What are the best blogging niches for 2021?

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Generally, Most of the peoples are extremely confused about their niche. So, I’m Going to show you the best blogging niches for 2021?. And which one of them will be most profitable for you also.

By mistake, people choose the high competition niche for their blog. And write genuine content for their blog posts.

But, They didn’t get results of their work because their niche is too competitive.

And they do not have sufficient skill for ranking their blog posts on search engines.

So, That’s why you should first choose a low competition niche for your website. And after choosing a niche. You should keep consistency in your blog post writing till at least 6 months.

Because google periodically checks the sites. If your site does not show post consistency then google will not recommend your site on top pages.

As a result you will not get any result for your work on site.

For getting results to your site you have to publish content on a regular basis So that google successfully crawls your web posts.

You can publish 1 post in a week. You have to publish a post in a fixed number of days.

For example, if you are publishing 1 post in a week or 2 posts in 10 days. So you have to maintain this consistency in your post publishing.

But in today’s digital market almost every niche is becoming competitive day-by-day as the number of websites is increasing on google. So everyone is writing about something on google.

How to choose the best blogging niches in 2021?

Either if you are a beginner or a professional blogger you will always face difficulties in choosing your blogging niches in 2021.

The very first step of starting your career in blogging. You have to choose a better hosting service & Domain name.

Important points to pay attention while selecting a niche.

  • Choose a niche for your interested field.
  • Do marketing researches.
  • less competition blog niches
  • Make sure the niche should not be too competitive.
  • Always pick a narrow niche.
  • Make sure the niche is profitable.

Note: Keep in mind that always choose a niche in your interest & you are excited to publish the content on site.

Because if you choose that niche which is most profitable but not in your interest. So, this decision will ruin your blogging career. you will lose interest in it after some time.

Top 5 best “blogging niches” for 2021?


What are the best blogging niches for 2021?

The fashion blog becomes one of the most searchable blogs on today’s internet. Because people mostly, young age people are more aware of their looks.

The number of searches on google is fastly increasing for a fashion blog. Because almost all the people want their looks to be improved & dressings scenes.

Most young age groups are searching more for this type of blog. Because these day’s a single person is facing too many confusions & difficulties about choosing the perfect dressing senses.

The majority of searching the fashion blog are age groups of mainly close to 16-30 years old youngsters.

So, this will be a great opportunity for you also to have a fashion blog website.

Somehow having a blog in the market which has high searching demands will perform better as in today’s condition.

Furthermore, you can move deep inside this fashion blog option. Likewise, you can start your blog in a micro fashion niche.

  • men’s outfits.
  • women’s outfits.
  • kidswear.
  • wedding dresses.
  • party dresses, etc.

Having a niche-oriented blog is better than a broader blog website. Because a niche website creates the best images & impressions to google.

As a result, You can fastly rank on google by having a niche-oriented site without wasting your time on other pieces of stuff.

You should create your website & Your post content should target a person’s queries and solve his problem. So, that your site will grow organically on google.

For instance, you can start a blog in which you can post content. Related to dressing senses, color combinations, best colors for black skin people, best colors for white skin peoples, etc.

2. Food.

how to start a food niche blog 2021?

Like fashion blogs, The Food is also the most searchable blog in today’s online market industry.

No doubt, food is the best niche to make a good career in it. As a result, you can see many well known big distributors in the internet market on a food niche.

Like, Swiggy, Zomato, Dominos, KFC, McDonald’s, etc. were becoming famous in the market due to their quality food services and customer satisfaction.

Why food blogs are a famous category in the internet market is because people accept online food services. Instead of buying food by going to the market. They order it online.

So again you have a great opportunity to start a well-reputed food website blog. If you place all your hard work and genuinely will work on your blog then definitely you will grow in the future.

In the future, If your website grows, You can also create a best-selling food service like Swiggy & Zomato.

By putting in some smart work & hard work you can definitely grow your site and then automatically the new ideas will strike your mind. Like to have a selling food service.

Then, Not only you are running a blog website but also you are running a side online food selling restaurant also.


how to start a lifestyle blog in 2021?

Lifestyle blog is also a great choice to start your journey in blogging.

Mostly, the peoples are now becoming more aware of their lifestyle. And for having the best lifestyle they also go online and find their queries about their problem.

Likewise, you can make your blog posts about ways to live happily all the time without any problem in life. how can we be wealthy? How to earn online money like these kinds of stuff you can make your blog posts.

These are the most trending searches on google as a year of passing searches like these are increasing day by day.

Due to coronavirus most of the peoples who were having their jobs & and small businesses.

They lost everything in this lockdown. And they are finding some online tips & advice and work for their survivors.

This is a great opportunity for you if you can give them valuable content that targets their problems, not just content.

You have to feel their problem and make content and give information about how to start their online work opportunity.

If they like your website then definitely they will encourage & also tell others about your site .

Then, there are some strong chances that your website or blog will get success.

4. Health & Fitness.

What are the best blogging niches for 2021?

Health & fitness is one of the most popular award-winning niches. And it can be one of the most profitable niches for you also.

Because, You can use the affiliate marketing service in it also.

For instance, people will read your blog posts to get rid of their health related problems.

And for it, They can definitely invest some money on health products also.

You can give them your affiliate offer link and whenever they will buy something from your link you will get some commission on it also.

Likewise, you have created a blog about health & fitness. And you are publishing content related to health issues.


  • How to get rid of back pain.
  • 5 simple exercises to solve the slip disk problem.
  • 10 ways to get energetic the whole day.
  • top 10 best exercises to have a six-pack in 3 months.
  • 5 GYM that mistakes every beginner do.

So, you can publish content like these queries on your health & fitness website.

Also, you can publish content related to health products like products review. Then You can request the affiliate account to that product and place an affiliate link on your site.

And then you will also earn by doing affiliate marketing by your website.

5. Review.

What are the best blogging niches for 2021?

Yes, You can start a review blog on a particular products or on a software.

Likewise, If you have a good knowledge of the software. Then you can make a software Reviews website.

Further, If you are good at something you can publish a review about it.

For instance, If you like gaming, software applications, mobile apps, electronic gadgets, mobiles, laptops, shoes, printers, etc.

You can publish content like.

  • Top 5 best selling mobile phones in India.
  • best budget mobile phones.
  • laptops under 30000.
  • XYZ software review.
  • Top 10 best printers for office use, etc.

So, you can make a review website on these kinds of pieces of stuff. And also these niches are some profitable niches also.

Because you can also start your affiliate marketing on these these types of niche blogs.

In fact, This niche is made for affiliate marketing only. You can review a specific type of service or product and below the product, you can give an affiliate link on it.

By this you are able to double your online earning.

Conclusion on 2021 blogging niches.

Mostly, For newbies choosing the best and less competitive niche is very confusing.

And for that to get rid of it we have tried to provide you some popular blogging niches for 2021.

Hope you like this content , If you like the content. plzz share to your loved ones.

If you are facing any issue with your blogging journey you can directly contact me on the contact page or mail your query on [email protected]

I will definitely reply to you as soon as possible. Thanks for being with me till end😊.


Q1. What blog niches are most profitable?

Ans. Make money online, health, wellness, travel, etc. Are some most profitable blogging niches in 2021.

Q2. Which niche is best for blogging?

Ans. No one can answer this question. Only people can suggest for you. You have to choose the best blogging niche according to your interest in writing. Every niche is profitable don’t confuse.

Q3. What type of blogs make the most money?

Ans. Generally, health & review websites make the most profitable businesses. otherwise, all the niches are profitable.
The profit depends on the handwork of a person, not on a niche.

Q4. Who is the highest paid blogger?

Ans. John Lee Dumas –- Approx $195,000+/month.

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