restoring & backing up a WordPress site for free.

Further, We have created a list of the top 10 free backup plugins that are excellent performing plugins to use on a WordPress website.

Moreover, these plugins are also very lightweight and will not slow down your site performance.

Consequently, I’ve explained the working and some pros & cons of these plugins. Lastly, I’ve also suggested the best backup plugin for you among these ten plugins.

You have to install only 1 plugin that you would like to do among ten.

What is the work of a WordPress backup plugin?

A backup plugin generates a backup log of your WordPress website database & uploaded contents, plugins, themes & some other pieces of stuff.

Similarly, the same plugin can also restore your WordPress website with updated files. That means you can anytime restore your stored backup by the same plugin and this will overwrite the current update to your site with the stored version.

In simple words, you will have the old backup version & data on your site.

For instance, one month ago you backed up your site via a plugin & now you want to restore the backup on your site. Then, the current data & version of your site will be replaced with the old backup.

Note: you can lose the content that you have published after the backup when restoring your site. Because the old backup will be there.

For instance, you have 30 posts to your site when you have backed up and now there are 40 posts. And if you want to restore the backup to your site then you can lose the 10 posts that you have published after the backup. So make sure to manually save those 10 posts to the location you want.

Why should you backup your site?

A website can crash or be hacked by haters anytime. The web servers are very secure by the host providers but still, some pro hackers can hack those servers.

In the same way, not by hacking but by some technical issues your site can also crash itself. so, that’s why you should make a backup of the site data to a different location.

You can store the backup files of your site to your computer or on the cloud-like google drives.

Furthermore, Backup plugins also help a WordPress website to have the best security, which means this can increase the protection of your site for free.

Moreover, You can restore your website data in the future, if your website gets destroyed. so your data will be safe and you can create a new site then upload the same content to that site.

Hence, One of the main advantages of a backup plugin is, this will not waste your hard work on the site by saving the work you have done.

So, having a backup plugin to a website is a must!

Now, Let’s swim in it!

10 Best free backup plugins for a WordPress website

#1. UpdraftPlus

best free WordPress backup plugins

UpdraftPlus is a free-to-use WordPress backup and restore plugin that you can use for backing up your WordPress site & also for restoring.

This plugin becomes the world’s most popular backup plugin for a WordPress website, due to its better performance & its free-of-cost availability.

Furthermore, Updraftplus currently has over 3M+ active installations on WordPress sites.

Further, it provides remote storage for your website data, you can store your website’s database on the cloud.

You can store your site data on your google drive, Amazon S3, Dropbox, Updraft Vault, Rackspace cloud & FTP accounts.

Exporting options to the cloud locations

Similarly, there are more options to store the data but those options are paid, but more efficient with high security.

Similarly, you can also have the option to download the backup files to your computer/laptop.

backup dashboard

Features of UpdraftPlus

  • Allows cloud storage
  • Allows to download the backup files
  • Provides lots of options for storing backup files
  • Easy to control/understand dashboard
  • Uses less server disk space( approx 87KB)
  • One click backup generator


  • Free to use
  • Site restoration option enabled
  • easy to generate backups
  • Scheduled backups
  • Best compatibility with wordpress site’s


  • The plugin costs more for premium features

#2. BackWPup

best free WordPress backup plugins backupWP

BackWPup WordPress backup plugin is free to use the plugin to restore & save your website data to another place.

Further, This plugin is the second most popular for backup & restoration websites database & contents.

In the same way, The BackWPup plugin has over 700K+ active installations on WordPress websites.

BackWPup plugin helps website owners to store the website’s data on the cloud-like, FTP, Amazon S3 & Dropbox.

Moreover, The plugins are very easy to understand & this allows us to backup our site with just a single click.

Similarly, Your backup will contain the plugin’s data, website’s content, database info & lots of other kinds of stuff.

Likewise UpdraftPlus, you can also download & save your backup files generated by this plugin to your computer.

Features in BackWPup

  • You can store the site backup files to the directories of your computer
  • Store the backups on FTP, Rackspace cloud, Amazon S3, Dropbox, etc.
  • Email option for transferring log files
  • WordPress friendly
  • Lightweight
  • Simple GUI dashboard
  • The websites posts content, database, plugins will be covered in log files
  • One click restoration


  • Option to export XML
  • Lots of External storage options
  • compatible with multi sites


  • No cloning support in this plugin
  • Don’t have option to migrate the site

#3. BlogVault

best free WordPress backup plugins blog vault

The BlogVault is popular for staging & backups. This could be a great option for website owners to have a good backup for the site.

The plugin has over 80,000+ active installations on the WordPress platform. Eighty thousand website owners are currently using this plugin to backup their site.

Furthermore, The plugin pricing is totally null which means it’s free. But not for a premium.

Similarly, the BlogVault plugin also provides free cloud storage on remote, and it’s completely free. Consequently, you can migrate your whole website data to another website.

Its one-click site data restoration is the best, and also supports one-click backup logs. And I think, It is the most reliable plugin till this stage for your WordPress website.

uptime monitering with blogvaultSource: WordPress.org

Moreover, The plugin also allows you to monitor the site uptime status, plugins updates, the site load time & performances & way’s to optimize the issues, with a white label support option.

performance checking with blogvaultSource: WordPress.org

Features in BlogVault…

  • It provides Free cloud storage
  • Allows free staging
  • Free of cost website migration to a new domain
  • Multi-site Backup support
  • Website restoration
  • One click backup generator
  • Check for updates & active plugins
  • Also capable for WooCommerce
  • Very Lightweight that doesn’t affect the site performance
  • 24/7 support system


  • Easy to set it up
  • Staging enabled plugin
  • It allows you to have external static & cloud storage both


  • It requires to have an FTP account
  • The BlogVault doesn’t have a strong security

If your website gets hacked then you can lose all the controls and your whole career.

#4. Backup Guard

best free WordPress backup plugins

The backup guard is a free backup generator & restoration plugin for WordPress sites.

The plugin has over 70,000+ active installations on WordPress websites. Currently, seventy thousand website owners are using the backup guard plugin for their sites.

Further, this plugin also can store the backup file in different locations even on the cloud. Likewise, other plugins have cloud storage options, this one also has the same like google drive, dropbox, FTP, Amazon S3 & one drive.

Source: WordPress.org

In the same way, You can also download & save the backup files to your computer or on any device.

This plugin also allows us to automate the backups, you can schedule the backups as your interests, Further, there is an option to backup your site via manual or via scheduling.

Backups with pluginSource: WordPress.org

Consequently, The backup guard plugin is also helpful in website migration to a new domain name, host.

Features in Backup guard…

  • One click backup features
  • Backup your websites database & files
  • Choose a specific thing to backup or not
  • Restore the site
  • Import backups anytime you want
  • Multi-site feature supported
  • Upload backups to your dropbox
  • No FTP accounts requires
  • Schedule backups
  • Download backup files to your computer


  • Has enough power to manage the backup & restoration work
  • Provides very simple GUI for users
  • Overall things are good


  • Lack of support system when trouble shooting with issues
  • Server problems in migrating websites i.e migration of site is slow

#5. Total Upkeep

best free WordPress backup plugins by bold grid

The total upkeep is a very popular free backup plugin that is developed by the bold grid.

The total upkeep plugin has over 80,000+ active WordPress installations.

This plugin is not just a backup plugin for a WordPress website, but it is really more than it. Why am I saying this?

Because this plugin has the real power to back up your WordPress website even before the crash without any manual action requirements.

Now, you’ll say wow! It’s amazing.

Definitely, this is the wonderful plugin I have personally used for my site.

Furthermore, you can create your website backup via manual action or automatic scheduling. Yes, the plugin has the free feature to use automatic backups for a site.

Source: WordPress.org scheduling with boldgrid pluginSource: WordPress.org

Moreover, you can download the backup file to your devices’ hardware via generating the download links. As shown in the below image.

Source: WordPress.org

Similarly, this plugin has the feature to have custom backups. Like if you want specific files or specific data to back it up. Then further, you can also do that.

As in the below visual…

selecting database to backup with pluginSource: WordPress.org

Likewise, other backup plugins in this plugin also have the same capabilities to manage the backup processes.

You can store your backup files on the cloud-like google drive, S3, FTP/SFTP but these features are premium, not in the free plan.

Features in Total upkeep…

  • Allows to have automatic or manual backups to the sites
  • customize your backup settings according to your needs
  • backup specific files
  • It checks the servers before backups to avoid any damage
  • It can also migrate your site to a new host
  • auto roll back feature included
  • easy site restorations


  • Amazing feature for backing up the site before crashes without any manual actions
  • Auto roll back feature(if the current backup is failed the older backup will remain safe)


  • The plugin does not have any free cloud storage. (only present for premium user)

#6. Duplicator

best free WordPress backup plugins duplicator

The Duplicator plugin comes under the best free backup plugins for WordPress websites.

This plugin has over 1M+ Active WordPress installations containing excellent 5-Star user ratings.

The duplicator backup plugin is a free-to-use WordPress backup plugin for website owners.

This plugin will extremely help you in restoring & backing up your site via manual methods. Back up the site in parts, you want to back up the specific files or data info.

Furthermore, You can transfer your WordPress website to a new host domain or migrate. Also, have the feature to restore the site with just a one click

Features in Duplicator…

  • Free to move your site to a new domain/host
  • Backup specific part
  • Custom backups
  • Allows to have snapshots


  • Email notifications to get you updated about your site backup status
  • Compatible with WordPress sites.


  • The cloud storage should be included in the free version like other plugins have.
  • Automatic backups should be free.
  • Downloadable backup log feature should be for free.


WPstaging backup plugin

WP staging is free to use backup & cloning plugins for WordPress websites.

This plugin has over 60,000+ active WordPress installations. Currently, there are 60k+ website owners who are currently using the plugin.

Furthermore, wp staging is the very best plugin for migrating, cloning & backup generating plugin.

In the same way, this plugin will generate backups & restore the site with just only a single click.

Consequently, there is no need or requirement for external software like FTP cloud accounts.

If you are migrating your site then it’s gonna be very fast. The whole migrating process will take a maximum of a few minutes. But it is completed in seconds.

Features in WP staging…

  • Easy to clone sites
  • Easy to migrate site to new host within the seconds
  • SEO friendly plugin
  • No server downtime when migrating


  • The plugin is code & SEO friendly
  • easy site cloning & migrations


  • Cloud features should be in this plugin
  • File downloadable option should be in this plugin

#8. XCloner

best free WordPress backup plugins with Xcloner

Xcloner is a free-to-use backup plugin for a WordPress website.

Further, this plugin will allow WordPress website owners to backup & restore their sites.

Restoring backupssource: wordpress.org

The plugin has more than 30,000+ active WordPress installations, also the plugin contains good 5-star ratings.

Similarly, You can also have a feature that will automatically generate the backup of your site.

In the same way, Xcloner allows you to transfer the backup files to different locations even to remote locations also.

You can send the backup file logs to the cloud such as Amazon S3, Google Drives, Dropbox, Backblaze, etc, and a download option is also present.

You can also have the option to choose the specific files & data to backup.

best free WordPress backup plugins backup selectionSource: wordpress.org

As the plugin name you can read the plugin name cloner clearly you can create a clone of your WordPress website that will help you to recover your whole site if the site is crashed by external factors.

Features in Xcloner…

  • Automatic backups scheduler Daily/weekly or even hourly
  • Send backups to cloud
  • Fast site migration process
  • site cloning
  • Site restoration with one click
  • creates auto backup before current backup(including plugins & themes)
  • Secure backups with military grade encryption


  • The features are really impressive & all are available in free of cost
  • Some features are amazing that are mainly found in the premium category but xcloner gives them for free.
  • Best compatibility with wordpress sites
  • Better support system


  • I have not found any cons. Really!

#9. WPvivid Backup

best free WordPress backup plugins

Wp Vivid is a free backup, restoration & migration plugin for WordPress site owners.

The plugins have a lot of amazing features like other backup plugins but some of the features are locked i.e they are paid.

Furthermore, WPvivid has more than 100,000+ active WordPress website installations & is very awesome due to its smooth performance.

Moreover, The WordPress backup plugins contain the best free feature i.e auto site migration to a new domain name server.

The term auto means you just have to follow some instructions that are simple with just one click the site will migrate to the new host.

automigration with wpvivid plugin

Restoration becomes simpler with this plugin, this will require only the account detail in which you have stored the backup.

best free wpvivid WordPress backup plugins

Simple dashboard!

The backup creation is most simple; you just have to click on the backup button only.

best free WordPress backup plugins

Moreover, You can also send the backup files to the cloud storage locations such as Google drives, FTP, Dropbox, Amazon S3, Microsoft one drive, etc.

Features in Vivid…

  • Free backups, migration & site restorations
  • Fast auto migrations
  • Cloud location available
  • Automatic backup schedulers
  • Secure backups
  • Clear unwanted images from site
  • Better support system


  • Multiple options for cloud storage
  • Fast performance
  • Multi site features


  • Some more features should be free

#10. Clone

best free WordPress backup plugins

The WordPress backup plugin clone is a free-to-use plugin that will allow site owners to backup, restore & clone their site for absolutely free.

The whole backup & restoration process becomes simple with this plugin via single-click actions.

Further, one of the best features is that this plugin doesn’t require any FTP account that is required by most of the backup plugins.

Note: This plugin doesn’t back up the WordPress system files. only the User & database files will be gone for backups.

Features in Clone…

  • Backup sites
  • Migrate sites to new hosts
  • restores websites backups


  • Simple interface for backing up sites
  • Good support system


  • Requires FTP account
  • less number of features

Which will be the best free plugin among these ten backup plugins for a WordPress site?

The straight answer is UpdraftPlus!

Updraftplus is the No.1 best backup plugin for WordPress sites by UpdraftPlus.com plugins Provided for free.

This plugin becomes most popular due to its unbeatable performance in terms of backing up WordPress sites.

As you already know this plugin has over 3M+ active users on WordPress due to its popularity also contains an excellent 5-star score on wordpress.org

Consequently, The plugin uses very low server disk space from your web host, which will not affect your site performance.

 WordPress backup plugins server disk space usage

Moreover, This plugin allows even those features for free that you’ll find paid in other backup plugins.

The second most popular feature is this plugin allows storing the backups on the cloud-like google drives & you already know, how much google drives are secure in terms of security.

The feature of exporting backup from the plugin to another source makes your work safer than before.

Now, ask me how?

This is why because in some rare cases, a plugin can be affected by some extreme bugs & this situation sometimes can’t recover. The plugin can stop working even for a lifetime. And if your backup files are stored in it then you won’t be able to get your backup files.

So, the feature of exporting files to remote locations means cloud storage is a must. And this feature is available in the UpdraftPlus plugin.

That’s why I’m suggesting you this wonderful plugin because I’m currently using it & I’m pretty much satisfied with its performance.

Conclusion: Free WordPress best backup plugins

If I summarise this article, You need a backup plugin that can export backup files to other locations, restore site data, have secure connections, migration is not necessary, & should have the ability to do automatic rollback if the current update is failed.

These features are very compulsory for your site to the backup plugin.

Furthermore, feel free to use any one of these 10 backup plugins. These all are best as well as available for free for your WordPress site.

Now, Show your love for this article in the comments and share your opinion about it.

FAQs related to these plugins!

Q1. Is UpdraftPlus free?

Ans. Yes, UpdraftPlus is a free WordPress backup plugin you can use for free. It also has the premium version but that’s your choice to use the premium version. You can start with the free version now!

Q2. How often should I backup my WordPress site?

Ans. You can backup your site as much time as you want, but you can backup your site in a week.

Q3. Where are WordPress backups stored?

Ans. The default WordPress backups by backup plugins are stored in the plugin storage. But you have the option to export the backup logs to other locations.

backup location

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