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In this article, you will get information about the top best free plugins for the WordPress website. Those are used for getting better results. These plugins will help you a lot in your website growth.

If you have created your website recently and you are a beginner.

So, as a beginner most of the things you don’t know about WordPress websites. Like how it properly works and what can I do for writing better content that will rank on google.

How can I bring traffic to my site, and also check from where I’m getting more traffic. So that I can target these countries to get more conversions and page views.

And how to customize my WordPress website according to me like customizing header, footer, pages, home.

So these things can be easy for you if you use these plugins. These plugins will strongly help you to analyze and customize your website.

What is a plugin.

A plugin is like a tool to your website that will help you to analyze, customize & gives optimize your content to rank on google your website.

Note: Plugins will not rank you on google but they will help you to write SEO-friendly content so that you can rank on google.

Top 5 best free plugins for WordPress website.

Yoast SEO.

yoast seo plugin for wordpress website

Yoast SEO is one of the best SEO plugins for WordPress websites. it helps the user to write SEO-friendly content.

Its smart intelligence optimizes your content for SEO, if there is some issue it will show you the problem with a solution, also if you are a beginner you should install this free plugin to your WordPress website.

This plugin of Yoast will help you to write great content it increases your content writing efficiency you will get helpful tips for providing the best content on your website.

Remember: this plugin will not rank your website on google but it can help you to write SEO-friendly content and gives you suggestions of google ranking.


  • Show internal & external links adding.
  • keyword density.
  • meta description length, snippet editing.
  • keyphrase in the introduction.
  • word counter.

Yoast SEO has both free/paid plans but if you are a beginner I will recommend you choose the free plan after some experience you can go for its paid premium plan starts from 89USD.

Wpform(Drag & drop form builder).

wpform best free plugins for WordPress

The Wpform plugin is used for building contact forms. it is a drag & drop form builder you can make contact forms for your site in a few minutes with this fabulous plugin.

Contact forms will increase your conversions because you are giving your website audience or user’s to contact/reach you. f they have a medium to contact you for some query it will beneficial for you instead you are building your audience.

Are you confusing what is contact form is see our Contact form you will get some idea about it?

Features in free plugin for wordpress.

  • create multiple forms.
  • create a form for every page.
  • drag and drop form builder.
  • collect leads for sending emails.
  • the dashboard of entries.

Wpform has both free and paid plans wp form lite is a free version and wp forms pro is a paid version. it’s pro versions prices at RS199.

AMP(Accelerated Mobile Pages)

This plugin is very used full for your WordPress website generally it is made for mobile phones because your website webpage will not mobile-friendly. AMP will make your web page fast, smooth on mobile devices, and make it mobile-friendly.

AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Page which is provided by Google itself. Google gives it free of cost to WordPress and WordPress make it a plugin for easy to use to its user.

you can activate this plugin for your website free of cost it will increase your user interest also as he will get a fast website load for him so he will like your website and think about visiting again.


  • increases page speed for mobile devices.
  • smooth web page load.
  • user-friendly pages.

AMP is free forever it has no paid version for WordPress and it’s a very good things for beginners who try to grow their blog.


Grow is a free social sharing plugin for WordPress websites indirectly, it is a boon for your website because when peoples come to your website they will see your content if they like your work on-site they can share your article to their social platforms.

By this, your engagement will increase and the number of new visitors will increase on-site. it’s a very necessary step this will help to grab traffic from social platforms and from referrals also.


  • It gives a floating window on your post.
  • as well as inline sharing.
  • 10+ social network.
  • custom sharable content.
  • increase page speed also.

it has both free and paid versions but you can go for the free version if you want pro features you can go for its paid version that is priced at $34/year


best free plugins for WordPress

Hellobar is a WordPress plugin that is used to create popup window’s on your website known as a newsletter subscription.

This beautiful plugin will help you to collect the people’s email addresses who are coming to your site and subscribe to your email subscription newsletter.

How it works

when someone comes to your website or blog then he will see your newsletter subscription popup or side notification.

If he likes your content then he thinks “I can subscribe to it” so by this method you can generate your email list and whenever you post new articles to your website then email your content to them.

So they can check again your website this will increase your audience and traffic with no cost.

you can install to your wordpress website dashboard>>plugin>>add new>> now search for “helloBar” >>instal>>activate.

Bonus point#1.

how you will influence people to subscribe to your newsletter subscription?

You can give them something free of cost to subscribe to your email subscription if they see you are providing them something free of cost then definitely they will give email to you.

what you can give free of cost.

you can give.

  • E-books related to SEO guide.
  • some free courses.
  • information related to google ranking.

Don’t worry about E-books and stuff you can find 1000’s of free E-book’s and free courses on the internet so grab them and give them to your subscriptions


  • customizable templets.
  • place your custom texts.
  • easy to use.
  • popup categories.
  • custom styles.
  • thankyou messages……etc.

HelloBar has both the free/paid versions you can go for paid if you want. but I will recommend you try the first free version only. Its paid version starts from $29/month.

Bonus point#1

Googlesite kit best free plugins for WordPress.

Google site kit plugin is an All in one plugin for Google search console, Google Analytics, Google Adsense, etc.

Google site kit is the best free plugin for WordPress that is provided by Google itself. By this plugin, you can see your website traffic into your WordPress dashboard directly without going to google analytics.

you can also see the data of google search console as you see the analytics data in your dashboard directly the meaning of this plugin is that you can control your all website-related google data.

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