11 SEO Tips to Get Top Ranking on Google

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In this article, I’m Going to expose my practically implemented 11 SEO tips to get top ranking on google.

No doubt these are working very efficiently. And, I’m getting good results.

As I’m doing it. In the same way, You can also use these strategies to get better ranking search results on Google.

In fact, You can get very amazing & well-defined results. These 11 SEO tips will extremely help you to get top ranking on google

If you will try to implement the strategies that I’m going to expose here, In front of you.

I know, As a beginner, Most people make huge mistakes During their time period of writing and blog posts.

Because, They don’t know the perfect method & well defined functions of SEO.

If you ask me, Do you ever done mistake?” Definitely the answer will be yes.

In fact, When I started my career, I have done ton’s of mistakes & does lot’s of stupid things.

But, By those mistakes, I was learning & growing. As I was not repeating those mistakes again.

Mistakes are important, Do mistakes & learn from your failure. This will make you more aware & stronger than before.

So, are you ready to come with me?

I will try my best to get you understanded, These best 11 SEO tips for higher ranking on google

11 SEO tips to get top ranking on google

Do you know the main reason Why a post rank #1 on google?

Because Their work on every post is harder & smarter than before they do. Improving post quality helps in your ranking probability on search engines.

#1. Use long Tail-Keywords.

The main advantage of using a long tail-Keyword. A long-tail keyword has a higher chance of ranking fast on search engines.

Because, They are very less competitive as compared to short keywords.

Why they are less competitive. This is because a long-tail keyword contains short keywords. That has high search volume, high keyword difficulty & high competition.

For example, let’s take a keyword and make it a long tail keyword. Then see the difference.

Short keyword –> Best Mobile phones.

11 SEO tips to get top ranking on google

As we are able to see this keyword has very high competition i.e 1 And high keyword difficulty due to approx 6.1B search results. So, as a beginner ranking on these types of keywords is somehow difficult for you.

Now, make it a long tail as below, then research again.

Long tail-keyword –> Best android Mobile phones under 15000.

What you noticed here, I have created a long tail keyword from a shot keyword. This will make the short keyword into a long-tail keyword by adding some words.

rank on long tail keywords

As a result, we have Zero keyword difficulty & zero competition on that keyword. This is due to fewer results on search engines.

If you do keyword research like this. Then, Definitely, You can appear on top position in search results.

As a result, This keyword will be a very low competitive Keyword.

Some best free keyword research tools to find long-tail keywords-> Answer The Public, Keyword Sheeter, Long Tail Pro.

#2. Low Competition Keywords.

Ranking on a high competition keyword will be a very complex task for beginners. As their site is new to Google, Google will not trust your site to show your content to users.

Because, There are 1000’s of websites who have better content on the same topic

So this is the main problem working with high competition keywords. As they are unable to rank with new sites.

How to know a keyword is high or less competitive & how to find it?

First of all, To find a low competition keyword you should have to do keyword research. And for having a low competition keyword you have to do keyword research.

Let’s do keyword research.

For example, we have taken a keyword –> Best cricket kit. Now, do research on this topic to know its properties like competition, difficulties, etc.

keyword research

As you are able to see in the above image. This keyword has a keyword difficulty of 71% & competition about 0.84 & 67.8Million results are already available on search results.

So, this keyword is a highly competitive keyword because it has a score of 0.84. Which is high. The competition score lies between 0 to 1 only.

A keyword is less competitive when It has a competition score between 0 to 4. And keyword difficulty below 35%.

Keyword difficulty – Easy(0% – 40%) , Medium(40% – 70%) , Hard(70% – 100%).

Competition – Easy(0 – 0.3), Medium(0.3 – 0.6), Hard(0.6 – 1).

#3. Don’t insert the same link again & again.

If your habit while writing your blog posts is to add the same link too many times. Then as soon as possible stop doing this shit.

The new penguin update of google adding the same links for many times can badly impact your site ranking.

Further, If your site has already had these types of links or you are increasing this number rapidly. Then, As a result, Your website will be penalized by google. Then you will lose full control of your site.

If you are not able to understand what I’m saying. Then let’s take an example.

You are writing a new blog post for your website. And you are adding internal or external links also which is mandatory. But, If you are inserting the same link of your another blog post or someone else website. Then, Your website will start coming under the spammy website’s categories.

And your website’s spam score will increase slowly.

After a specific score if a site spam score is still increasing then google will ban that particular website.

Spammy site –> Those websites which contain a huge number of the same links again & again are said to be spammy websites.

#4. Create Backlinks with authority sites.

Creating backlinks will extremely help you rank in the top position. Backlinks play an almost 40% – 50% role in ranking your posts on top positions.

Because, Backlinks pass page rank juice to landing pages.

In simple words, page A has a link to page B. Then some page authority & good properties of page B will be passed to page A also.

Because, the search engine will start crawling that page B and come to page A. If it’s a do-follow backlink.

This is because Page B has a good authority score and by this google knows this is a trustable site. And as a trustable site google will also see page A as a trustable page.

As a result, The authority score of page A will also be increased by some numbers.

For instance, If your website has a do-follow link from another website, That means on another website your posts link is mentioned. Then some authority scores of your website also increase. If the other website contains a good authority score.

Tip : Try to make backlinks from sites having good DA(Domain Authority) score At least DA= 20+.

Recommended: How to create HIgh-Quality backlinks to a website

#5. Publish unique & quality content.

Quality content has great chances to rank on google. Because Google will crawl your page before indexing in google search results.

Having a website containing a quality number of contents will help that website to rank on search engines.

This will not only impact search engine crawlers, But also makes a huge impact on users.

For instance, If your site has valuable content and a user finding the solution to his query. And he visits your site and reads your post, If he likes your content as your content solves his query.

Then, Next time whenever he comes online for his next query. He will find your website, As your content has the power to solve queries.

If your content is ranking in 7 or 8 positions and users will click your site by scrolling down. Then automatically, Your website clicks through and the rate will increase.

By this google will help you to rank on #1 position. By pushing your site slowly up to top position.

Tip: Publish posts lengths containing at least 2000 words.

#6. Update old posts.

Updating old posts will improve your ranking probability. Because, Google wants updated contents.

According to google penguin update, Google appreciates Unique & updated content.

Your site content should be up to date. Try to make changes to your old posts regularly. This will increase your ranking criterias.

Because, making changes to your old posts means, Google will crawl your post and reindex it to the search console.

Bypassing crawlers to your page will indicate Google, it’s a new post and google will help your post to rank in the top position.

Another advantage of making posts up to date is, Visitors will get the full knowledge about their questions.

You can add more related keywords to your posts from the search console. Like you can check particular ranking keywords in google search console.

And add those ranking keywords to your post for getting better results.

google search console

First of all, select a date of 16 months. Then, Under Performance section in queries see your already ranking keywords and analyze them. Pick related keywords from them to your post.

Keep in mind don’t over optimize your posts. Pick only maximum 5 – 6 keywords and add them to post.

This will extremely help you to rank higher on search engines.

#7. Make permalink short.

Your permalinks should be short and optimized for On page SEO.

What is permalink?

All of your posts or pages are your permalink.

what is permalink

as you are able to see in the above image, The url of a post is called permalink.

So, How to optimize or shorten your permalink for SEO. For doing this see below image.

Go to your wordpress dashboard>>settings>>Permalinks

how to setup permalink structure

As in the above image you can change your permalink structure from here. If You are a beginner, Then select “Post name” Option and save changes.

You can further go with the custom structure like adding date, time, month, but this will make your permalink longer which is not SEO friendly.

If you want to add categories with your posts urls like mine.

Then you can use “custom structure” and delete all the stuff in the red box under the custom “structure section” and add from Available tags “%category%”, “%postname%”.

Make your permalink structure like.

guidingbeast.com/category/postname OR guidingbeast.com/postname. Both the link structures are SEO-friendly.

#8. Improve site speed.

Does a website loading speed affect that site? Definitely, yes.

Website speed mattar a lot in today’s generation. Because, the average initial focus time of a person closely lies between 5 – 8 seconds.

As technology increases, people are losing their concentration power rapidly.

As a result, If your site will not load at a specific time, The user will leave your site without visiting your site. And never thought to come again.

The website loading speed should be fast, If you want to grow your site on search engines.

The very first responsible thing that decides the site speed will slow or fast is your hosting plan. If your hosting plan is best then, Your site speed automatically becomes excellent & it will give you fast performance also.

So, Kindly choose better hosting when creating your website.

The main factors that impact a website speed or time to first interaction are…

  • Your hosting plan.
  • Images on site.
  • Theme size of your site.
  • the caching system, etc.

How to improve your site speed.

Recommended: How to improve WordPress website loading speed.

#9. Keep an eye on your Competitors.

It is a very necessary step to see what your competitor is doing. And what you are not doing.

You can visit their websites and see their site performances, work & what type of posts they are used to publish on site.

This will open your mind. And gives you new ideas of what I have to do next.

Further, You can see their posts structure & and how many posts they publish within a month & their length of posts.

Consequently, By this step, your performance will automatically increase on-site. And always try to provide the best than your competitor.

Moreover, You can use keyword research tools for more information about your competitor. Like You can see their backlinks, organic keywords, organic search volumes, Ranking keywords, etc.

#10. Write better content than your competitor.

writing better content than your competitors will result in increasing your traffic also.

If you will provide the improved content and valuable things. Automatically, Google will start ranking your posts on higher positions.

Keep in mind a post is always ranked on the basis of its uniqueness, freshness & it’s goodness.

The authority of the website doesn’t play a very big role in ranking a post on google.

But, The posts quality alway’s matter a lot. Because people always love content that solves their queries.

For providing the best content you have to see your competitor’s posts first. Because This will show you how much post length I should have to write & some extra topics than my competitor also.

For example, Search your keyword in google and analyse the first 10 websites.

#11. know your competitors ranking keywords.

To know your competitors ranking keywords you need a keywords research tool.

SEMrush is the best tool for keyword research. Because I personally use it. Now, You will say it’s a paid tool, Yes it is, But you can use it free of cost.

SEMrush gives 10 requests/per day to everyone. You just have to sign up.

Now, let us start finding the ranking keywords of our competitors. Let us have our keyword “what is the best boost mobile phone” do research on this keyword.

11 SEO tips to get top ranking on google

In the below image, Under the red box, There are the top 10 websites that rank on google in the top 10 positions.

This box comes under the SERP section. To find it scroll down the page and at last, you will find it.

Now, click on the websites individually, And see their organic keywords.

11 SEO tips to get top ranking on google

Now In the below image, under the “Top organic keyword” section in the red box there are organic keyword of your competitor.

These are those keywords that are already ranking. Pick some of the related keywords from them and add into your post.

11 SEO tips to get top ranking on google

Similarly, You can do the same with all the remaining 9 sites also. And don’t insert too many keywords from them because this may cause keyword stuffing which is not good for your post.

Final thoughts on these 11 SEO tips for ranking on google.

I hope these 11 SEO tips for higher ranking on Google, may be helpful for you. If you found this article a little bit informative please, share it with your loved ones❤.

If you are facing any difficulties in blogging you can ask me directly at [email protected] or at our contact us page.

Don’t hesitate to ask us your queries. We will be very happy to solve your problems😊.

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