how to add an email subscription to a WordPress website

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In this post, You will know about how you can add an email subscription form/popup to a WordPress website. Also, I will show you the top 11 best email subscription popup creator plugins for a WordPress website.

If you want to grow on the internet through blogging. Then you must have to collect emails of those people who are coming to your site.

Because these people are your target audience. So, make sure not to lose them. Further, you have no resources to get only the target audience of your site.

The only most powerful way to kidnap your target audience is your email list of those peoples who are coming to your site.

Kindly, Never let them go without collecting their emails. So, that you can make your site more engaged.

Moreover, content marketing through emails is much powerful & effective as compared to other kinds of stuff. Because you are sending your content directly to your readers.

Wait! Are you guys confusing?

Let’s take an example, You have a website & now you want to create your email lists of peoples coming to your website. Simply, you have to put an email newsletter popup or form on your site, So that users can give you their emails. And after collecting emails, you will have a list. Now, you can send your regular posts updates to your email list people. Which results in a boost in traffic to your website.

Don’t worry i will cover all the required stuffs needed from starting to end😉.

We have created a list of the top 11 best email subscription popup creator plugins for a WordPress website.

Let’s discuss them one by one to add newsletter widget in WordPress

How to add an email subscription to a WordPress website

#1. Hustle.

how to add an email subscription to a WordPress website

Hustle is the most popular email lead generator tool, Peoples are like it by its simplicity.

It has lots of in-built templates that are very helpful for beginners as they don’t know anything about how to add or use the tool.

Therefore, It makes it very easy for beginners to have pop ups on site only by just attempting some steps which are very simple.

Furthermore, Hustle has over 100,000+ Active installations on wordpress. And contains a good user rating.

You can add any type of template for your email subscription form like you want to give away something, some ebooks, offers, coupons, deals, etc.

Further, This amazing plugin allows you to have custom templates that you can use.

See this simple video to know how you can add an email subscription form to your WordPress website by the hustle plugin.

Let’s see how to use newsletter plugin in wordpress

This plugin is a lightweight weight plugin, which will not impact your website speed.

One of the most amazing features of hustle is, You can add social sharing buttons to your posts & pages. It allows inline & floating sidebar content button placements also, and totally customizable over 10+ social media sharing options are available in this plugin.

Furthermore, In security options it gives you to use its RECAPTCHA option to protect from spam emails.

#2. MailPoet.

how to add an email subscription to a WordPress website

MailPoet is one of the most popular newsletters & free email subscription plugins at WordPress.

This beautiful plugin allows website owners to have custom & attractive email templates. Mailpoet gives lots of in-built email templates for not to waste your time in creating the popups from scratch.

Not only it gives you ready-made templates, but also it allows custom template creation by users. So, you can have a custom popup by yourself also.

Moreover, it has over 200,000+ Active wordpress installations. And containing good user ratings.

Besides, You can create popups, inline widgets, floating sidebar boxes, etc.

Consequently, Mailpoet gives you It’s free premium features upto 1000 subscribers. Above 1000 subscribers their premium features will be paid.

Furthermore, You can set the automatic sending of your posts to your email subscribers which can save you lots of time.

It’s templates are quick responsive & smooth running due to its lightweight size.

You can do things in mailpoet like

  • Create and add a newsletter subscription form to your website
  • Build and send newsletters with WordPress
  • Create automatic emails to send new post notifications
  • Manage your subscribers and subscriber lists in WordPress
  • Send automated welcome emails
  • Increase your sales with our emails for WooCommerce
  • Free WooCommerce email customizer
  • Insightful stats on your audience engagement

#3. Subscribe2.

how to add an email subscription to a WordPress website

The subscribe2 is a free email sender & subscriber plugin for WordPress website.

This plugin allows website users to have customizable templates and save their time in not building the popups manually. Even if there is no limitation to build popups manually this is your interest. They have both the options manually and ready made.

Besides, It has over 40,000+ Active WordPress installations. And totally supported for WordPress version 5.7.

Consequently, This plugin is a reliable plugin for creating popups, email subscription forms to your WordPress website, sending emails, etc.

Further, by this plugin, you can send notifications of your posts to your email subscriber directly from your WordPress website through it.

They have no automation on the free version. If you want your posts notifications sent automatically, Then you have to buy its paid version i.e email.

#4. Email Subscribers & Newsletters

how to add an email subscription to a WordPress website

Email subscriber and Newsletter plugin is presented by Icegram wordpress. This plugin is a very popular one for sending mails & creating email subscription forms, pop ups, inline boxes, etc.

All of them can be built with the help of this plugin. Besides, it has over 100,000+ Active installations.

Further, This plugin is famous for its smoothest & trouble-free performances. Its built-in functionalities are fully responsive.

It provides responsive templates for better usability. Also, this plugin allows its users to send posts notifications on completely autopilot mode. Means you don’t need to send manually to your users.

Moreover, You can generate leads, make announcements & send broadcasts. And it allows you to track your campaigns also. For example, how many numbers of emails are opened by users.

By this plugin you can create…

  • Unlimited pop ups.
  • Unlimited template.
  • analyse opened status.
  • unlimited emails sending.
  • import/export your contacts.
  • automatic unsubscribe links placed on emails.
  • Automatic welcome email to your new subscribers.
  • Store unlimited contacts.
  • no limitation on number of lists.
  • double opt-in features enabled for security.

Further, This amazing plugin is very lightweight in its size. So, this will not affect your website’s loading speed, you can use it without facing any problem.

#5. OptinMonster

optin monster email marketing plugin

Optin monster is an all in one marketing tool for your website or business.

Because it allows you to collect leads & send emails campaigns to them also.

Further, It allows you to form multiple popups, call to action button placements, spin-to-win window boxes and unlimited types of built-in responsive email templates to your website.

This plugin has more than 1Million+ Active WordPress installations, to its excellent performance people loved it so much.

Moreover, its templates are 100% mobile-friendly & SEO optimized. And show better compatibility with the AMP version also.

Its lightweightness makes it very smooth to load on web pages without any delay in requests.

Further, This plugin has two versions one is free version another one is paid name pro version.

In terms of performances optin monster is totally optimized for speed & SEO for its users. So, they feel no trouble while using this plugin.

Furthermore, Optinmonster provides custom drag & drop lead generation forms like custom popups, announcement bars, new post notifications, inline subscription widgets, sidebar mailboxes, etc.

The last and most useful feature of this amazing plugin provides exit popups to your site. You can place them on your site and when a user will try to leave your site this popup will be shown to him for not to leave the site easily. This can boost your traffic and improve your bounce rate score.

#6. Newsletter.

newsletter plugin by guidingbeast

The newsletter plugin is a popular email subscription plugin for a wordpress website. As this plugin is loved by many people.

It has over 300,000+ Active WordPress installations. And also contains good user ratings at the rating section.

Further, This plugin also allows you to have in built and customizable email subscription templates to your wordpress website.

You can create lists, send emails, create beautiful email campaigns, send posts notifications directly from your website to your subscribers.

Moreover in the newsletter plugin you can get features like…

  • Drag & drop popup builder for lead generation.
  • unlimited pop ups or subscription forms.
  • unlimited lists.
  • double opt-in feature enabled.
  • provide spam checker with captcha enabled.
  • Customizable email templates.
  • Easily import/export.
  • Responsive templates.
  • optimized for mobile devices.
  • SEO friendly.

Besides, This plugin makes almost all the work easy because it is very simple to use and within a minute you can send mails and create subscription forms and templates from scratch.

#7. MailOptin

Miloptin is an email subscription form builder, popup creator, lead generation, sending newsletter to leads.

It is a popular marketing tool having over 30,000+ active wordpress installations in current.

Likewise, people like its performance & responsive template designs. You can instantly check results after applying the changes.

Further, It is compatible with your wordpress version 5.7, as the mailoptin team tested with the highest wordpress version.

You can use MailOptin’s some features like, RECAPTCHA, double opt in, spam protection, call to action, showing a specific popup on a specific post or page, schedule the newsletter to send on automation.

With this plugin, you can set it up for autopilot mode so that when you will publish a new post the notification will be received in the inbox of your subscriber.

Moreover, You can customize its templates according to you, It allows to customize its forms according to user interests as he wants.

Consequently, You can place your custom popups at custom places according to you. For example, If you want to place a subscription form at the top or at the end of your post or page, then, you can place it.

And it can be integrated with over 30+ email marketing tools like, convertful, MailChimp, Hubspot, Getresponse, sendinblueMailpoet, and much more.

Lastly, one of the most beneficial features that Mailoptin gives i.e It allows you to integrate with contact forms also like, contact form 7, ninja forms, etc. You can save your emails that are received by contact forms to your  MailOptin’s  leads.

#8. Sendinblue


Sendinblue is the most popular email marketing tool for many years on the internet. Many MNC uses this wonderful tool for their work.

This Plugin allows users to create subscription forms, sending emails, collecting mails, creating lists, customizing popups. And after making pop-ups you can easily place according to your interest to your posts and pages on your site.

Similarly, Sendinblue came across to be in the list of no. 1 email marketing tools. Because it’s very efficient in sending mails & its overall performances are well good enough.

If you are asking me in security terms, Then Sendinblue is very alert for security reasons like, it protects spam mails from spam sites, double opt-in enabled, ReCaptcha enabled, etc.

Further, You can track your email newsletter after sending emails to your leads, You can see the opening rate, open status, etc.

You can set it up on automation & scheduling to send automatic new post notifications to your readers or schedule to send after a time period.

Sendinblue is a free WordPress plugin as WordPress deals with it; you don’t have to pay for using it. Besides, it has its paid plan also if you want more features then you can go for paid plans also.

#9. MailMunch

MailMunch by guidingbeast

MailMunch is one of the most popular email marketing plugins. You can create popups, forms, send emails, new posts notifications, set it on automation, create custom templates, place on specific posts or pages at custom locations, all the features are allowed to you for free.

This is amazing in terms of design like templates designs & works very efficiently with all wordpress sites.

By this plugin, you can send unlimited mails, create multiple lists, broadcast announcements, etc.

Further, Milmunch gives you the features like, You can design templates, customize the inbuilt templates, integration on different email marketing tools, exit intent control popups, etc.

Moreover, this plugin has various types of attractive inbuilt template design themes which attract the users to see it. You can also set timers, spin to win scroll options, giveaway boxes to grab users’ attention.

#10. Popup Builder

popupbuilder by guidingbeast

Popup Builder is a free email subscription form builder for WordPress websites. It is developed by team sygnoos.

It has over 200,000+ active WordPress installations. Popup builder allows you to create popups, subscription forms, inline email box subscriptions, sidebar boxes, and you can place specific popups to specific posts or pages on top or bottom according to your interest.

Further, popup builder is a very lightweight popup plugin, which will not affect your site loading speed. So, you don’t have to worry about your website loading speed.

Moreover, This plugin is totally optimized for SEO & speed related terms. The inside code is optimized for faster loading on users screen, its files like css & javascripts are shortened for faster loading & responsiveness.

Besides, Its interface is simple to use, You will not confuse about its interfaces, they have simple navigation to show what to do next. But in the beginning, when you will install it you will face a few difficulties to use but when you will start creating popups you will become friendly with it.

The popup builder plugin gives you various integration options to integrate with outsider email marketing tools for better efficiency. And you can send emails to your subscriber in bulk at a time.

#11. Convertful

how to add an email subscription to a WordPress website

Convertful is the famous email marketing tool & plugin. It is used for collecting leads, and sending mails to the audiences.

This plugin allows you to create popups, email subscription forms, sending emails, sending notifications of new posts, create multiple popups, spin to win the auction, call to action, exit-intent filters, and much more.

You will get all the features in it that you need. Also, it has free & paid plans. You can choose any of them. But as you are a beginner I will not suggest you buy a paid plan. Simply, you can go with a free plan and use it, if you like it, then further you can go for its paid plan also.

Convertful provides 71 free templates that you can put on your site. You can edit or design them by the inbuilt simple drag and drop popup builder section.

Similarly, convertful contains various types of integration platforms like MailChimp, MailMunch, Sendinblue, etc. There are lots of integration options inside it. You can integrate any one of them to store the emails of your subscriber to a particular tool.

Further, it allows 9+ different rules for exit-intent popups to stick users to your site, for better conversions. You can see analytics on how many page views you have got in a month & the number of subscribers gained by each popup.

which one will be the best email subscription plugin for your WordPress website?

If you are asking me which one is the best plugin among these. Then I will recommend you to use the OptinMonster email marketing plugin for your site.

Because This plugin is the all-in-one-pack plugin that will solve all the problems & issues related to popup creating and other stuff.

One of the main advantages of this plugin is It contains more features among all of these & it is totally free to use. Further, it also consists paid plan. But you don’t need it as you are a beginner now.

So, I will recommend you to use the OptinMonster plugin without thinking too much. It’s simple to use & its working is very efficient.

Conclusion on email subscription plugins for WordPress website

I hope you liked this plugin information. If you found it a little bit informative & useful please share it with your loved ones & with your friends.

If you are feeling any type of troubles or difficulties with this site. Then please let me know how I can improve it. Give your feedback in comments about this post, you liked it or not, or something else to improve this post.

Thank you so much for being with me at the end🤗. I hope you are enjoying the site.

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